Tuesday, March 28, 2006

shux!!!! gosh! how i've always wanted to do this..hahaha! believe me or not... sa una ra ko gaka-ibog sa mga "tatak nerds" shhhh.... ;p

shux!!!! i'm really, as in really missing na jud pipol.. huhuhuh.. =(

you take care alryt? mga C-A-B-O DRA HA? be connected... grabeh jud.. 5 days nako nga ga frown ang akong face.. huhuhuhu.. =( and gosh! i am so afraid na mu-abot ang may!!!! as in!!! grrrrrr..... murag gaka ju-ang2x nako kay sakit keow i-mata kada buntag.. shux!!! another day na pud.. hapit na ang may!!! my goh! help me!!! ouch! ouch! ouch! gosh uyyyy... love jud nako tamo tanan! (char lang) haayz... =(

oist! post mo dri ha?... basin mga 'willing' pipol lang ang mag post dri. hehe... I MISS YOU NA JUD!

yes tar!!! ma update na jud nato ang mga pipol sa atong mga life! hehehe..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


U know its so chuva 2day...
y u ask?
bcoz Katlin and I encountered CORPses (Corpus Xtians)
juz dis lunch and dey were rily lyk human bodies w/out hearts..
as in u knw ZOMBIES-- walking Corpses!!!
gud thing kating and i have such good souls
we did not bother to make patol..
pero kung pwede lang dey would have died - even tho der olredi ded!!!

kating and i ate at mcdo dvsoria...
imagin der wer many of dem-- u know mor dan 10 zombies...
after kating and i orderd, we decided to eat upstairs...
so wen we wer goin up- we were met by mor dan 10 zombies
and u know at dey did?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dey blokd our path intentionaly....
as in u know d kind of making tuyo to piss us off!!!!
As in d makipot guot stairs of d dvsoria mcdo!!!
wid matching saying d words---
"ay... di cla kaagi... (den laughter)"
dey made tuyo gyud!!!
dey bloked us... and dey waited 4 ol d oders to block d stairs so we wer trapped!!!
damn gyud!!!

mga walang puso,
mga walang values sa lyf..!!!
mga Zombies!!!
mga F@#kers!!!
mga walay hearts...
mga CORPSES!!!

nganong nabuhi pa kaha na cla!?!?!?!?!

very truly yours,

if u want more details juz ask
Katlin or me...

unsa mana imong mga kalahi!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!

Monday, March 06, 2006

hey ogilvianz! (and fellow calungsodans, arrupeans, & britonz)

we've got two more weeks til graduation and then we're off to college. babayoo na jud.. *sob* but before that..

we made this site so that we can all contact each other after high school. we hope you guys still keep this alive coz this site was made for the benefit of all. so that we'd all keep ourselves updated, we decided to put up this blog so that you guys can post entries. entries on what? place anything! as in anything! pero wag yung bad.. hehe post stuff bout your latest laags, parties, kilig moments, cuties, etc. basta those kinda stuff..

anyways, we'll just email the username and password to you guys. all you have to do is go to www.blogger.com and then enter the username and password. once you're in, just use your common sense and you'll be able to post an entry in no time. lol

well, hope to see more posts soon! =)

pink rulez!