Thursday, December 28, 2006


new year's near na.. and gosh! it will almost be a year from our high school days! aaaaahhh!! well, here's something to look back. the song's somewhat familiar and the video is personalized so don't blame me if you see my face every now and then. ^^ i hope you like it! I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

homecoming ni bro. bong, michael and danielle last thursday sa mcdo!
merry christmas to everyone!

Maayong Pasko!

Merry Christmas sa tanan!
may this season of love and joy continue to bind us together even though we are apart..
There are a lot of things that we should be thankful for...
our family, our school, our talents and skills, ourselves and most especially our friends...
thanks you friends!
I love You all!

ED wishing you a merry merry Christmas!
kashia yani melmel racquel jerika gellie isni jessa zyra
kit lyka ia nikki isa tintin chic-chic Red
Kenix Carlo Nico lilai Juliet Melanie Nikay
Cese beki Kayzee dada jomi joyce tara mhelzy
yeye danes mike chieney Kating Cuenqi
ryan Jan Larah Jhudz Adding Ernie
Jolly maki weng cathy

Saturday, December 23, 2006

May mas sasarap pa ba sa first time?

Hello peepz!! this is my first time to post in this blog; this is also the 232nd entry in the blog! pero I've read many of the past posts already, dili lang ko ga-comment :-) I'd like to tell you that I miss you, each and every one of you.

As regards my college life, I'm ok. for a freshman student, ok na siguro akong performance sa 1st sem. in fact, I am happy with the way things have been turning out for me in the School of Statistics. close na ko sa akong mga maistro :-) one thing is for sure: I am learning A LOT from my teachers. UP is entirely different from XU or ADMU, you know. it is a home of diverse cultures. pero in fairness, nice kaayo nga experience to be in UP. you get to be more down-to-earth and you gain a better understanding of life :-) majority of the students in UP live below the poverty line.

I stay in the school dorm. I've made friends with many of the residents already. akong mga kauban sa dorm katong mga bright nga students pero walay ikabayad sa tuition, so they rely on scholarships. these are the people who eat turon or banana-q for lunch; its definitely nice to be with them. they make me realize how much luck I have; they inspire me to work harder

college is the last chapter of our student lives. tarungon na natu! let's make this an opportunity to make up for what we had missed in high school. 2006 is coming to a close. thanks to all of you! i thank God for leading me all the way. i thank my parents and the rest of my family. i thank my friends, my past classmates, my present classmates, my professors, my teachers and all who have been a part of me. salamat kaayo and Merry Christmas!!

- Mike L.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

operation pussycat

im pretty xur you guys have known the little excursion we had in last sunday.
thank you guys for making the video. im pretty xur cathie loved it. it was one hell of night for all of us there.
i will tell you guys the details in my own little blog check na lang and i will tell you guys the full details! from the conception of all the ideas to wengy's arrival to the surprise from inquirer to my panic attacks to my little stupid impression that cathie knew all about it.. IT WILL be in my blog.. as said by the one and only chieney, the coordinator..
by the way,
here are some pix..
have fun!

chris tiu n the gang

the gang

the gang before the eagles came


na sad mi ni wengy kay angit amung pix sa inquirer natabunan mi! kami ra ba unta nag.organyz.. hehehe..


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

blah blah blah

one thing im ver y uncomfortable of is sharing my life to the public eye
however, i've got no other choice but to
coz i don't rily have anything to do anymore in here
i want to put my experiences in this very fenk blogsite of ours
i know others would say 'duh, unsa man among paki.alam sa
iyang lyp, duh?'
but, i rily have to post whatever, if i do otherwise, i will
die this very minute of boredom and idleness
remember... 'idleness is the devil's playground'
now before i laugh 'bwahahahaha' alredy
i will post this

im n manila, applying for schools out der
my parents let me stop schooling in cdo
they want me to explore more the wider world
i dnt even what that means
i also would want to expand my horizons too...
u see i speak really english coz u know
para "mahasa pud ta sa english language u know"...
i've been living 'alone' in this south part of manila
if ever i go to ogilvie pips in the north part of manila
and that is quezon city.. i t wud be like ur from
cdo then u go to iligan.. take note,, add there the pollution,
the congested places, the gazillions of people ready to 'molest' u
compare it to bump cars.. ur like in bump car arena
you go out to kill
and u literally spend almost a hundred bucks for fare only
god, my friends are out there and me here
thats why im am always and will always be susceptible
to boredomness!! hehehe. thats not a word
i've been applying to foreign agencies as an international student
for all of you out there, take the adventure of applying for study abroad
if u get accepted, it would be awesome!
its worth the experience, but the effort, um, im not sure
in case u need help or advice, call my name baby.. and i will be there
'i'm your worst nightmare!!!!' hehehehe, just kidding
ok ok, moving on... i guess i've been existing here alone
with no definte plans for the future...
my dream school is ateneo (admu) however i was about to apply
as a transfer applicant... with sheer eagerness i contacted their admissions
office.. but but but but, they replied with the biggest NO i heard from
my whole entire lyp... coz i didnt enrolled for second sem in XU
and i INCed my finals sa 1st sem...
talk about consequences.. but ive accepted it
the pain is excruciating but i hve to accept, open my eyes wide
(naks drama to bah!!!)
neway, i also wouldnt want to go to the place ive been applying for
if ever i will be abroad, i opt for asia (coz of the oriental delicacies!!!
chien, u know it) pips, minors arent allowed!! censored
hehehe, joke only
anyway, that's it... but one thing
i really thank ogilvie pips in manila... sa bisaya pa...
pasalamat gyud ko sa mga owgilbyans naa ga.eskwela
sa manila sa pag.accomodate nko(specially cheni and cati)
jomi pud, amung financier, danielle, yeye
sa pagtanggap nko nga expat who appeared all of a sudden to their lives.
and created some ruins.. i think.. thank you.
to all whomi didnt text for a reply, sori coz
kapoi kayu ang kwarta diri, u just dnt know where it goes
ug layoo kayo ang(e-load station)(hehehhe palusot dayun..)
beh, unsa paman akng that's all i can reminisce for now!
oh, before i forget, to all december celebrations, este celebrants...
congrats, u now reached that age of your lyp... may you always be happy.
cathie's birthday was a blast men... i ddnt focus on her debut but on her guests!!
hihihihi.. demonyo kayu bah. cge
gka.ulaw nko ug share sa uban nahitabo skng life diri... trust me,
u dont wanna hear (pang adults lang.. hehehe) kidding!!
cge, i will gain more experience that i will have something to post on.
basta i know who am i to brag bout these stuffs, but hey, i aint braggin
just jotting down some.. sa mga nagbasa thanks
sa mga wla, ok lng, la man japon ni sense..
that's all foh yah out der
take care and lav'ya'll!!
merry christmas pips!! hope we are happy this christmas!!
cge adto nko, hurot na akng oras diri sa net kape
lagi adto nko...
cge meet you later
what's your asl again??
ur from england right
oh im from the philippines
... ooops, naapil nko akng chat
conversations skng ching chings, sensya na!!!
tanga me talaga, bcin may ma.expose ko skng
chat endaevors!! heheheheh
cge, for one last time.. buhbye pips!!
take care you all!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

thank you to everyone who simply remembered my birthday!

the surprises of life are endless but i prefer the unchanging bond i have with family and friends...

i love you guys (^_^)


The Debutants!

;P happy 18th birthday! the first OGILVIANS to have their 18th birthday on December 18! ;P

Friday, December 15, 2006

ang boring niyo naman walang nagpopost!!! :P

at wala na ring nagcocomment!!!



Thursday, December 14, 2006

hellOoOoO people!!!

hehe :P gaya ni chimey matagal na rin akong walang post dito!

bibo mi kaayo diri pag-abot ni weng.. para kaming nag- "mission impossible

in fairness, lisod pud manago ug tawo.. hahaha :P

so, ano ba ang nanagyari this past week?..

aside from naging DH namin si louin..

me and chimey volunteered at the grand alumni homecoming of the ateneo de manila university..

that was last december 9, 2006..

ang fun talaga nun kasi we were working at the registration booths..

and may kasama kaming third year na si ate sabrina..

and ginawa naming photo shoot and whole event..

super fun talaga kasi aming table lang yung maingay and we were obviously the only people having fun!

marami pa dapat akong ikukwento pero nakalimutan ko na..


anyway, may close encounter ulit ako kay chris tiu.. and no matter what anyone says..

he is still the best.. hindi siya suplado, baka kasi inaaway or ini-irritate niyo lang siya kaya yun..



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

accrdng to ed paramdam daw.

hehehehe, HI! jaz dropping by.

helow pipol! dugay nko wala ka post dinhi dah....
unsa may bag-o? mmm....hapit na ang Christmas!
yehey! party ta hah!

Kanang uban btaw dinha na dili na gyud ga-paramda pa paramdam sad mo oist...
cge adto nko...




im back.. haha!
its bin awhile since i last posted anything in this very fenk blog of ours.. actually, it feels more like eternity.. (nyaks!)

wengy is here in manila. we smuggled him inside our dorm. he has been a faithful alalay and pet for cathy and i. anyway, wala lang gusto lang nako magsinagbot diri sa blog..

a few weeks ago, this certain wave of high school memories came gushing out of my thoughts. indeed, high school life is very nostalgic. i have once again, reminisced our moments inside the classroom. the late nights. the canteen ambiance. the batchmates. the schoolmates. the 5th floor. the campus. the uniform. and well, you guys.

i look at ateneo and i ask myself if this is true; that im now here in the place i have dreamed of and that i am now very far away from the very people who made/makes my life colorful. somehow, when i look back at high school, i wished that i could have treasured those moments more. so that right now, i would not be feeling this kind of nostalgic emptiness for high school.

then a few days after my emo churvaness, dumating si wengy here! it was high school all over again! except the classroom, except the campus, except the classmates, except schoolwork, except our dearest dearest friends! (you guys know who you are). but it was better than having no opportunity of reliving those memories at all! i was so happy when i saw wengy! i was so thankful of his/her/its (whatever) presence!

anyhow, i think id end with that..
see you guys very SOON..

PS. people! watch the movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH! its really good.. and very very educational! if you the opportunity to watch it, please do.. it would help save what's left of earth..

by the way, you guys really did enjoy JIG noh? haha!
pero please people get over monfort..


Thursday, December 07, 2006

OGILVIANS!!! oooooohhhh!!! i miss this. waahuhuh. watebur! miss y'all!

ey! post naman kayo dito! (char! tagalog.haha) but seriously.. post, post, post! kahit na walang sense... or just want to share mga churva about sa life. cge na! ^^

post about school (mga nabagsak ug mga achievements ninyo diha!), post about friendships (mga new friends ninyo diha.. or something), post about your college life (mga ka-chuvahan, adventure, unfortunate events and the like), post about your feelings (what you feel, what you want to feel... what you want to express), post about your LOVE life (mga ka-charingan ug mga kakiligan diha, mga feelings na dili ma express sa mga inlove, mga hurts na gusto ipagawas, mga iloveyou's and ihateyou's diha..pagawas na! ^^), post about anything and everything under the heat of the, post, post!

P.S. kung naa may magpost, puhleezz.. yaw na awayi, ha? let's all keep the love in the most pleasant way of expressing it, awkey??^^ by the way, new pictures are posted in our multiply account. ;)

and as for me.. well, NO CLASS TOMORROW!! weeee!! oh yeah! hehe. and PISTA pud nila ed ugma! mamista ta tah! haha. dumugon na namo inyo haus ed! bwaahaha! ^^

sad ayo.. i think bagsak ko sa chem namo na lab pre-lims exam. xiet! huhu. :'c pagka bugok nako maski identification, wa jud! uban, nangalimtan! tas sa pagcaculate sa density (na maski sayun keow!) wa man nagbasa sa instruction na one cylinder lang diay ang gigamit for both object A &B, tua! wala gi minus ang volume sa object A. grrrr... stupid ayo koh noh? haaayz! tabangi kog ampu. huhuhu. pero, mamawi jud ko next time! pramiz! mamugas jud ko! *hopefully matupad. hehe*

wa koy pagka-lovelife2x woi! tagai ko beh! hehe. :P taw woi, i feel like im inlove but wala man koy ma-inlovan! as in oi! i sing love songs, i act as if im hurt, i act as if im missing someone, i act as if im holding someone's hand, ga day dream pa! *wa pa ka get-over sa JIG*. waaahahahah!! pagka wide sa akong IMAGINATION! nyahah!!

i'm sick.. huhu. :( im experiencing allergy attacks coz of the smell of paint (we got our whole house repainted) and my nose has been itchy for days... haha. i can't talk well and i feel like im ngu-ngu or something like that. hehe.

and oh! the 4-A class is currently having their retreat. i made so many palancas! gosh! lisud pa jud bya ang paghimo kei pa butterfly2x effect pako with matching color2x and drawing2x! (grabeh akong effort! ni abtan jud ko 2 am! and i made mr. you-know-who a palanca! haha! plus, during the JIG, nagpa picture jud ko niya with the help of sir padilla! waahaha!! baga fiz jud!) anyway, they left this afternoon but it makes me wonder how come they left on a thursday?... hmmm... not like us, we left friday, 4 pm pa! hehe. aawwhh... i miss retreats and recollections. we'll be having our own in college, still it's different if lahi na ang kauban. haayz!

pressure's intense.. gosh! prelims na pud... but after that? weeee!!! christmas break and birthdays and more birthdays!! weee!!!


Happy yuletide season!!! mwaaahhh! see you this xmas break ha?? ;)


Monday, December 04, 2006

to: cathy

grabeh, hurt ko bei. i was insulted.

bantay,mkabalos lng ko.
mghanda ka na.

so i hope you all ehnjoyed your dose of blue eagle vitamins..
nyahaha.. :P
gosh nakakatuwa talaga yung mga pics ni meilie sa multiply niya..
all i can say is, "you go girl!"..
chika nga kayo sa mga adventures niyo?..
and tell me honestly kung napalayo niyo ba si louin away from all the eagles?..
baka kasi hindi na niya mapigilan ang sarili niya..
can't wait for more of your posts..

<3 lots,


Sunday, December 03, 2006

picture perfect of CHRIS TIU!!! gosh! haha. the JIG was fun.. super! and apil pud xavier days! and mind you... even the play! weee!! super lingaw all throughout.. but sad, back to reality in 7 hours! tisk. haaaaaaaaaaaaayzzzzzz.. anyway... miss you all guys! and balo mo? naa ko na realize.. lahi ra jud pag kamo akong kauban. as in way lahi! basta, i was able to prove it to myself. my heart belongs to you though how many times i try to "belong" it to some others. hehe!

ingats mow always ayt? miss you alL!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Christmas party?? where?? plan na tah!!