Thursday, December 28, 2006


new year's near na.. and gosh! it will almost be a year from our high school days! aaaaahhh!! well, here's something to look back. the song's somewhat familiar and the video is personalized so don't blame me if you see my face every now and then. ^^ i hope you like it! I MISS YOU ALL!!!!!!


Sunday, December 24, 2006

homecoming ni bro. bong, michael and danielle last thursday sa mcdo!
merry christmas to everyone!

Maayong Pasko!

Merry Christmas sa tanan!
may this season of love and joy continue to bind us together even though we are apart..
There are a lot of things that we should be thankful for...
our family, our school, our talents and skills, ourselves and most especially our friends...
thanks you friends!
I love You all!

ED wishing you a merry merry Christmas!
kashia yani melmel racquel jerika gellie isni jessa zyra
kit lyka ia nikki isa tintin chic-chic Red
Kenix Carlo Nico lilai Juliet Melanie Nikay
Cese beki Kayzee dada jomi joyce tara mhelzy
yeye danes mike chieney Kating Cuenqi
ryan Jan Larah Jhudz Adding Ernie
Jolly maki weng cathy

Saturday, December 23, 2006

May mas sasarap pa ba sa first time?

Hello peepz!! this is my first time to post in this blog; this is also the 232nd entry in the blog! pero I've read many of the past posts already, dili lang ko ga-comment :-) I'd like to tell you that I miss you, each and every one of you.

As regards my college life, I'm ok. for a freshman student, ok na siguro akong performance sa 1st sem. in fact, I am happy with the way things have been turning out for me in the School of Statistics. close na ko sa akong mga maistro :-) one thing is for sure: I am learning A LOT from my teachers. UP is entirely different from XU or ADMU, you know. it is a home of diverse cultures. pero in fairness, nice kaayo nga experience to be in UP. you get to be more down-to-earth and you gain a better understanding of life :-) majority of the students in UP live below the poverty line.

I stay in the school dorm. I've made friends with many of the residents already. akong mga kauban sa dorm katong mga bright nga students pero walay ikabayad sa tuition, so they rely on scholarships. these are the people who eat turon or banana-q for lunch; its definitely nice to be with them. they make me realize how much luck I have; they inspire me to work harder

college is the last chapter of our student lives. tarungon na natu! let's make this an opportunity to make up for what we had missed in high school. 2006 is coming to a close. thanks to all of you! i thank God for leading me all the way. i thank my parents and the rest of my family. i thank my friends, my past classmates, my present classmates, my professors, my teachers and all who have been a part of me. salamat kaayo and Merry Christmas!!

- Mike L.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

operation pussycat

im pretty xur you guys have known the little excursion we had in last sunday.
thank you guys for making the video. im pretty xur cathie loved it. it was one hell of night for all of us there.
i will tell you guys the details in my own little blog check na lang and i will tell you guys the full details! from the conception of all the ideas to wengy's arrival to the surprise from inquirer to my panic attacks to my little stupid impression that cathie knew all about it.. IT WILL be in my blog.. as said by the one and only chieney, the coordinator..
by the way,
here are some pix..
have fun!

chris tiu n the gang

the gang

the gang before the eagles came


na sad mi ni wengy kay angit amung pix sa inquirer natabunan mi! kami ra ba unta nag.organyz.. hehehe..


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

blah blah blah

one thing im ver y uncomfortable of is sharing my life to the public eye
however, i've got no other choice but to
coz i don't rily have anything to do anymore in here
i want to put my experiences in this very fenk blogsite of ours
i know others would say 'duh, unsa man among paki.alam sa
iyang lyp, duh?'
but, i rily have to post whatever, if i do otherwise, i will
die this very minute of boredom and idleness
remember... 'idleness is the devil's playground'
now before i laugh 'bwahahahaha' alredy
i will post this

im n manila, applying for schools out der
my parents let me stop schooling in cdo
they want me to explore more the wider world
i dnt even what that means
i also would want to expand my horizons too...
u see i speak really english coz u know
para "mahasa pud ta sa english language u know"...
i've been living 'alone' in this south part of manila
if ever i go to ogilvie pips in the north part of manila
and that is quezon city.. i t wud be like ur from
cdo then u go to iligan.. take note,, add there the pollution,
the congested places, the gazillions of people ready to 'molest' u
compare it to bump cars.. ur like in bump car arena
you go out to kill
and u literally spend almost a hundred bucks for fare only
god, my friends are out there and me here
thats why im am always and will always be susceptible
to boredomness!! hehehe. thats not a word
i've been applying to foreign agencies as an international student
for all of you out there, take the adventure of applying for study abroad
if u get accepted, it would be awesome!
its worth the experience, but the effort, um, im not sure
in case u need help or advice, call my name baby.. and i will be there
'i'm your worst nightmare!!!!' hehehehe, just kidding
ok ok, moving on... i guess i've been existing here alone
with no definte plans for the future...
my dream school is ateneo (admu) however i was about to apply
as a transfer applicant... with sheer eagerness i contacted their admissions
office.. but but but but, they replied with the biggest NO i heard from
my whole entire lyp... coz i didnt enrolled for second sem in XU
and i INCed my finals sa 1st sem...
talk about consequences.. but ive accepted it
the pain is excruciating but i hve to accept, open my eyes wide
(naks drama to bah!!!)
neway, i also wouldnt want to go to the place ive been applying for
if ever i will be abroad, i opt for asia (coz of the oriental delicacies!!!
chien, u know it) pips, minors arent allowed!! censored
hehehe, joke only
anyway, that's it... but one thing
i really thank ogilvie pips in manila... sa bisaya pa...
pasalamat gyud ko sa mga owgilbyans naa ga.eskwela
sa manila sa pag.accomodate nko(specially cheni and cati)
jomi pud, amung financier, danielle, yeye
sa pagtanggap nko nga expat who appeared all of a sudden to their lives.
and created some ruins.. i think.. thank you.
to all whomi didnt text for a reply, sori coz
kapoi kayu ang kwarta diri, u just dnt know where it goes
ug layoo kayo ang(e-load station)(hehehhe palusot dayun..)
beh, unsa paman akng that's all i can reminisce for now!
oh, before i forget, to all december celebrations, este celebrants...
congrats, u now reached that age of your lyp... may you always be happy.
cathie's birthday was a blast men... i ddnt focus on her debut but on her guests!!
hihihihi.. demonyo kayu bah. cge
gka.ulaw nko ug share sa uban nahitabo skng life diri... trust me,
u dont wanna hear (pang adults lang.. hehehe) kidding!!
cge, i will gain more experience that i will have something to post on.
basta i know who am i to brag bout these stuffs, but hey, i aint braggin
just jotting down some.. sa mga nagbasa thanks
sa mga wla, ok lng, la man japon ni sense..
that's all foh yah out der
take care and lav'ya'll!!
merry christmas pips!! hope we are happy this christmas!!
cge adto nko, hurot na akng oras diri sa net kape
lagi adto nko...
cge meet you later
what's your asl again??
ur from england right
oh im from the philippines
... ooops, naapil nko akng chat
conversations skng ching chings, sensya na!!!
tanga me talaga, bcin may ma.expose ko skng
chat endaevors!! heheheheh
cge, for one last time.. buhbye pips!!
take care you all!!

Monday, December 18, 2006

thank you to everyone who simply remembered my birthday!

the surprises of life are endless but i prefer the unchanging bond i have with family and friends...

i love you guys (^_^)


The Debutants!

;P happy 18th birthday! the first OGILVIANS to have their 18th birthday on December 18! ;P

Friday, December 15, 2006

ang boring niyo naman walang nagpopost!!! :P

at wala na ring nagcocomment!!!



Thursday, December 14, 2006

hellOoOoO people!!!

hehe :P gaya ni chimey matagal na rin akong walang post dito!

bibo mi kaayo diri pag-abot ni weng.. para kaming nag- "mission impossible

in fairness, lisod pud manago ug tawo.. hahaha :P

so, ano ba ang nanagyari this past week?..

aside from naging DH namin si louin..

me and chimey volunteered at the grand alumni homecoming of the ateneo de manila university..

that was last december 9, 2006..

ang fun talaga nun kasi we were working at the registration booths..

and may kasama kaming third year na si ate sabrina..

and ginawa naming photo shoot and whole event..

super fun talaga kasi aming table lang yung maingay and we were obviously the only people having fun!

marami pa dapat akong ikukwento pero nakalimutan ko na..


anyway, may close encounter ulit ako kay chris tiu.. and no matter what anyone says..

he is still the best.. hindi siya suplado, baka kasi inaaway or ini-irritate niyo lang siya kaya yun..



Wednesday, December 13, 2006

accrdng to ed paramdam daw.

hehehehe, HI! jaz dropping by.

helow pipol! dugay nko wala ka post dinhi dah....
unsa may bag-o? mmm....hapit na ang Christmas!
yehey! party ta hah!

Kanang uban btaw dinha na dili na gyud ga-paramda pa paramdam sad mo oist...
cge adto nko...




im back.. haha!
its bin awhile since i last posted anything in this very fenk blog of ours.. actually, it feels more like eternity.. (nyaks!)

wengy is here in manila. we smuggled him inside our dorm. he has been a faithful alalay and pet for cathy and i. anyway, wala lang gusto lang nako magsinagbot diri sa blog..

a few weeks ago, this certain wave of high school memories came gushing out of my thoughts. indeed, high school life is very nostalgic. i have once again, reminisced our moments inside the classroom. the late nights. the canteen ambiance. the batchmates. the schoolmates. the 5th floor. the campus. the uniform. and well, you guys.

i look at ateneo and i ask myself if this is true; that im now here in the place i have dreamed of and that i am now very far away from the very people who made/makes my life colorful. somehow, when i look back at high school, i wished that i could have treasured those moments more. so that right now, i would not be feeling this kind of nostalgic emptiness for high school.

then a few days after my emo churvaness, dumating si wengy here! it was high school all over again! except the classroom, except the campus, except the classmates, except schoolwork, except our dearest dearest friends! (you guys know who you are). but it was better than having no opportunity of reliving those memories at all! i was so happy when i saw wengy! i was so thankful of his/her/its (whatever) presence!

anyhow, i think id end with that..
see you guys very SOON..

PS. people! watch the movie AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH! its really good.. and very very educational! if you the opportunity to watch it, please do.. it would help save what's left of earth..

by the way, you guys really did enjoy JIG noh? haha!
pero please people get over monfort..


Thursday, December 07, 2006

OGILVIANS!!! oooooohhhh!!! i miss this. waahuhuh. watebur! miss y'all!

ey! post naman kayo dito! (char! tagalog.haha) but seriously.. post, post, post! kahit na walang sense... or just want to share mga churva about sa life. cge na! ^^

post about school (mga nabagsak ug mga achievements ninyo diha!), post about friendships (mga new friends ninyo diha.. or something), post about your college life (mga ka-chuvahan, adventure, unfortunate events and the like), post about your feelings (what you feel, what you want to feel... what you want to express), post about your LOVE life (mga ka-charingan ug mga kakiligan diha, mga feelings na dili ma express sa mga inlove, mga hurts na gusto ipagawas, mga iloveyou's and ihateyou's diha..pagawas na! ^^), post about anything and everything under the heat of the, post, post!

P.S. kung naa may magpost, puhleezz.. yaw na awayi, ha? let's all keep the love in the most pleasant way of expressing it, awkey??^^ by the way, new pictures are posted in our multiply account. ;)

and as for me.. well, NO CLASS TOMORROW!! weeee!! oh yeah! hehe. and PISTA pud nila ed ugma! mamista ta tah! haha. dumugon na namo inyo haus ed! bwaahaha! ^^

sad ayo.. i think bagsak ko sa chem namo na lab pre-lims exam. xiet! huhu. :'c pagka bugok nako maski identification, wa jud! uban, nangalimtan! tas sa pagcaculate sa density (na maski sayun keow!) wa man nagbasa sa instruction na one cylinder lang diay ang gigamit for both object A &B, tua! wala gi minus ang volume sa object A. grrrr... stupid ayo koh noh? haaayz! tabangi kog ampu. huhuhu. pero, mamawi jud ko next time! pramiz! mamugas jud ko! *hopefully matupad. hehe*

wa koy pagka-lovelife2x woi! tagai ko beh! hehe. :P taw woi, i feel like im inlove but wala man koy ma-inlovan! as in oi! i sing love songs, i act as if im hurt, i act as if im missing someone, i act as if im holding someone's hand, ga day dream pa! *wa pa ka get-over sa JIG*. waaahahahah!! pagka wide sa akong IMAGINATION! nyahah!!

i'm sick.. huhu. :( im experiencing allergy attacks coz of the smell of paint (we got our whole house repainted) and my nose has been itchy for days... haha. i can't talk well and i feel like im ngu-ngu or something like that. hehe.

and oh! the 4-A class is currently having their retreat. i made so many palancas! gosh! lisud pa jud bya ang paghimo kei pa butterfly2x effect pako with matching color2x and drawing2x! (grabeh akong effort! ni abtan jud ko 2 am! and i made mr. you-know-who a palanca! haha! plus, during the JIG, nagpa picture jud ko niya with the help of sir padilla! waahaha!! baga fiz jud!) anyway, they left this afternoon but it makes me wonder how come they left on a thursday?... hmmm... not like us, we left friday, 4 pm pa! hehe. aawwhh... i miss retreats and recollections. we'll be having our own in college, still it's different if lahi na ang kauban. haayz!

pressure's intense.. gosh! prelims na pud... but after that? weeee!!! christmas break and birthdays and more birthdays!! weee!!!


Happy yuletide season!!! mwaaahhh! see you this xmas break ha?? ;)


Monday, December 04, 2006

to: cathy

grabeh, hurt ko bei. i was insulted.

bantay,mkabalos lng ko.
mghanda ka na.

so i hope you all ehnjoyed your dose of blue eagle vitamins..
nyahaha.. :P
gosh nakakatuwa talaga yung mga pics ni meilie sa multiply niya..
all i can say is, "you go girl!"..
chika nga kayo sa mga adventures niyo?..
and tell me honestly kung napalayo niyo ba si louin away from all the eagles?..
baka kasi hindi na niya mapigilan ang sarili niya..
can't wait for more of your posts..

<3 lots,


Sunday, December 03, 2006

picture perfect of CHRIS TIU!!! gosh! haha. the JIG was fun.. super! and apil pud xavier days! and mind you... even the play! weee!! super lingaw all throughout.. but sad, back to reality in 7 hours! tisk. haaaaaaaaaaaaayzzzzzz.. anyway... miss you all guys! and balo mo? naa ko na realize.. lahi ra jud pag kamo akong kauban. as in way lahi! basta, i was able to prove it to myself. my heart belongs to you though how many times i try to "belong" it to some others. hehe!

ingats mow always ayt? miss you alL!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Christmas party?? where?? plan na tah!!


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i hope you guys are enjoying your dose of the eagles..
tuloy wala na atang nag-popost kasi nanonood pa kayo lahat ng mga games!
tsk.. tsk.. tsk..
tara & ken: pumunta ba kayo ng cagayan para makanood?
mhelzy: feeling ko gusto mo ring manood..
well, anyway even if it's for awhile i hope you guys experience what we experience here in admu..
sort of..
i think..
hehe :P
post kayo ng pics of you guys watching..
or mas maigi..
i-video nyo ang mga tili nyo!

-cathie c",

Monday, November 27, 2006

hey guys,
nilagyan ko na po ng comments option and blog..
hehe :P sorry sa delay..
nakalimutan lang..
and may pix na nga pala ako sa debut nga nung blockmate ko pero..
ayaw ko pa i-post..
my mom is here in manila pala..
ginulat niya ako nung thursday at biglang nag-aapear siya dito..
nag-sttend kasi siya ng seminar..
ok yun lang muna kwento ko..


naa ko karon sa balay kay alas dos pa akong klas...
gi-uli gyud ko para mag-lunch para maka-save sad koh..
oizt..naa naman diay ang mga players sa JIG dinhi sa school!
nag-play na ganina morning ang admu vs. addu na highschool..
yahay kaayo ang highschool kay wala silay class kay dadto mg stay ang mga players.
yahay kaayo!
sige lang...
yehey Xavier days nah!!
kadto lang lng wala kayo koy update sa akong life..
sad lang kaayo kay F ko sa 1st quiz namo sa accounting 3...sige lang...mamawi gyud ko!
uy...naa miy play sa DA karong dec.1,2 and 3 tah guys hah! ang title kay
"Ang Pinakamakisig sa Mga Nalunod sa Buong Daigdig"...hehe naa bya si Becky dinhi..actress cya!
si jerika ang stage manager..naa pod c gellie, ryan, melmel and cese...go!
cge dinhi lang ko taman...ayu2x mo dinha hah!
cge got to school pa ko!

-->>>ed 12.1

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Guess the Eyes

My first ever blog for this sem.. So, in line with the Save The Blog Movement.. I have a game.. Read the eyes.. Dba the eyes are the windows to the soul? So guess kay kinsa ang eyes.. Post your answers via comment. K?


Friday, November 24, 2006

wla mai kabag.uhan sa akng lyf.
naa rko blay pirminti.
nothing spesyal.
so wala ko na taas.
hgdi lng, i wil update u of the
latest hapenings of me.
jus stop swarming around my haus
u paparazzis!!
i gues dats the drawback of being a
star! hehehe
bnuang lng gali.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

im bak..
anyway, its wat? 4pm na dat im writing this post but i still haven't eaten my lunch.. take note, la pa pud ko nagbreakfast.. so? kamusta naman un?!?

wala lang, magshare lang ko, amaw keo akong lab teacher oi! daghan keo requirements! makabuang! galabad akong HEAD! anyway, ambot na lang..
this sunday, magwatch mi ug Happy Feet! weee!!!!!!! and magstart na amung roles ni jomi ug mike as readers and/or servers sa UP parish..

naa koy plano magjoin sa caroling churva sa amung org.. kaso, kapoi man practice.. heheheh..

katong bag.o nako nacrush? hehhe.. samuk! la na nko nakita! ug katong crush ni cathy? dugai na toh nako gibantayan! as in first sem pa.. anyway, if ur wondering kung nganu kaila ko sa iya crush nga la man ko niadto sa debut-- its a long story..

anyway, mura toh.. ingats pipol!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

ang dami niyong papables chienese and cathie!! haha. and oh, speaking of papables.. nyay! i saw someone kanina (as i was exiting the canteen na may sounds system na! charus!), whom i immediately imagined to look like JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! as in, white, with the sparkling guy earings, tas curly hair. ay! na starstruck ko! haha. regards na lang ko sa inyong mga papable diha sa manila! sharing is loving bya ha. hehe. miss you all so badly! *BIG HUG*

weng! aguy! aha naman ka veyet?!? gi mingaw nako nimo! was nako naka kita (according to your own definition of gorgeous) sa imong gorgeous face! hehe. miss you weng.. pakita pud woi!

tara: dang, dili na keo ko ga unli. murag once in a blue moon na lng ko mu appear as imong phone as well as sa ubang fone. hehe.

to all: na! basin dili na keow ko magpa UNLIMITED TEXT kei super busy jud akong life. ever! naa pa jud ning mga samuk na mga subjects. labi histo! grrr.. so mag lie low sa ko (tama ba?!?)... no more texting for some time. tisk. and yaw na mow ka surprise na lahi ko na number magreply coz i keep my fone zero balanced para dili ma tental mag pa unli. x_x

ingats mo always! miss you so much! *BIG HUG*

heya pipol! ^_^
like chimey.. meron din akong nahanap na ibang namang crushable..
hehe :P in the form of my english blockmate's course blockmate..
whew! ang haba nun! anyway..
i saw him at my blockmate's debut..
ang K-Y-U-T! hehe :P
alam nyo rin bang naka-formal attire ako sa debut na yun?..
may gosh..
suot ko na naman ulit yung prom dress ko..
but without the matching headband thingy..
i upload pix as soon as i get some from my blockmates..
see ya soon sa xmas break!

<3 lots,


kakakita ko lang kay chris tiu kaninang 3pm..
hehe :P as usual wafu pa rin niya..

dinha man dai sa cdoo ang JAM for this year di ba?
karon lang nako

anyway, the blue eagles just might be there..
so you guys better take care of them.. hehehe..
pero basin, like last year, team B ilang ipa.adto.. or kung ang current TEam for the Flying V basketball tournament ilang ipadala.. you just might not c chris tiu.. hehe.. he's a very busy person you know.. (hahahah!! feeling close!) hopefuli of course, that won't happen..

anyway, i miss ya ol guys..
i can't wait for Xmas break!

btw, sori kung wala na nako gihuman akong past post.. kapoi man gud and nawala na akong mood para adto..
another thing! naa ko bag.o nga crush! ahehehe.. well.. of course, wala xa kaila sa ako ug wala pud jud koi idea kung kinsa xa.. but i saw him thrice today and that gave me the idea of making him my flavor for the month! joke! crush.. actually, i really have been seeing him around and he's someone who really gets your attention.. kabatch nato xa..

thats ol folks!


Saturday, November 18, 2006

to all ogilvianz:

since wala juy mubayad sa katong ten dollars
na kailangan ta keo nato,
nangita nalang mig paagi aron
masave pa japun atong pictures.
although di na xa ana ka kumpleto,
bahala na.. basta naay pictures!

anyways.. we would like you to help us
recover all the pictures we've had in high school
since we all have some compilation of pictures etc
somewhere on our computers, celfones,
digicams or videocams..
it'd be a great help if you'd contribute
and upload your pictures, videos, and even music
on our new multiply site
bahala na unsa nga picture etc basta about sa c-a-b-o
para mapuno pud atong collection oi..
sayang ra ba keo tong mga nangawa..

so.. if you want to upload pics, videos or music..
just press on the multiply image
nga naa sa left side sa page
dayun ipress ang "sign in"
and enter the SAME
username and password for the blog
press post and iupload dayun ang whatever.
its that simple. =)
if you have any troubles or complaints, leave a msg.
hope to see more pictures & videos!


Friday, November 17, 2006

c'mon everyone let's sing!

Parokya Ni Edgar

Bakit pa kailangan magbihis
Sayang din naman ang porma
Lagi na namang may sisingit
Sa twing' tayo'y magkasama
Bakit pa kailangan ng rosas
Kung marami naman ang
Mag-aalay sa'yo
Uupo na lang at aawit
Maghihintay ng pagkakataon
Hahayaan na lang silang

Magkandarapa na manligaw sa'yo
Idadaan na lang kita
Sa awitin kong ito
Sabay ang tugtog ng.... gitara
Idadaan na lang.... sa gitara

Mapapagod lang sa kakatingin
Kung marami namang nakaharang
Aawit na lang at magpaparinig
ng lahat ng aking nadarama
Pagbibigyan na lang silang
(Repeat Chorus)

Pagbibigyan na lang silang
(Repeat Chorus till fade)

For the first time in history nag absent ko sa skwelahan kay naa ko sakit. Sa highschool wala gyud koy absent2x and karon akong record kay na-break. huhuhu... lahi ra gyud ning wla kay buhaton bah and naa pa gyud kay sakit kay mag-tuloga lang ka. Pero ang naka-lain lang kay sakit kaayo akong ulo, init kaayo ko, naa koy sip-on and naa pa gyud koy ubo. Grabe akong suffering sa life. Last night pag-abot gyud nako sa balay kay natulog dayon ko diritso wala nko ka dinner kay dli na gyud kaya sa akong body ang mg lihok. Pero gi-pukaw man ko para mag kaon kay kailangan gyud daw nako mag kaon and yes nag-kaon ko pero murag dli nako ma-kaptan ang kutsara ug tinidor. Grabe cya na fever noh? Pero mao gyud na cya ang nahitabo..Basta.. Sakit gyud kaayo akong ulo..nag-inom ko bisag unsa nga tambal and lisod kaayo mag sleep. That's why gipa-absent nalang ko sa akong parents kay taas pa gyapon akong fever. Actually wala ko kabalo nganong daghan kaayo ko sakit karon. Karon galing pag-type nako ani sa computer kay ga sip-on ko. Naka-adto gyud ko sa site kay wala ko lain mabuhat sa balay. Bawal magka-sakit ngayon and lisod na. Gi-txt pa gyud ko sa akong blockmate na zero daw ko sa among oral recitation kay absent ko. Unfair kaayo. bantay lang na among teacher bah! hehe joke.. Basta take care of yourselves guys kay lagi ako nang gi-ingon...BAWAL MAGKA-SAKIT! You will miss out on a lot of things! Sige take care mo always..=)


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

elow pipol!!!
chienese here..

anyway, i know classes have started and ur ol bz doing ur own things..
magshare lang ko..

for ol those na kabalo, di ba i was supposed to leave on nov.5,sunday and not nov.4, the day i actually left.
the rison was, my mom wanted me to try and experience riding the C130.. its a really big plane (wel.. the biggest the armed forces of the phils has).. i was with my PAF pilot bro.. so anyway, its free.. as in yopu guys can also ride it.. anyway, medyo once in a blue moon lang ang opportunities like these so we grabbed it..

so, thanks to that ride, i was able to be in 4 cities all in one day, 12 hours to be exact..
first i was in cdo, then davao, then zamboanga ang finally manila..

pero my ghad! makabuang ang journey.. u make huot and pipol would have to exert much effort to fit themselves in.. kasi mind u, daghan

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bryan Adams --- Everything I Do I Do It For You

All time number 1. dis rocks...


Saturday, November 11, 2006

(from top to bottom: he's still hot =); i finally understand photoshop!; wall climbing)

magsinamok lang ko ron. hehe uyyy.. im alive.. after 48 years! wahehe

ang sched bitaw namo ron.. shet.. makabuang na jud nga level!!! pinakasayu namo kei 7:30am nya halos way break2.. ang pinakalate namo kei mahuman ug 8pm.. ig tth, 7:30am to 5:30pm nya one hour break ra. grabe keo among sched pero ig wed, wa mi klase as in walay bisan isa nga subject. weird keo sah? hehe nya ang mga teachers namo kei mga bigatiiin keo. mura bitawg a2a sa una na mga department chairs ang na assign sa a2a.. amo ron kei mga bigatin nga CIs na grabe ug mga ranko sa skul! scaryyyy keo cla. duha among majors ron unlike last sem nga waz jud mi majors.. naa na mi healthcare ug anatomy. ay o, pls pray for my soul nga maiwasan nko unta ang filipino namo nga class kay my gosh.. grabe ka pagbabasa ug pagsusulat. like halur, gusto ko mag-abroad level akong filipino.. pastilan. kill na jud ko ani! huhu pero infairnez ha.. ang mga tao dri bitaw.. naninggggg keo!! mas mura silag mga nerds kaysa na2 mga ogilvianz! wahaha

hmmn.. sa pay lain sa layp? ahm, mcdo japun ko for another sem.. my gulay, sunod cguro na2g kita, hastang tamboka na nako. wahaha lablyp? well, ahem. secret.. para bibo!!! wahehehe ang laag.. mao japun.. di na ma wa sa akong layp. hehehe sa text.. patay na akong fone nowadays. kalas keo kog load kung naa koy load so para di ko magkalas2, di nlng ko magpaload nya kung mag-unli pud ko.. bz pud ang mga tao or bz pud keo ko. so nvm. hehe ay o.. lingaw ra ba ang maging sino ka man teleserye thingy. kung di ka ganahan, ay nag palag nko. hehe

ay o.. last wednesday.. nadisgrasya na pud ko people.. for the 5th year in a row. as in ana ko kadimalas.. nifly2 ko.. like lupad over a table, 360, igo dayun bench.. samad dayun 3 inches sa likod. pero bisan nay dako nga samad, nagwall-climbing japun mi. haha and of course the following day, kami tanan nay body pains nya the day after, nagkasakit ko.. as in runny nose nahimog stuffy nose, nya nahimog sore throat. karon, wa napud ko kasabot unsa ni nga stage nga sakit. huhu

nidrink man gud kog tambal para sa akong sip-on busa murag di nuon ko katulgon bisan gusto nko mu2g. paksita gud ani oi. waz juy koy lingaw ron. pasenxai ko. hehe well anyways.. murag taas na ni xa. hehe salamat sa imong pagbasa sa aning way hinumdom nga post. congratz, nahuman nimo nig basa. hehe ahm, sa tanan mga ogilvianz.. imishu all!!! =) ayu2! gudnayt! ;)

- way lain taga cebu doc =)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hello everyone!!!
mustan nata tanan? ok lang.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

happy happy bday chieney!!! i lab yu!

belated ko na mabibigay gift ko para sa iyo... dito na muna 'to sa pa ako pera pangpadala eh..hehe

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
HEHE.. MSS YOU! MAY YOU HAVE A FUN FILLED BIRTHDAY! wish you all the best. mwah!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ebribadi ! Hello! day na ni sa sembreak and tomorrow klase na pod.
cge lang..kaya natin to!

naaahhhh...7:30 akong class ugma...sayo kaayo wala nako na-anad..

cge guys...ingats mo always hah!!

cathy...tsada man ang site...idol na galing taka pag-himo ug mga site nah...idol! chorva!

chieney...advance happy birthday!!!

melmel....nice kaayo ang mga pictures and imong mga powers sa pg-edit kay to the next level na! post pa ug mga senseful and drama ask pa ug mga unigue and intriguing questions..go!

mhelzy... asus! mu-abot ra lagi na si mr. loverboy sa imong life...basta padulong na na cya!

to ebriwan...hello... cge tulog nko kay sayo pako ugma!


hi guys!! im back!! hehe....

uhm.. la lang. gusto lang ko magreact sa duha ka tao diri (weng, *apir* murag kita ra man tawon diri ang ga care woi.. :D)

mhelzy: uy, lam mo? darating din yan.. i know the waiting is so excruciating and perhaps tiring din... but don't put yourself as if you're oh so pressured na YOU HAVE TO HAVE the person na. i hope no one's putting pressures on you.. coz' WE are not. awkey? ;) and mhelzy, your still 16 pa naman... you've got a long, long way pa to go... and you'll meet more others... sometimes they may appear THEY ARE THE ONE.. but, take your time.. im sure God is preparing someone for you... you have perhaps witnessed the pain cese has went through searching for mr.right.. she has wept a lot, exerted so much effort to be with someone she likes and all those stuffs... but look at her now, she's very happy and we're so happy for her too that finally, here's the guy she's been waiting for. mhelz, it's worth it to cry over this matter, commit some mistakes, feel hurt.. coz' this one's part of growing up.. of learning... and in every mistake, you learn to become better for the next guy (? hehe.) to come.. ;) SMILE!!!! *bug hug*

cathy: uy, i like the template uy... as in really like it. it's all so pink and so OGILVIE-like.. so stop saying no one appreciates your work.. i do. regards ko sa mga people there... *big hug*

weng: xiet! skwela na ugma.. mingawon nako sa atong mga pag blog hopping and blog posts. huhu. *big hug*

Uy, tampo si cathy…
Mahay sya…

tsada mani atng site na. ayaw ibalik sa daan.
Knsai ingon na walai nag.mention bout sa atng new template???
Nag.comment ko bah (defensive!!!)
Ug npag.discussan na namo sa laags
La lang
Cath, ikaw man gyud kabalo aning mga templates, templates
Butangi ug more pics b. bitin rko atong solo pics nto sa side.
Cge na, balo btaw ka. Ako, maski magbutang lng ug tagboard
Sa akng blog, di ko balo.
Anyway, you did a great job!!!
I bow u ( hehehe, wrng grammar) kai u revolutionized
Our blogsite!!!
Fenkrulzz gihapon. though we are leading different
individual lives.
More power to the admins and to US all!!!

hello guys..
it seems you've all had fun with chieney and have been blogging 'bout it in our site..
too bad none of you have ever mentioned the new template so..
i'm thinking of changing it back to the old one..
only chieney really knows how i worked to make this template..
i just wish others would know or even notice it..
goodluck in the new semester..


Monday, November 06, 2006

I think I have come to a point in my life where I am in deep longing for someone special to come into my life. Someone to laugh with, to cry with, to wait with and to grow with. I simply do not know where this feeling of restlessness is coming from nor why I am bothered and disturbed by it. For all I care this could just be one of the times that people go into the verge of being obsessed. And oh yeah the scary idea of being crazy.

Indeed I am in deep longing. Some may say that it is just part of being an adolescent-- "part of life". Or that only God can fill the emptiness. I don't know. Maybe. Well, I'm not sure.

One thing I'm sure of is I want someone to love and who could also reciprocate my love. Where could I find this love? Where could I find him? Perhaps he's not here. Perhaps he's already involved. Where do I find him? When?

I have been waiting.  Waiting... Waiting. .. Waiting. A lot have come. A lot. A whole lot. The hell I care with all of them! Promising forever-- Whatever, whatever, whatever!

I mistake a lot of men to be him. Everytime I do, a piece of my heart gets taken away.

In time...He will come. And when he comes, I just hope...that I haven't forgotten how to love yet. When he comes, I hope this heart could still love.

6-Nov-2006 15:12

F213 AdDU

Melanie Dolores Bendigo Carpio

Sunday, November 05, 2006

since i miss you.. and i badly do. mwah!

(here are the photos of our "kabuangan" during our movie trip with chienese")

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and for this... i want to thank JOMI IMPERIO.. for buying me an ATENEO baller for which i badly wanted ever since i heard of it. though not the other type.. but atleast, im unique.hehe. THANK YOU SO MUCH, jomi! *hugs*

and for this... those who helped me raise 35 tickets sa quatum during our laag with tara. ed, ernie, maki, vicky, lao, jomi, (uhm, kinsa pay kulang??hehe. kalimot nako)


(naibog ko kei naay in.ani c tara na yellow na heart. hehe. :P)

nag dula mi sila atong pusilpusil thing.. na kailangan ka mu-iwas sa bala jud. literally!!

balbal!!! will miss you!!! thanks for the wonderful time and kabuangan! mwah!

you guys... thank you for making my sembreak worth the break (get me?). so it is... thank you so much. i don't know, but my life would be such a bore (tama ba??haha! ambot!) if wala mo. i love you all, let these words be enough. =)

for more pix... check out this..

hmmmm... nalingaw ko sa post ni weng! haha. infairness.. nagdrama xa! haha. pur d pirst tym!! nyahaha.. and like nako! bwaaaahaha! EVIL me. :P

weng: kadtong sa post nako sa question??.. haha. feel man nako kei walay mabuhat.. bleh! :P

vicky: hmmm... hai sistah! i mishu! and hmmm.. li na keow ta cge kita woi.. huhu. school's back.. tisk.

tara: atay man ka woi! eerrrr.. nagtext tana ka.. naa unta ka ani. huhu. anyway, miss you badly! hugz..

chienese: balbal! i will miss you... actually, i do na.hehe. ingatz always!!

tara, chieney, ken, cagbi, jomi, joyce, cathie... (kinsa pay kulang?):
have a safe trip back. If abot namo, well... ingatz always!! will miss you. till the next kamustahay! *bug hug for all*


Saturday, November 04, 2006

hahayyy.....feel pud nko i.answer ang mga qesies ni weng...eheheheeh!!!

hmmmm...kng ako kahoy??? ako ang durian tree...

Diba ang durian daghan dili gnahan ani na fruit kay pangt daw ug taste and smell bsan tuod wala pa nila na tilawan or kaya igo ra sila ng lick gamay sa fruit...and ang durian, mahadluk ka ug hawid kay spiky kaau iya texture but wa ta kblo na ang sulod diay adto kay grabe ka delicious and mao pa ang gna buhat na durian candy and ice cream...mura ghapon ug ako....sometimes gna htagan ta ug judgement sa mga tao as if kaila na gyud kaau sila sa ako bsan tuod pangalan ra ilang na.ilhan sa ako...naa pud mga people mahadluk ug duol sa ako kay isog daw ko..pero wala sila kblo na i'm not bad...infact sweet kaau ko na tao (dba?? ahahaha...) that's why DURIAN tree ko!! ahahahah!

hmmm...kng ako animal unsa ko??? dog ghapun koh...

Dogs are man's bestfriend. Loyal sila and super sweet...aside from that mura gyud ni sila ug us kblo ghapun ni sila masuko,maulaw,muhilak and malipay...ang nka lahi lng...grabe ra kaau ka sayon ipalipay ang mga dogs...u give them food and shelter lipay na tawun sila ana...ang ila bayad ana kay ilang loyalty and unconditional love...well, mubo rman gud kog kalipay and kng loyalty lng ang stryahan...pastilan...cguro proof na ang sige nko pg uban sko highschool frnds even if nko mga new frnds...hehehe..unconditional love??hmmm...kblo mo unsa akng na.agian...and i think i showed enough love not just to my friends but to my family, most importantly...(char lng...drama...)

hmmmm...knsa akng i save?? hala..isa ra dba? hmmm..

I'll save...both my parents...bhalag ako ang need to explain...kblo namu kng unsa ko ka martyr...aheheheh...

kng sa ogilvie.....lisud xa kating, well...daghan na xa g sacrifice para sko and grabe ni ug pasenxa na babae...abah! ang hirap yatang maging beki...but kating made my life easier to live...

halaka noh....dagahn pko ogilvianz ako kng unsaun nko? problema ko na nah!!! hahahaha...lisud gyud ni nga question ai...bsta uiz, nko tnan akng makaya i save (dnt wori kayanun nko!) bhalag akng life ang kapalit...charr...but btw uiz...hehehe...

hoiz ADAYO! ka kapoi ba aning imung pangutana! ahahahahaah! pero akng g tubag ha...ana tika ka love...hahahahahah!

pa.cute cute lng pewo. brutal.
hwever, amazed ko sa ilang brutality.
hihihihi. hahahahahaha. hmph. arghh. arff. meow.

knsai naa downloaded copies?? pa.burn bi.
dial.up rman gud amo gud. pit.os

ngew <-- read from here.
lingaw lng karun nga adlaw.
kbalo ko nga daghan na kayu ga.sumhan.
sa akng pirminti diri sa blog.
sa tanan senseless blabberings (redundant na).
sa pagstori skng lyf (though u dnt care).
my night is just not complete without visiting,
droppin by this site, mski dili
mg.check out lng gud... den i can go to sleep
safe and sound.
this simply completes me.
sincerely, this site.
lngaw lng gyud wen im wid gud 'ol friends.
cant let them go.
it's hard to let go.
hehehehehe, so much for that.
yucks kayu.
nalingaw lng ko.
sa kang chieney, buhbye. why so early??
akng cds bah, burni ko atng songs nmu sa laptop. tanan!!!!!!
please, maski ibilin lng nmu sa imng mom. ako ra dayun kwaon.
sa sudlay. dnt wori. sometime later wen i hve the money veri
soon, i will not just buy comb, i will buy all the periphernalias
for hair beautification. (hair curler, rebond chemicals.)
i wil give ur gift too.
just dnt tabla my cds... burni pud ko tanan. apil hapi tree friends.
to jomi, catie, cagbee also... safe trip to y'all!!!
i wil mish y'all.
kita kits lng japon.
nalingaw ko sa atng meet-again moments.
sa mga cebu expats pud (tara&ken). safe trip pud.
sa mga cdo pipol ol over the town. sumo. este just kidding.
hope, we all meet all over and over and over again.
and we'll have MIGHTY bonding all over and over and over again.
syaro dili magka.ilahay.
um. meilie, bnuang rman to akng questions.
gi.siryuso pud uroy.
sa sun, salamat sa sunshine. hope you will olweiz shine in our lyvs.
sa water, you quench our thirsts. face your fear. live your dreams.
sa computers, be it desktop, laptop. tanks sa aid.
so moons and stars, tanks for lighting our night.
sa tv, labshu.
sa unsa pa.... um, ah, webcam. ur simply amazing.
sa kuan pud. trees nd plants. u suck the water underground to prevent floods
and oder catastrophic events from happening to mankind.
sa mga naay pets. hatagan nto sila ug bahug ha, yaw kalimut. de r olso impt.
sa skul. tnx for helping us reach our futures. mapa man o linaw.
sa akng chatm8s, see yah!! hehehe bnuang lng.
sa ki@@rus, la lng!!!!!!!! bibo. hihihi. hehehehehe.
sa family and fwends. tnx. from the bottom of our superoir vena cava.
superior artery. ventricle. left arteriole. right arteriole. capillary (oops,
lungs naman diay ni dapit) bsta gkan sa hart.
lets help save humans coz the end is near.
the world will mit its doom.
sori, insanity attacks again.
bsta, mao rto akng mabutang diri.a
salamat kayu sa ngbasa. sa mga wla, salamat ghapun kai la
man japon ni sense.. most of it.
dats 'ol folks.
peace out.
no to war.

ogil. #2.. g@nder.confused

Friday, November 03, 2006

hai guyz!

due to circumstances which i can control but i choose no to,
i will be leaving cdoo tomorrow, November4 at 7 in the morning..
so, in this post i would like to thank all of you who have made my stay here in cdoo a very fun and special one..
YOU guys know who YOU are..
naa lang koy ipang.special mention..

WENGITA!-(bayut nga burikat) ang akong sudlay! amaw! imu na tong gitabla! ibalik bya to nako in good condition ha? kay kung dili pulihan jud to nimu! vaga kag lepz! anyway, tablahun n lang naq imung mga cds ha? salamat!

MEILIE- salamat sa kabayutan.. la lang.. lingaw lang ko nimu..

KATING n JEKA- salamat sa pagtour sa aq sa sebyer ug sa pag.uban2x saq sa enrolment ninyo.. nagsinamok ever jud ko..

ug sa uban pa.. salamat sa pagpadala sa akong mga hangyo..
and for making me feel espesyal.. (maski na la jud koy gift nga hapit naman akong bday!)

LABSHUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ooollllllllllll!!!



hai guys!!

hmmmm.... i deleted na the video... hmmm... sumo na na..

ala lang.. just want to blog here.. basin a few of the last posts na ni nako before classes will start..

hmm... want to answer tong kei weng...

if i want to be a tree... i want to be the nara tree! y? coz, national tree nato xa..and strong xa. im not saying i am strong but i am trying to be. ^_^

if i want to be a fruit... i want to be a mango! y? coz, either ripe or not... the same kind or not, many people appreciate its taste. and i haven't known a person who does not eat mango or tasted one his/her entire life! so like nako xa coz it's loved everywhere...

if i want to be a sud-an... i want to be a lauya.. (ambot unsay english ani) y? coz maski rare ra jud xa ginaserve sa table.. but when it is served, satisfying keow ang kalami.. and maka busog jud. (one of my personal favorites, actually) so like pud nako xa.. coz' ka relate kow.. rare ra ko "iserve sa table" but when served...satisfying ko. but unfortunately, some people can't wait for the lauya (me) to cool down, since i am served hot.


Thursday, November 02, 2006

hi peepz..just droppin to say "hello to all"

hapy haloween...

elow evribodi. yes,im still awake...
trying to ghost hunt here.
i hope i could find some.hehehe(just kidding Lord)
ayaw sad kai mao cguro akng kamatyan.
anyway, haloween is boring.
la lingaw. pamalbal ra akng
just droppin by me. trying to leave some post.
i check out once in awhile what the latest in this site.
is it true that the.. never mind.
hadluk man akng i discuss.. ayaw nlang kai ako ra mata ron.
bcin paglingon ko, mayroon akong makitang kababalaghan..
hehehehe. (oh my good Lord, ayaw..)
the site has a gud lay.out. fenk ayu, grabeh ka fenk..
i have a question for you...
if you were a tree what would u be???
post ur answer pra lingaw..
ako kai butong este coconut.. kai im the source of life!!!
rather tree of life.. lami kaayo ang butong.
pang fruit salad ug uban pa. pwede pud maghimo ug tuba.
if you were a fruit, what would u choose???
ako kai.. mangga. heheehehehe.
if you were a dish what would u be???
i would love to be sweet and sour.. pra mixture...
the world is breaking down.. who wud u save first (not urself)???
me, my pet dog. coz its the only one lovin me...
the most, craziest thing that hit the back part of the hypothalamus
of the medulla oblonggata??? why is it that cats turn...
kapoi na..
hehehe, sensya na ha.. i've got nothig to post na with sense and
i hope the nxt time i cud leave some..
if its lovin dat u want, come and take a ride with me...
if its lovin that you need...

g@nder confused (u know who i am)... hihihihihihihi
gud am evribodi....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

(click on it to see the kamustahay photos during the reunion)
sorry.. there's something wrong with the photo uploader chuva here sa blogger.. wasn't able to put some pix para ma entice kayo. hehe. :P
*since no one cares naman*
woi! hala.. ingon r ba ko nga dili naq magpost diri.. heheheheh..
anyway, mga fifol..
LAAG pa tah beh..
mingaw p man gud..
bcn sa 4 or sa 5 nako mufly..
so laag tah mga 2 or 3 beh?
txt pud mo oi!


Sunday, October 29, 2006

ung he said, she said na bisaya version was posted by me.....

-atenista sa dabaw (d 1 d onli)

igo ang igo...bisaya nako karon!!!

Sumala ni Laki og Baye sa Pinulungang Bisdak (She
Said...He Bisaya!) -from Ginger
Message: Hala mo ingon ana diay mo???? he he he

She said… (Matud pa sa Check)

1. kamong mga laki, kung mo tan-aw gani
ang mga babae sa inyo, ayaw pod pag feeling2x
nga naka angay mi nu? maka turn off na sha...

2. kung mag ask gani mo date, ayaw kayu mo
ngisi nga mura nag maniac tan-awon kay
mahadlok pod baya mi...

3. kung mo sabay gani mo sa amo, pagsinina
pod mog tarong dili nang murag tambay... para
mo samot mig ka in lab ninyo bah...pamulbos
gamay, pangkolon gamay... panudlay gamay...

4. kung manguyab na gani mo, ayaw ug sulti
nga "pwede ko manguyab nimo? or naa koy
chance?" kay kung tubagon namo na, mura
nag gisugot mo namo...

5. kung sugton na gani mo namo, taronga pod mi
oi... dili kay biyaan na lang, usahay himuon pang
sulugoon... maid inyong gipangita?

6. do not forget to remind us that you love us...
para kiligon sad mi panagsa...hehehe

7. ayaw mog pangita ug lain kay wa nay lami!

8. kung makigbulag na gani mo, ayaw ninyo ingna
ang girl nga "you're just nothing to me now,
understand!" hehehe... sakit baya nah...

9.ayaw pud ninyo hulata nga kami mouna ug
pansin ninyo if ever magkita ta somewhere hah...

mao ra to...walay masuko...pildi ang

He said…

Para sa mga babae...

1. Kung muingon mi nga gwapa ka, ayaw dayon
tubag ug "atik!"...Panagsa ra mi mu dayeg ug
gwapa...obyusleh, kung gitawag ka nga "gwapa"
naa jud mi enteres nimo...kinsa man sad kuno ang
tarong nga laki tawagon kang "bati'g nawong!"
atubangan sa kadaghanan...Di kaha mi katilaw ug
plying kick ana?

2. Mangutana gani mi kung kanus-a imong RD
(rest day) ug kung abelabol ba ka ana, kana
nagpasabot kung pwede ba ka ma detdet
(DATE ba sa iningles)...ayaw sab mi baraha
kay mangutana lagi mi nimu ug strait...amo
lang gityming-tyming kay mauwawon man
sab tawon mi...

3. Kung nakabantay na ka nga nagsige na mi
ug sunod-sunod nimo, maka-baynte na mi
ug grit nimo gud morning, or ikaw na lang
pirmi tagdon, makig dungan ug uli bisan nort
ug sawt, langit ug lupa ang gilay-on sa atong
balay wid matching "Ako lang dala sa imo
tings beh!", kana ganahan jud mi nimo...
Pero sa pirmi natong kinuyog ug detdet
(DATE sa iningles pa), ayaw sab pangutana
ug dali-dali "Wat r we?" or sa binisaya pa,
"Unsa man jud diay ta?"... Inahak, makulbaan baya
sab mi gamay ... we also feel a bit presyur...
Kalma lang gud...musulti lagi mi in dyu taym.

4. Kung kahibawo na jud ka nga ganahan mi
nimo kay nisulti na man jud mi (hala ka!)
Ayaw sad sige hisgot sa imo Ex-boypren
oi...its hurt man sad...not unlis kung nisturya
ka sa panahong gigukod siya sa inyong IRO
nga nisutoy siya ug dagan kay por syur I will lap
wid u...

5. Hangyo lang sad, kung nakakita ka sa
imong crush o di ba kaha nakakita ka ug laki
nga purting gwapoha, ayaw sad panguhit
namo, "Gwapo kaayo siya noh?" Hala plis! Laki
intawon mi ug dili pud mi kiligon sa imong
crush... Masuko ra ba mo kung mu comentaryo
mi, "Gwapo pa man akong lolo ana!"

6. Sa panahon nga mag-date na tah, por syur
kami man jud gasto, be konsyus wid yor dayet ha
para konsyus pud mi sa among bulsa...kung kada
adlaw na ta date ug nakabantay mo nga chippy ug
tubig na lang among gi-order, KKB na ta
hah...salamat sa pagsabot.

7. But op cors labaw sa tanan, ayaw kayu ni
ninyo siryusuha kay basin mu comentaryo
mo, mapikon mo ug ibalik ni ninyo nako,
Dyok dyok ra ni oi...dalang tinoud...hehehe

8. Pero kung dili na jud madala kay naglagot
jud mong mga babaye ani...Iporward sa tanang
babaye nga kaila ninyo nga wala pa makabasa...
Pag porma dayon mo ug grupo nga Gabriella (lugar
chapter ninyo)

9. Sa mga lalake, kalingawi lang ni ninyo ug
pero ayaw sa inyong naibgan kay basin instant
basted niya mo ana!

Pahabol: Kung magpakuyog mo mirkado...ayaw
pud mi paalsaha ug usa ka sakong bugas... Kilo-
kiloha lang pud ntawon na...maluoy mo...

'juz hope nalingaw tang tanan!

have a nice day guys! pag ayo-ayo,hinay-hinay
lang...slowly but surely

Saturday, October 28, 2006

hehehe...senxa sa adobe chuvalerr kay beginner this is my favorite top pics during our kamusthay...for more pics...--> visit my friendster blog. and il appreciate more guys if you post some comments..wokie? tnx. luv yah ol!

thnx sa mga tao na nag prepare a2, i really enjoyed! Lantaw Cagayan wouldn't be the same guys...

IrIaNeeeEEEEeee jo#47

juz dropin by

elow ebwibodi... i some sorta juz drop and leave a post
coz the boringnes of the house's killin me...
i am hanged
i've got nothing to enjoi.
some real food in the fridge are becoming monotonous.
the computer makes me sick.
the functions 2.
the anxiousnes's overwhelming.
um, sleep fdw turns me blue.
this whole f lyf drivin me nutz.
i dnt know.
all i know is im in someones's home.
tryin to luk for worthwile endaevority, like duh.
yeah, found it.
hope it'll last a lifetime the thrill i found ui.
in our worl today, y s der agony???
will we not know love without the pain nd suffering.
is dis how far it goes.
is dis.
stop. im becoming f senti.
til hir.
just wnt to post senseless talks.
dahdahdah. muhmuhmuh. tututututu

--------> wing. i beliv i will ply???
insanity attacks.

new look!!!

hello people!

this is cathie..

i just created a new template for our site..

hopefully makikita niyo na siya soon..

weird lang talaga kasi ilang beses ko na nilagay sa blogger..

pero di ko nakikita sa 'view blog' ang changes..

any way if you want to see it..

pwede kayong pumunta sa template and click preview..

hope you like it!!!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

kamustahay * itlog-talong * trip to Lebanon * cheering2x * newspaper dance
isda2x papel * lumba kaon * spin the bottle * suck and blow * statue dance
dance number * birthday greetings * song number * amazing race * kaon2x


ed weng kathleen becky ernie mel2x gellie cese michael jomi chieney cathy maki zyra melanie jessa ia kit lily yanee nico cuenqi ryan tin2x cat nikay isa kashia juliet jerika tara lyka nikki joyce tracy jhoden jan ading jolly larah kent carlo raquel isni khen jj red danielle mhelz yeye

MiSs YoU aLl!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

to atenista sa dabaw:

ali lang diri.. hehe.. uhm... basta.. maka kita lageh ta wer ka maka stay. many houses are available.. pede tana sa amo. pero toinks! layo pa keow!!! haha. hurot na imong pocket money.. pliti lang. nyaha! just come here.. ge nah.. we misshu! outing sa wednesday, by the way.

yey!!! i know na how to do the vectors sa photoshop!! weeeee!!! hehe. i look "itom" but who cares.. basta i know na! weeee!! *wink*



i dont know if i can go to cdo.....where will i stay?

-atenista sa dabaw

Friday, October 20, 2006

  • C-A-B-O Birthday List





  • JUNE






    ms. dy12.18.88

Advance Happy Bithday sa tanan!...

Oi apil ta tanan sa Ogilvie Kamustahay 2006 Hah!

See you there!!

Miss you all!!

click to enlarge

what happened?

to chienese.. intriga ko.. kinsa na xa?... uhm, murag ako na? uhmm, dili man ko admin diri..tig post lang man ko. hehe. :D

what i meant na "SAVE THE BLOG" is... post, post, post... i know dili ni xa ma delete.. it's just that, people don't seem to give much importance to this site. they just come here to read. what then ang i-read if people won't post, diba? kung mag visit man lang.. might as well post. im not saying this is mandatory or what...but we would be glad to hear anything from you. is that much to ask? a simple "hello" will do...

anyway, back to chieney.. na suko ka sa ako? :/ im present man jud sa both blogger and multiply... hmmm... sorry if i did something bad..


Thursday, October 19, 2006


mga model sa ice cream

i like this scene...mmmmm

picture picture sa jeep with bro. bong

the newest LOVETEAM??

drama effect...

buHi p qou, juz s0 u know...
sembReak... hummPhhh...
kapOi type...

ai o, had Fun dai ad2ng mOn!!!
weL... dLi p qou xuR f kaad2 k0 2mro suH XU
coz m kinda hOmebody kaWun kei la aQou paRents...


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

halursh ebwyone!!!

yey!! atleast naa na juy ga post sa site. whew!!

anyway.. ako beh..bahala way sense akong ipang sulat. hehe. uhm, akong life?... well, piskot, way lingaw. the whole day, akong gi buhat...
  • woke up..
  • eat breafast (pero way sulod and fridge, so nagpalit ug junk food. hehe)
  • on sa computer.. blog hopping...
  • nagtry ug follow sa vector tutorial sa photoshop pero tuwiwing! was naka follow.
  • gi kapoy.. nag pa music (char lang keow! religious songs akong gi play! bwaahahaha)
  • nanlimpyo sa balay. (actually, na nilhig lang..)
  • nanghugas plato.
  • computer again..
  • naghuna2x na magbasa sa "Sophie's World" pero taman lang sa huna2x. (hehe)
  • nag watch t.v.
  • naghigda2x...and... nakatulog.. toinks! (plano ra ba jud nako na mag read lageh ug "Sophie's World" nah. tisk)
  • nakamata at around 4 na!
  • abot akong parents with food.
  • eat ko.. balik na pud sa computer..

ehehehehhehehe... daz ol. thanks for reading. =)

to all: uy! i miss you sooo0000 much na! ugh. i can't stand to in our haus for long! aaaahhh!!! help.. laag tah beh! hehe. reunion bah! go! and uy! tomorrow, Octobr 19, nang invite si Jomi for lunch, adto ta ha? plan ta sa reunion.. woist! cooperate mow puhlezzz...

ed, weng, chieney, jessa, red, kat, lyka, kent, isni, cathy, kit, mel, nico, mhelzy, nikay, KZ, cuenca, jerika, ading, ia, joyce, tintin, tara, larah, lily, jolly, jomi, lao, mike, kashia, zyra, maki, jhudz, dada, carlo, dane, ernie, catrina, nikki, isa, vicky, jan, julieta, gellai, yani, yeye, raquel and cese.. I MISS YOU ALL AND I HOPE TO BE WITH YOU VERY SOON!! az in dapat many jud tah! apil ta sa reunion ha??.. hope you're fine and all well.. take care always ayt? ;) luv lots!! mwaaahhh!!!

to jomi: woist! abot na diay ka? hehe. :P

to pipol naa sa manila: kinsa'y mouli sa inyo? and chienese! y man dili pede whole day? :/

to pipol naa sa davao: ay, isa ra man diay here..hehe. mhelzy! wen ka balik? laag diri ha? =)

to pipol naa sa cebu: woist! TARA and KEN... wen mo uli? maka laag mo? ;)

to pipol in cdo: ATAY, maski duol na gali tah.. iilan lang ang akong gaka-uban dah. sahay pajud dili mo ga pa mansin. hmp!

to all: update naman kayo sa life nyo!! go!! hehe. para naa sab ko'y mabasa diri uy.hehe.

to ed and maki: yey!! thanks for blogging! atleast, naay duha nga nagtake sa akong SAVE THE BLOG BRIGADE seriously.. enkshu!


Hello the blog man dba? cge mg type-type nalang ko dinhi...
yehey! sembreak nah and daghan kaayo ko in.
mmmm... unsa pa man ako isulat?
mustah naman mo? ako? ok lang...
dili nako unli and wala nako load... naa ba ni sense ako gipang type?
ambot lang gyud kung unsa akong iingon dinhi...
basta... =)


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

buot!!! ko... ^^

la lng... msta namn inyu mga kinabuhi???
well.... n case gus2 lng mo mka blo...
la mn jd bagu sko layp.... nd dli cguro ko ka.apil sa reunion...

hmmmnnnn... ang ubn tao btaw,, la ko blo f buhi pa...
cge2.. la mn ko maingon.... beh,, uhmmmmmmm..

mbot... bsta.. till heire....

amping daghan.... xD

hi guyz, kamusta na kayo? kakatapos pa lang ng exams ko kahapon. wala na talaga ako pasok pero may kailangan pa akong paper ipasa sa saturday for literature class. anyway, natutuwa ako dun sa pictures ni mel-mel sa multiply niya. Ang cute nyo lahat dun sa chali pati na rin dun sa birthday ni ms. A na pictures. ces meron ka na pala lovey-dovey? di mo sinabi ha. hehe. Mommy gellie and iriane kamusta na? Ed, mel-mel and mel cabanlas, thanks sa mga texts kahit di talga ako nakakareply. weng, ano na balita sa buhay mo. di ka na nagbloblog. Vicky, natawa ako dun sa bloopers mo na recently mo pinost. Anyway, have fun sa sembreak niyo. God bless na rin para next sem. Miss you all. See in December. i'll be there by the 21st. I can't wait. ingat kayo.

us, before leaving

swimming, swimming

scandalus si ernie ug ed!

haha. na amaze sila sa camera. :P

the love birds hugging..(haayzz.. love is in the air)

katawa lang..

for more pix AND VIDEOS, check out my multiply site

weng, ed, ernie, maki, gel, becky, kating, cese, ray,

THANK YOU!!! i had soooo much fun jud. mwah!

ray: take care of cese's heart ha. you know how much she

means to us. :)

to all: woist!!! outing nato ha??.. plan na mo!!! =)