Sunday, November 30, 2008

At long last! ^_^

Finaly, after how many long months?? na alisdan ra jud ang atong layout! ahahahahaha. I soooo lab it. Simple and yet very organized and dali ra masabtan aha mu basa. haha. :p THANKS CHIENEY FOR THE INITIATIVE! *heart*

So, what's the latest update from all of you guys out there??? POST IT! go! post it! ^_^

as for me, well... gikan ko nabuang. awh, joke! Gikan kow sa DAVAO jamming and party-ing with the HIGALAS (as what we call them). Lingaw kaayo sila ma interact... murag mga bata nga kailangan gentle imong words kung magtalk ka sa ila, dapat always THERAPEUTIC ang communication, upon touching them dapat maka entail ug therapeutic touch and all those things. hahaha. basta, mostly man jud sa ila kei ga regression (ni balik ug pagkabata) so like, mura pud bata ang among treatment sa ila. Mura pud mi mga buang nga ga binata didto. haha. But lingaw jud kaayo especially the part na makabalo ka why they got into such condition because of rape, harrassment, murder and the very famous reason ----- GUGMA! So guys, be careful tawon mo kay you know, basin didto namo makit-an namo. (hahahaha)

But there's really a darkside of everything.. My gosh, ang among batch as batch 3, kami pinaka palangga but kami pud ang pinaka palpak. Daghan, as in many jud ang nahappen sa among batch na na-uyog jud ang earth. Gosh. So naa najud mi trade mark kami na batch, hapit na mabuak ang ulo sa among mga CI tungod sa amo. (bwaahahaha)

And hmmmm... musta namo??? update!! and oh! chieney, jomi, cathy, yeye, michael, dada see you soon, wokie??? pakita tawon mow!!

pag post mog pix here guys! you know, pix. hahaha. thanks! miss you all so much guys! az in!!

oh! visit ma'am angie's multiply site. Naa xa US karon.

ps sa mga nangita nako pag-abot: WALA KOY load karoN! huhu. magtxt rako soon. :)

advance happy boitdi dodong!!! ^_^

(recycled ni nga pic. last year pa ni. haha)

love you lots!

Monday, November 17, 2008


hey friends!

in response to Meily's call for this site's renovation, i thought of doing this thing. this thing which entails much doings which are usually way beyond me. anyway, i do hope i did the site justice.
its been almost half a year since the summer has gone so i thought, as Meily did, that it was about time we change this site's template. Forgive me, if you find it distasteful i am only just a novice with these kinds of things (you know, even all my multiply themes are only borrowed from the site's customized themes group. hehe.)
so if you do feel the need to make changes to these modifications I made, please do them as your will dictates. :)

by the way,
i have no access what so ever to our cbox account so if anyone ever does, please make the necessary changes so that it'll match our site's new look.

thank you very much and please do post. :)