Thursday, October 25, 2007


Haha Don't worry!
I won't
all your posts
(maybe some)
I'm just joking

ps. you know, there's a thing called YM -- if you wanna discuss changing the password. besides, who would want to hack your blogger?? :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


hi guys! i miss you all..

im stranded here sa dorm because its raining hard and therefore i can't proceed to baguio.
in my recent trip to nueva ecija, we had this little game where we ask a question with only 2 choices. we played this with the youth leaders there and their answers were really impressive. so now, ill ask you a question we used that night.

sino mas pipiliin mo, ang taong PINAPANGARAP mo o ang taong KINASANAYAN mo?

wala lang.. there.. pili.. tapos post your answers here. para fun. haha.


good luck sa kalag2x party.. hope it'll be successful and maraming pupunta..
take care guys!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

hallllloooo guys.. mah ged!karon pa o nka dare ug sulat sulat dinhi..gosh.. i soo miss everyone.. actually, mahay mahay lang o slyt sa mga pipol..they paln a lot of things pero murag sa lista kei nawala na c arceta..huhuhuhuhu..lain keow mo..pasangil daun kei lay active number..cge it is bantay lang malimtan pa jaon ko..


ok ok? hehe.. i miss you all.. see yah everyone sa 29!!!!:D

-lykie lykie;p


Hi Ogilvians! is that what you call yourselves? enjoy the break! :)


Hi Ogilvians! is that what you call yourselves? enjoy the break! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Night spent at Loreto's! Ü

the group picture!

guys just chillin' while waiting for their turn to sing. hehe.

singing the "nothing's gonna stop us now"
just look at their hand holding, isn't that sweet?? awwwwhhh... i missed this.

and well, hahahha. here's the dare of nikay. To kiss the belly button of any guy and she chose maki. Ü
To sum it all up, it was a wild, exuberant, wacked, naughty and exciting night! we all had fun, fun, and MORE FUN!! for more of the pix plus videos... visit my multiply site.
sayang for those who weren't there.. hehhe.
love you lots!

Monday, October 15, 2007

a response


ernesto baconga neri made me cry!

check out his blog and you will see why!

huhu. i super miss you guys na tuloy!
its really sad that im not there during our grand halloween party. pero ill make up for it sa december! cause by then ill be collecting my gifts din. haha. birthday ko na!
oh diba? inendorse ang bday..

ai oh nga pala.. our very own Mhelzy is now officially in love!
naks naman. love is in the air. and so is christmas! haha.
im sooooooooooooo happy for you mhelz! dalhin mo naman siya sa cdo para mameet ng mga pipol! hehe. pero really, you deserve to be happy and be in love! weeeee!
sana marami pa sa atin ang mainlove!

im bored to death. so guys! chat with me naman. desare09 ang YM id ko.. im online the whole day and night. haha
well, except kung magoff na yung internet provider kong hindi alam na nakikileech ako sa kanya. haha.

ai! ipagpray niyo naman ako. bukas na lalabas yung results ng accounting finals ko. sana matake ko yung results! haha. ayun.

take care everyone.
miss you all.

and seriously check out ernie's blog.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

wooot! seam break na!!!

yehey!!!!!!!!! sem break na!!! weeeeee!! and after a week or so, some of the manila pipz will be coming back, woOoOoOoOot!! hahaha. I just can't help it guys, I am totally stressed and tired of school that I just need to have a break! gaaaaaahh. I hate the extreme stress and depression you get from inside and outside school stuffs. It's oh so draining. makes me feel dehydrated to the nth level! hahahhaha. (ok exage)

anyway, we have released the invitations already!!! weeeeeeee!!! many liked it. (*ahem!*ahem!) but sadly, it looked better pa naman if it was printed well. eeeerrrrr.. poverty is a hindrance! anyway, as resourceful and innovative as we are, we have found a solution to let it appear atleast, catchy and more interesting. (diba bek??) and mind you, your names were actually printed!! so that means, each one were made exclusively for the person! oh diba?!?! so you better feel special coz you are indeed special. (naks naman! :P) I won't insert the invitation lang para surprise. hehehe. :P

For those who haven't received the invitations and who happens to be in CDO, please do get it from Ms. Kathleen Emillie Araña.

I am extremely excited for the party!!!! I can wait for our planning and brain storming this saturday where in the full flow of the program and the events that will happen will finally be organized and some more add ons will be inserted. Oh my, Oh my... guys, be there jud ha?? we shall rock the P-A-R-T-Y, PARTY!!!!

and oh, here's one animation I saw. hahahhahaha. He looks like Ernesto Baconga Neri a.k.a. Ernie. diba??? hahhahahahah. peace erns! ^^ but really, you have more or less, the same dance move. haha. :P Peace!! *hugs* - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Myspace Animated Comments
Love you so much!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

hapit na gyud!

glitter logo -

AwoOooOoO!!! AdVaNcE HaPpY HaLowEEn CaBo!!
>busy keo akong mga kauban na organizers sa ila mga exams..hehehe..btw timingan lng na wala koy gabuhatun krn so ako nalng ang sort of mga nasabutan namo for the upcoming CaBo costume party..=D in demand na kaau ni nga information...hehehe..

Theme: Set the spirit free: Ipagawas ang kalag!

>its basically a costume party na dapat mu gawas ang kalag! haha..just kiddin'..=D bhala namo sa unsa na costume inyo gusto..pwede mo mu sabay sa haloween season, mg horror costume mo or maski unsa na ma think ninyo..hehe..

> naay program and unfortunately dili pa nko siya ma hatag in detail kei wala pa na finalize pero para ma hatagan mo ug idea...naay Mr. and Ms. suggested by Ms. Kathleen Araña and of course siya ang mg host, together with Mr. Eduardo Acero, dili mo ka.ingon...after sa pg host ni ed ug debut ni jolly gusto pa gyud niya ipa dayun iyang hosting career. Naa sad concert mahtabo..launching sa CABO band..oh dibah..hehe..=D naa pud mga games...kamustahay sessions and of course...ang DISCO..hagui, mgpa kilid nsad ko ani..hahaha! suggestion nko pang cha-cha ang mga kanta..hekhek! (lola..gyud ui..hihi..)

> invitations will be distributed soon, mg design pa si mel ang gellie this monday...and lahee nta ug level 'ron...naa na gyud daw ta give-aways dapat..hehe..NOW, ang venue and date sa party...ani ni...ang party date kei Oct. 27 and ang venue kei sa haus ni jomi, nisugot naman daw iya parents...potluck ni na event but subject to change pa daw ni just incase gusto mo na i.cater, pero sxempre mdjo mas dako ang contribution..aniwei, usahay rman sad ta ga get together..

>mu.uli si YEYE! so grbe ni ka big deal kei 2yrs na namo(cdo peeps) wala na kita si sad ang uban manila peeps and i.allow pud yata si tara na mu join..mga pipol na dili kaau nato gka.uban ato na pud mka bonding ani nga party...hopefully mka.visit nsad diri CDO si mhelzy...(bah mhelz? hehe..) =D

** so, i hope you can all join the costume party, i.schedule na inyo activities for the break and make sure na ang OCT 27 kei walay nka schedule na lain..okay guyz?! miss you all..visit2x lng sa site or contact kating for any questions about sa party..maybe nxt week amu na ma finalize ang party..=D see yah all soon..