Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10 years after

4A xavier university high school ateneo de cagayan batch 1997

as captioned above, that is a photo form my 3rd eldest brother's 10th year high school reunion.
i was wasting my time, as always and i came across this photo on my bro's friendster profile.
so it inspired me to write this..
they were still an all boys school then so basically, all of them (in the photo) are males. im not so sure though if he was the brother of mine who had a high school batchmate who went to their reunion completely unrecognized because he was already a "she". ten years after high school and the he became a she. (weng, so i guess you can do it too??)

so i was wondering about how it would be when its already my batch's turn for the reunion. its been two years since we've left the 4 walls of our beloved high school alma mater. a lot has changed. people changed. the school pretty much changed too. the last time i went there was summer last year and being back there was like walking down memory lane and all that drama. but it also felt like it also didn't want me there. like it was asking me why i was there. like i was an alien or something. 4 years of making it my second home and that's what i felt when i visited it after only a year of being away.
i guess it was its way of telling me that i had to move on. high school held so many precious memories for me that its really hard to let it go. actually, im not planning to ever let it go. but i still have to move on.

8 more years till we all gather together again as a class. i mean we have all these mini-reunions but the 10th year reunion is something that's kinda required of us as alumni of the school. so its gonna be a school thing again.
i wonder how it would feel like?
i wonder how everyone would look like?
(the underlying question being how will weng look like?)
i wonder how we'll be able to organize it?
i have a whole lot more of " i wonder"s and its gonna take me another 8 years to answer it.

i sooo miss high school and the people ive shared it with but looking back and seeing now ill ever be able to go back there at all.. not even for one pretentious bit because the people ive shared it with have all changed now. we can't act like our high school selves anymore. they have all matured a bit and everytime i think about that it makes me feel how high school's already such a distant memory.

but then again its not such a sad thought. Those high school memories will always be treasured and then we have 8 years and the rest of our lives to create new ones.

originally posted in my multiply but i thought suitable pud siya diri so i decided to post it here..


Friday, February 15, 2008

community duty

since murag dugay na kaayo nga wa ko nipost ngari.. (ug wa na juy gapost2x ngari) ako lang ta ni ishare ninyo akong experience.

this was our second community duty but the first time was simply conducting a surve
y pero maskina, first timers japun mi. as beginners, we have duty for only 2 1/2 days. on the first day, we had our entomological study where we went from house to house to gather "ngoyo-ngoyo" or mosquito larva. wa pa jud ko kasabot sa amo buhaton at first mga several minutes later pko kagetz nga nangita diay mig mosquite larva. haha on the second day, we had our home visit. we'd go to a house and have a lengthy interview about the person's health condition. well actually akong partner ang nag interview jud nya ako tig buhat sa procedures mismo nya musingit lng ko gamay sko makaya ra nga bisaya. haha me and my partner were the only ones assigned to an actual dengue case and kulba pud xag case. dengue, ITP infection, leukemia ug unsa pa 2ng mga sakita. grabe ka complicated. haha on the last day, the best day, it was immunization day so there were sooooo many mothers who went to the health office and we were given the chance to inject the babies. it was like, the real thing. kulba kaayo at first pero once nakasuway, shet lingawa jud dah. haha! we also weighed the babies, got their temperature, etc. akong trabaho jud while waiting for my turn sa injection kay magtake sa BP sa mga tao. nalingaw sad ko ato. mura sad kog true. haha

so yea, mao ra 2. hehe here's some pictures..

the barangay health office with all the mothers and their babies

weighing, temperature, measuring the height

giving oral polio vaccine

injecting Hep B vaccine

kuan.. wa lang. haha

with dutymates and the brgy health workers

belated happy valentines to all. :)

- taralets

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentine's day

minasan valentine's yoobi desu.

translation: Happy Valentine's day everyone!

hope you'll all have a sweet day tomorrow.