Sunday, January 25, 2009

WOW! it's empty....

hahaha. I guess you have a hint of what I mean by my title. lol. It seems no one's NOT busy. haha. :D

Anyway, to give some update, here's for a start.

Ton: Well, this guy has so much to update us about! He's living in the Haggerty house already. As in, that one inside Xavier Campus. He tells us that it's sort of a preparation for the Full-bright Scholarship wherein he will be sent somewhere in the US. Oh diba?! di basta-basta iyang beauty. And sadly because of this scholarship, walay claro ang mga ga dagan for CSG president coz even the other one na contender dapat niya, uban japun sa Scholarship. hehe. :)

Beki: She's running for UNITAS president and very much active sa KKP volunteer program. Az always, she's still inlove with you-know-who. haha. :)

Maki: Labaw pa ni! He's running for SBM Vice-President and like beki, very much active sa KKP. Actually, he was suppose to be one of the candidates for CSG president, but I don't know what happened and uhm, yeah... he opted for SBM vp for now. :)

Kating: What else is new? She gave up her ELECOM *as the head ha* to run for office as Aggies President. Oh diba?!? Ibang level na si kating! she even had some sort of consultation before she had her final decision... but we suggested the ELECOM part. haha, she's just really brave. :)

Kit: Well, would you believe it or not, duha na sa atong classmates ang nilarga out of phil and not just for vacation?!?! Kit is in California right now. She left her studies her to be with her family. Oh diba?? anyone ibog there? I for one. haha.

Lyka: Well, like all the other people mentioned here, she's also running for Office sa Nursing Council as Vice-president. And uuuuuuuuyyyyy... congratulate her!! she's the current Ms.BUGO! and she's also thinking of joining Ms.Cagayan this July-August. OoOoOHH!! We'll support her, wokie?? go lykiee!! :D

And Gosh, LRG rah jud and Ogilvie uy!!! Pam political powers keow! haha. Wala man gani si Ernie but gi compensate pud sa mga council. Kulang na lang ang EDUC, CIT ug Eng'g. Haha. XU domination na unta. LOL :D

And well, about me? I'm not running for any office or what but I'm just glad that my life now is really running smoothly. yey! My love life is still ZERO. haha. And gosh, MedSurg bitaw kei dili jud basta2x. Kami duha ni kashia kei gakabuang na jud. Grabeh nga kamang.... ahahaha. Pwo kapit lang gihapon.LOL And oh! I'm with maki and beki sa pagvolunteer sa KKP. Gosh, murag we're sticking with this jud. haha. :)

So, 'till here na lang sa. :D Update us pls of your where abouts!! haha. This site is totally empty. LOL. Miss yah all guys! Mwaaaaaaah! :)