Wednesday, March 28, 2007


elo my lanta plant Sofia...haha....binili ko xa nung xmas bazaar dito...cute to dapat eh..haha...i think violet ang flowers nito...ewan ko ba...feeling ko yata marunong ako mag-alaga ng halaman noon...hehe....nilagay ko sa may balcony namin tapos di pala niya kaya yung direct sunlight....para tuloy xang nasunog...tapos pinasok ko na xa sarum pero di ko naman nadiligan. kakatamad kasi eh - and taas nung puwesto niya..hehe...ayun...tuluyan na xang nalanta....huhu...pero ayaw ko pa xa itapon. alam niyo naman ako - artist at heart hahaha!!!....maybe we can find beauty in death??? dunno...watev.....

oo nga pala AMEN to JOMI!!!! AMEN!!!! HEAR2x!!!! grabe...sapul talaga ako sa sinabi niya!!! isa pa yan si tonixboy (ernesto)!!!haha!!! well, since sinimulan na nila ang senti mood...if you allow - makikisali na rin ako...hehe...alam niyo naman ako...di pahuhuli....

if u ask me...wala pa rin talagang tatalo sa highschool...siguro nga mas may freedom na tayo ngayon pero grabe talaga ung THE good ol' tyms!!! hehe...miss ko na ung reflection moments ko while riding the jeepney pauwi...miss ko na ung mga makukulit na guard na parati tayong pinapaalis ng school...miss ko na yung rush sa canteen pag lunch...miss ko na ung very "cute" recess periods na pababa ka pa lang tapos na...hehe...miss ko na ung kilitian...huhu - wala akong makiliti dito....:( miss ko na mangawit sa kakatayo pag monday assembly na di mo naman nakikita ung nangyayari sa stage...miss ko na kumanta ng oldies songs with the guyz!!!haha....miss ko na maging parasite sa mga bahay niyo...miss ko na gumala sa mga malls kahit less than 50 pesos lang dala kong pera...miss ko na ung alikabok dun sa basketball court ng camaman-an...miss ko na ung locker areas kung saan may manghihiram sayo ng mga books kahit di ka niya kilala...miss ko na ung best sleeping place:bio-lab...miss ko na maglinis ng classroom na parang nagpe-perform tayo ng isang musical dahil sa kantahan at sayawan...miss ko na magbihis sa loob ng classroom para sa PE tsaka ang very shocked reaction ng teacher na makakita sa atin...woohoo!!! dami pa!!!

if u ask me...talagang wala pa rin tatalo sa CAGAYAN experiences ko...siguro may mga nasabi akong negative dati pero wala ung mga yun compared sa na-gain ko sa CDO.

guyz...i hope hindi malanta ang samahan natin tulad ng nangyari kay Sofia...huhuhu...naniniwala akong mamumulaklak at mamumunga pa ang ating you guyz!!!


Monday, March 26, 2007

A Call

To All Ogilvianz!

There is indeed a first time for everything. First time ko mag post sa atong blog oi! Historical ni na night! Anyway, it has been a year since we took different paths but still that magical bond never fails to pull as back together in the memories of this legendary roster of brilliant, talented men and women for others called 4 – Ogivlie (dili na gyud ma deny). My message is simple. We have the experience, we have the love, and we have the gift, let us use it then for the others, the less fortunate others those who can’t even think for themselves. We have a great mission ahead guys! Be the light in the places where we are right now, be it in Manila, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao or elsewhere. God formed this group of complementing characters for something greater. We have “it” at our disposal. Go and serve the world Ogilvie!

-Ernie Neri

Friday, March 23, 2007

Reminiscing Reflection

Up until now, I still miss high school moments. Well, the last two weeks in English class was devoted on reflecting on most excruciating experience. What is there to miss in high school? Well, I do miss people who have changed my lives. There was nothing to miss about love and infatuation. There was something to miss about conversations, letters and other things. Life goes on but it never is the same. There was a time when love was only a dream and not a reality. Even as things turn out for the better, I still can't get rid of the nostalgic feeling I have. I hope I go home soon. I really miss the people who helped me become a strong person against odds which might have been too difficult to handle.

Ogilvians '05 - '06, Thanks... You were always there when I needed shoulders to cry on and friends to laugh with.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I think it is timely to announce my debut but my apologies to the other Ogilvians whom I cannot invite. I wanted to but I was only given limited slots by my parents. I very sorry guys, I hope dli unta mu malain kay it was really hard for me to choose but I had to. Sorry. I hope you unerstand.
Yani @ 18

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hmmm... i've noticed.. DILI MAKIT-AN ANG TITLE SA RECENT POST! better fix this admin pipz... :P

and oh! ala lang..jst droppin' by to visit. and oh!!!! FINALS ARE HERE AND THERE AND EVERYWHERE!!!


sa wala pa...ampu-i ming taga XU. (labi na ako kei wa jud! lax ra keow ko nga finals unta. haaaayzzz)

to weng: shurikat ka!!! tawon weng, ga hagok nako ana mga orasa nga gaka unli ka.. stilan.. sacrifice na lng jud ang 10 para 20 one day! and uy, balik na diri ha?? bday na biya ninyo ni gellie woi...

to all: magdebut si gellie!!! 18 na xa hapit! i hope maka adto tah didto sa iyang party.. gosh, mga out of town people... pamauli na mo before 30 ha??

and haha. this is a first.. nagbisaya ko dah. nyahahaha! :P

ingats always wokie?? have a safe trip coming back here mga out of town pipz!

miss yah all. mwah! ",)


Sunday, March 11, 2007

yo yo yo

hello everyone
i know nobody cares 4 whatever i say here
but, yah know, i jaz want to let out my ill feelings
u've heard of the show American idol?
god, america missed putting Sabrina Sloan to the finals.
instead, a less singer Hale Scornato(not sure of the spelling) came through.
its so shocking.. and hurtful too.
d 1st girl u know can belt it out and nail performances!
the idol judges are always blown away..
the last day of the semis was just like a horrible day man!
if only i and the phil. cud cast a vote!
Sabrina cud have gone 2 the finals... haaaaaaaaaaaaay

neway, i know this is senseless or sumtin of that sort
not worth reading for ogilvians
but i just cnt help but be infuriated and smokin hurt!
i wish i cud post more, but its just that my pursue
isnt enuf 4 the tym i've been in this net caf
neway, im fyn guys.. take care always ok.
um, dnt u ever worry guys.
Im still hot and gorgeous (with paso sound!)


PE night

yan ha. videod na jud among performances. hehehe! :P Amo ang Egytian Dance (daog mi) and ila ed ang other dance (kalimot ko unsa ni title. hehe)


Monday, March 05, 2007

katong nag-present ang dulaang atenista sa SM ug "Ang Pinaka-makisig Sa Mga Nalunod Sa Buong Daigdig"...c beki as "pipi" and gellie as"lola" .
Katong Christmas nag-laag sa ketkai...
Katong naa cla chieney and cathy sa cdo sa christmas break...

eat sa mcdo...

wala man koy ma-update ui...
hapit na mahuman ang first year of being college students..hahayzzz
uli mo dinhi cdo guys hah!

---ed #1

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I miss you!

this was taken during out fiesta. only kating, out of the many whom I invited, went to eat in our place. (prefi man jud to woi) Anyway, nagpic2re mi ni kating kei wa mi mga lingaw. advertisers daw mi. nyahahaha! she advertised mentos and i advertised some other product.

hmmm... summer is near nah!!! and weee!!! we MUST, as in IT IS A MUST! that we'll have an ogilvie get together. pls people.. do cooperate. your presence in every activity is well and extremely appreciated. Your presence count! (not vote. hehe!)

i miss laughing with you, eating with you, playing with you, talking with you, walking with you, running with you, malling with you, shopping (food!!!) with you, watching movies with you.. but most of all, it's you, you, YOU that I miss!!! ;)

basta, here's the initial plan... we'll have a get together event, the ogilvie panata. The ogilvie panata. Not yet official, but here's the deal. We (the ogilvians and you could also invite your friends) will do some little sacrifices for the lent season by climbing the Hill (or is it a mountain?) of Malasag. We will together do the station of the cross. We'll start very early on Holy Thursday morning so suggestions include over night stay at someone's place the night before so that there will be no time conflicts.

I hope many will participate. I'm so excited!!! I miss being with you all. Station of the Cross tah ha?? It's a certified fun and reflective activity. miss you!!!!