Friday, December 21, 2007

hi! hello! what's up??

Hi guys.... you know naman siguro what happened to me again noh? so like yeah... I am currently "unstable". But I'm recovering... but it would be better sana if I can find time to make chikka with you... ANY OF YOU. It's so hard nowadays to keep myself "stable" because of christmas break. Not much to do, so many idle times.. so many chances to think and be haunted. haaayzz.. kaya, when you are planning to make laag here in CDO, don't forget to call me ha? (088) 8553323. I would highly appreciate if you will invite me to join your gimmiks. =)

Update me too if you have anything interested interesting to share. Share anything.... any sensible things... and by the way, I was able to finnish my very first lay-outed magazine (kkp mag) kanina with the help of our very own mr. Chairman. happeee... atleast I was able to do something I liked and at the same time, help. =) sayang lang... black and white lang, pero ok na rin.

Musta naman you guys??... update!

miss you all oh so much... *hug*