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imissyou. :)


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hawak kamay

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blooper kings and queens

Starring: Mellany Almen Hugo

Scene 1:"sedusa"
while nag watch sa mga ogilvie pics atng gods and godesses presentation...

MeL: gossshhh....fave au nko ni nga pics ui kay ato jud na transform ang classrum...
Beki: lagi...
Ed: tsada gyud bah...
Mel: hala! si juliet! waahaahahahahahahah! mura xag si SEDUSSA bei!
Beki: knsa daw?!
Ed: MEDUSA pud nah mel ui!..
all: wahaahahahahahhaahah!!!!

Scene 2:"Jollibee"
while ng eat sa dunkin donuts...

Kating: haaayyy...tsada au mg shopping bah??
Mel: lagi! mao jud! kami gani sa akng shopping gyud mi sa JOLIBEE!!
Kating: ha??!

aguuyyy...karon pmi kblo na pwede diay mg shopping sa JOLIBBE!!!

Scene 3:"lotus shoes"
while gapangta ug movie sa SM...

Mel: hadluk jud tong feng shui bei!...
Ed: lagi!
Mel: labaw na si lotus shoes...

wow...asens na kaayo si lotus feet SHOES nah!!! wahahahahah! di na ka tiniil!

Starring: Victoria Melissa Pulido

Scene 1:"bubbles"
while ng snaks sa canteen...

Ed: buing jud si weng bei...kita man ka sa iyang weight lifting bah??
Cese: aw! lagi...hahahahaha! buing jud xa ato..
Ed: ako man to xa gtudluan ug lift ug weights ni kalit lng dayun ug pabali2x efect iya kamut!
Beki: wahahahahhahahah! di man gud xa gust mgka BUBBLES!
Cese, Ed: ha?! unsay BuBBles? di xa gust mu bula!?
Beki: ayyyy...muscles diay...

ngek! labaw pa man diay! di lgi mu singit sa sturya...wahahahah!

Starring: Eduardo Acero

pgka gawas sa dunkin..

kating: ui! payungi ang balloon arun di mubutu!
Beki: may pang balloon payungan...
Ed: hala...gpayungan nila ang BAYOON...

aguy...tigulang namn unta di pa gyapun kblo mu litok! murag grade 1! hahahaha

Starring: Ernesto Neri

Scene 1:"HIPOpotamus?!"
while ng sturya2 before exam...

Cese: uso na ang mga calamities bei...
Beki: lai nah...
Ernz: sa news lgi gaina! naa daw HIPO-HIPO!
Beki: unsay hipo-hipo?! maulaw ka ui! ipo-ipo nah! ahahahahahah!

ernz...lahi ang ipo sa hipo! chairman....hehehhe

Starring: Ernesto Neri, Beki Pulido, Mel Hugo

Scene1:"LBC: hari ng bulol!"
pagawas sa pugon...

Ernz: mel, katuod ka aha ng L-B-se?
Beki: unsa?!
Mel: buing! L-B-se ka dja! L-be-C ui?!
Tanan tao nga present didto: ambot ninyo ui! ahahahaha

dapit sa street...
Beki: aha man ng L-be-se?
Mel: waaahaaaaa! bloopers!!!
Beki: ay piskot man ning il-B-C ui!

aguyyyy...mel2x,beki,ernz...paki review inyng a-e-i-o-u ha??? para di maulawan! ahahahah!

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do you remember?

the last post here was almost one year ago!

so to keep this site PARTIALLY alive, old pictures from high school
or post grad gatherings will be posted every now and then.

hope others would like to join in and share some old pictures!

Sunday, September 06, 2009

last night was gooood

No one is posting any entry here.  Mel2x's right, she can hear crickets already and see cobwebs. Anyway, for the sake of an entry, i''ll just share about the night-out we had on Sept. 5, '09. Originally, CABO members were invited, but only a few came. We had karaoke session at Loretos, then was off to Ketkai. We really had fun and we look forward to more reunions like that. Ciao!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hey hey hey! Let's have fun this summer! [IMPT: please confirm attendance asap!]

For people with summer classes, OJT, etc.
Paki confirm pud kanus-a mo free next week.

Monday, April 06, 2009


mag post rako about sa amo outing during Gellie and My birthday celebration sa Montegelo. Anyway, share lang ko og blooper para naman pud masudlan atong blog. hahah

while ga videoke ang mga people sa outing
beki: *looking at the song list*
ed: bek walay "charice" diha?
beki: ed, ed kana laging *nikanta c manang* "I do 'cherish' you for the rest of my life..."??
ed: charice pempengco man gud bek!


Sunday, February 01, 2009

heloow everyone!

Yeah im BACK with a vengeance! jokes. yes, ang bayot ni, c weng. haha. I'm really bothered by my conscience that I haven't been posting here in our high school blog. I'm not really that busy man pud, pero it just doesnt cross in my mind to drop an entry here.

Anyway, that's it. I think Melmel pretty much told you enough about the stories of us CDO people. Pakpak gyud to you meily for the effort to make chikka about us all here. yess, definitely, CABO political domination na gyud in XU now. I hope everyone wins! To all those who are running for office (Beki. Maki, Lyka, Kating) you can all do it. And oh, i think Kating is already hailed as the Aggies Student council President, because their college is some sort of parliamentary. so that means she's just appointed. But I'm not sure, let's wait for Kating to give us the real score. And yeah, best of luck to Ton2x for his Fulbright Scholarship appication.

OMG! I really didn't have the slightest idea that Kit has jetset to the big U.S. of A!! my god, i'm really shocked. Kit, do u hear us?? Why not give us an update of your life from there? Are you really staying there for good? Ga sturya pman ta sa xu benches and just chikka about our lives and now your away na without letting us know. hmf! jokes.

As for a dose of my life, ahaha. Wala pa gyud koi keke (lalaki that is) lols. Can somebody give me one? Anyone who knows of someone who's got a big, big, bigggggg,... heart (kamu jud ha, dirty minded!) and big cash too in his bank account. Drop me a ring/msg okay, im just right here! Haha. Yes, I'm getting by my course well man sab. Not like before nga gka libog pako. Although I have at times Fantastic and Fabulous grades (you know what that means) especially in my Statistics and Science classes, I'm getting the hang of everything. Yes, i'm taking up international studies here in xu. and again, i'm now a serious freshman. ahaha

To all nursing, gohw! i heard kalbaryo lagi gyud daw nang Medsurg. pero with ogilvie power, you can all do it! charus!

I think that's all the chikka i can give to you for now. My mind is empty nah. I hope evryone else will be telling their stories also in here. Sakto jud c melanya hugo, i can hear crickets nah. lols. So guys post post post (a reminder for me too hahah). Ciao!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

WOW! it's empty....

hahaha. I guess you have a hint of what I mean by my title. lol. It seems no one's NOT busy. haha. :D

Anyway, to give some update, here's for a start.

Ton: Well, this guy has so much to update us about! He's living in the Haggerty house already. As in, that one inside Xavier Campus. He tells us that it's sort of a preparation for the Full-bright Scholarship wherein he will be sent somewhere in the US. Oh diba?! di basta-basta iyang beauty. And sadly because of this scholarship, walay claro ang mga ga dagan for CSG president coz even the other one na contender dapat niya, uban japun sa Scholarship. hehe. :)

Beki: She's running for UNITAS president and very much active sa KKP volunteer program. Az always, she's still inlove with you-know-who. haha. :)

Maki: Labaw pa ni! He's running for SBM Vice-President and like beki, very much active sa KKP. Actually, he was suppose to be one of the candidates for CSG president, but I don't know what happened and uhm, yeah... he opted for SBM vp for now. :)

Kating: What else is new? She gave up her ELECOM *as the head ha* to run for office as Aggies President. Oh diba?!? Ibang level na si kating! she even had some sort of consultation before she had her final decision... but we suggested the ELECOM part. haha, she's just really brave. :)

Kit: Well, would you believe it or not, duha na sa atong classmates ang nilarga out of phil and not just for vacation?!?! Kit is in California right now. She left her studies her to be with her family. Oh diba?? anyone ibog there? I for one. haha.

Lyka: Well, like all the other people mentioned here, she's also running for Office sa Nursing Council as Vice-president. And uuuuuuuuyyyyy... congratulate her!! she's the current Ms.BUGO! and she's also thinking of joining Ms.Cagayan this July-August. OoOoOHH!! We'll support her, wokie?? go lykiee!! :D

And Gosh, LRG rah jud and Ogilvie uy!!! Pam political powers keow! haha. Wala man gani si Ernie but gi compensate pud sa mga council. Kulang na lang ang EDUC, CIT ug Eng'g. Haha. XU domination na unta. LOL :D

And well, about me? I'm not running for any office or what but I'm just glad that my life now is really running smoothly. yey! My love life is still ZERO. haha. And gosh, MedSurg bitaw kei dili jud basta2x. Kami duha ni kashia kei gakabuang na jud. Grabeh nga kamang.... ahahaha. Pwo kapit lang gihapon.LOL And oh! I'm with maki and beki sa pagvolunteer sa KKP. Gosh, murag we're sticking with this jud. haha. :)

So, 'till here na lang sa. :D Update us pls of your where abouts!! haha. This site is totally empty. LOL. Miss yah all guys! Mwaaaaaaah! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cge na nga updates...

hello guys! pasenxa na kung walang pictures 'tong post ko na to. Nanakawin ko lang din naman sa multiply ng ibang tao kung maglalagay ako eh. ;)

so...where should I start?hmmmm


Sige, umpisahan ko na lang sa pag-announce na hindi na sa CDO nakatira family ko. Lumipat na yung parents ko to Mindoro at kuya ko na lang ang naiwan dyan. Having said that fact, it's quite obvious that i won't be able to visit Cagayan for a very very very very long time. Siguro ang next time na uuwi ako is if may ikakasal na sa inyo! haha...the race is on! Sobrang unstable na kasi ang financial status namin, which is ofcourse a euphemism for "We're broke." hehe. Basically our family income is ZERO as of the moment and umaasa na lang kami sa binibigay ng mga kamag-anak na medyo umiinit na rin ang ulo. Nung nagkaroon nga ng family meeting dito mga two weeks ago, napagusapan din na pwede na kaming magtrabaho ng kuya ko para makatulong. Ofcourse sinabi ko sa kanila na willing naman ako pero sa kaloob-looban ko ayaw ko talaga dahil alam ko na rin kung gaano kahirap magtrabaho 'cause I've tried working in a call center about two years ago while attending classes and SOBRANG HIRAP NIYA! Stopping school would also not be a favorable option kasi lalo lang kaming maaagrabyado kung madedelay graduation ko. At least my brother is going to graduate this semester so sana makahanap na siya ng trabaho, though that would mean he'll have to delay taking the board exam. Oh well, sakripisyo na lang muna and i promise that i would make it up to him in the future.


Nothing really exciting to share about school. Ayun, kahit ilang beses na akong muntik matanggal sa course ko nandito pa rin ako at kumakapit (nang mahigpit na mahigpit). Ngayon na dumadami na ang major subjects, pinipilit ko na lang yung sarili ko na maaliw sa philo at theo. Puro projects kasi yung main output ng mga business subjects ko ngayon kaya ang hassle sobra, puro meetings nga kahit christmas break. Oh well, three sems na lang din naman (actually two kasi halos wala na halos ginagawa sa last sem ng course ko hehe), let's face this until the bitter (although sana hindi bitter)end! Goodluck nga pala sa ating lahat na mag-o-OJT this summer!


Ayan na!!! WEEEEOOOOOOWEEOEOEOWEOOOOOHH! At least from ZERO siguro naging mga 20% naman ang lovelife ko. haha. Oh well, years after graduating from highschool, hanggang crush2x pa lang din ako ngayon. At gaya ng dati, clueless pa rin ako kung ano gagawin. Nakokosensya nga ako 'pag iniisip ko ang buhay-pagibig kasi ang dami dami pang ibang dapat problemahin. Issue din kasi ang pera dito eh, I'm having a tough time budgeting and people like Jomi and Richie have been helping me a lot recently so ang pangit tingnan na may nililigawan ako (or if ever, GF) tapos panay hingi naman ako ng pera sa ibang tao. So yun, I've decided not to do anything na lang muna. Ang tawag nga diyan ni Tita Bernita ay "Ligaw Tingin, Halik Hangin." Malay natin manalo ako sa lotto ng Reader's digest. hehe. Kaya ayan kinukuntento ko na lang muna sarili ko sa konting usap2x at mga hi at hello...ASUS! Minsan nga ang saya2x kasi pareho kaming maaga pumunta for philo class so nagkaroon naman kami ng konting bonding time. Kaso biglang sumulpot si Chieney at nakisali! Panira! Hahaha peace chien! Ayan ha, alam mo na kung sino!

OK OK, ayan muna as of now! Post din kayo ha!

Happy new year! I love you all!

Monday, December 29, 2008

CABO get together

What: CABO get together

where: Part1- at 11am mcdo DV 4 lunch 'till 1pm *you can skip this so no expense for lunch
Part2- at 1pm, Opol beaches for snacks, games, chips and chat, and bonding

when: December 30, Tuesday (Which is Today!)

What to bring:
extra clothes, money (for fair and lunch lang), snacks! (chips, extra food from house, fruits, bread, any food you would like to bring)

What would be LATEr that this, ayt? haha. Sorry. But if wala moy mabuhat diha sa inyo house and dying to go out, well then here's the answer. See you wokie?? Kitakitz!!!