Thursday, August 31, 2006


naloloka na ako..

and i dunno why..

samok lang.. parang..

ewan.. :P

it's just sad that tracy's finally leaving tomorrow..

it's as if one by one kinakalat na tayo kung saan-saang lupalop..

isn't it cruel?..

and i was hoping to see you all in CDO sa sembreak..



ako, your dearly beloved CHIENEY..
kay mubalhin na sa SMART..
yes, you heard it ryt..
SMART naq in two weeks time..
therfore, gudbye GLOBE..

but il try to chek d sim once in awhile..

if you guys r wondering,
ganito po yun..
sa aming pamilya, ako lamang po ang GLOBE
AKO lang..
at dahil alam naman po siguro ninyong lahat na ako ay malayo sa aking pamilya ngayon,
mahal maxado ang tumawag with each other n ol..
kahit nga magtext, mahal pa rin..
lalung-lalo na pag GLOBE to SMArt
n vice versa..

kaya naman, ako ay magpapaalam na sa inyo,
aking mga KAIBIGAN sa GLOBE..
ipopost ko na nagyon ang aking SMART #, its..


huwag kayong mag-aalala,
makokontact nyo pa rin ako..
kahit dito sa CLass blog
o sa YM ko..
i.add nyo naq ako ha?? ang YM id ko a
okay?? okay!!

pag.magchechange na po talaga ako ng sim,
magtetext naman po aq sa inyo,
upang magpaalam..

nagmamahal at forever cute,

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

kating!!!!! belated happy birthday!!!! gosh! i'm soo sorry jud...ala jud koy time. sori jud. have to go to zamboanguita chuva pa.. pero if naa jud ko time, the video project, i will focus on it jud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! (belated).. luvyah kating! mwwaaahuuugs..!

hi ............. wla lang... im leaving na dis friday........... (huhuhu)


Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ang tinu uray nga amigo cgeg uban maskin dli permi basta always one in heart and soul kay naa man gyud ang Ogilvians nga mga anghel sa among among knabuhi. Guys, mis u na!!!!!!!!!!!! - guys seriously, ul always by the angels i love...jomi :-)

Friday, August 25, 2006

woi! dapat whole body na pics para makita naman namin yung skirt nina ED and ERNIE este VICKY pala..

hahaha :P

anyways, ang cute nyo tingnan parang high school students pa rin ang look nyo..

me and chieney will try and upload some pics of us later..

nakakalimutan eh..

see ya guys soon!!!



Thursday, August 24, 2006

To chieney--->>>

chien, kami tulo ni ernie, vicky and ako wearing

our college uniforms

and behind the ogilvie classroom..

mustah mo tanan???

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

haloi guyz!!!!
its me, agen.. hehehe..
hmmn.. a lot has happened this past wikend..
its been one hell of a rollercoaster ride..
so, last saturday we went to the Araneta Center. this place is kinda like where all the malls are located.. or something like that.. its the nearest place we could hangout here you know.. so, the thing was, it was only cathy and me.. kaming dalawa lang.. and the truth is, it was our first time to actually do the excursion we've been planning about for the past 2 months.. it was fun! hehe.. kasi kami lang.. no parent or blood relative or guardians or anything like that.. we were in a sense, on our own, kinda like independent(kinda lang! heheh..)
we rode the lrt going there and going back.. it was nice.. it really makes you feel like your in an urban area..
we watched this movie, KUBRADAOR, it was required for me to watch and Cathy was kind enuf to accompany me.. so basically, ang sine dito is double the price there in cdoo.. di ba ther its only P60 or P50 here its P120 up.. mahal.. makabuslot ug wallet.. kana bitaw murag gi.anay na jud imung wallet.. yeah.. super expensive, esp. d food! gahd! mka.dpress ang prices..
anyway, we atill had fun! we got to know na d place around us.. hehehe.. kc, for most of the tym, we'd just stay inside our dorm and idle alot.. wel.. sometyms we study! heheh.. taw oi, we've been quite nerdy here.. slyt lang ha?!
the next day, we heard mass at U.P.. this time kami na lang nla cagbee, jomi n cati, la na c dada.. after d mass, we actually planned another excursion! mwe were going to watch the UAAP game at Araneta!!! weee!!! it was UP vs. ADMU.. so, tyming au! cagbee for UP kami 3 nla moji ug cati for ADMU! hehehe.. we bought d tickets d day before, so, sold out ang lower boxes and we had no other choice but to go to the upper box.. actually, it would have to be the upmost.. nevertheless, i was still worth it!! we were near the Blue babble brass band, so we could really feel our hearts pounding.. graveh ang cheering and school spirit! its really different when u watch it live.. u actually feel like ur one with the crowd.. u know, the chanting n ol, d "get that ball", d "go! ateneo!" n just clapping ur hands till they hurt lyk hell n shouting n cheering ur heart out is an amazing experience.. plus d fact dat we cud c chris tiu live.. heheh!! (he's super nice n super cute in person..) the experience was great! it was sssssssoooooooooo fun!!! n! wer gona do it agen.. heheh!!!
oh! n by d way, altho cagbee is an iskolar ng bayan , nag.cheer xa for ADMU!!! hehhee.. actually, nasakpan xa sa iyang mga blokmates from UP.. wwwaaaaaaaaaaahahahahh!!!!
so, d game was over n Ateneo won.. (of corz! wat iz?!?!) so, anyway, we decided to eat dinner b4 going back.. n den, jomi had this outpour of the intense desire to go back to cdoo, his home.. which totally turned the whole atmosphere around that afternun.. after having so much fun watching the game, we had a really quite heated discussion.. we understand jomi's sentiments, yes. but he should not give up ryt away.. i mean, i dont get along with my blokmates, i hate them.. at least he gets along with his blokmates, di ba?.. we can never replace our hiskul friends.. i guess, were ol reluctant to let go of the kind of bond we had in hiskul,, i mean, i wouldn't, I never will but i guess, ill reach out to other kinds of pipol somehow, eventually, i miss u guys terribly but dat doesn't mean i shud give up ryt? were trying to convince jomi, to hold on to this becoz, he can.. but he's closing his mind on it.. pipol, please help jomi understand dat, studying here in manila, doesn't really mean giving up ur friends or ur family.. i mean. kasi kaya niya.. ayaw lang niya.. pipol, please shed him some light..
oh n yeah, its nice to know dat my posts here r actually read.. heheh!!! thanks guys!!! i do read ur posts too.. which is y ol d mor, i miss ol of you..
AI! ur pix in ur college uniforms ha?? hehehe..
tc everyone! paalam!!! :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

hi guys... dugay nako gusto mag-visit sa site and karon rako after a long time naka-balik.. hello to all!! musta?? haayyy... my week last week was very exhausting and busy but full of fun.. uy na-unsa man ang world? sad lageh kaayo ang mga pipol..
its very nice to hear from you guys from manila.. uy nag bonding moment sila.. hehe
nice kaayo kay ga-uban pa gyapon mo..i love hearing from you guys..

jomi ayaw na pagka sad...i don't know how to comfort you layo kaayo na hah!

chieney halu! mustah life? cege mag pa-picture ko with my uniform sa college pero pareho raman sa high school pero wala lang seal sa xu..

cathie!! mustah ang tulog nato dinha?? grabe ang imong bed hah!!

yeye!! hi ye! musta pod? upaw naman daw ka? ninja turtles? jowk..hehe ingatz

danes!! haler! uy mustah? take care there!

jj! hoy! kamustah? long hair na pala ka? its nice to hear that your doing fine sa imong school..

cagby!! halow!! yay asens hah! memorize na lugar nimo ang pasikot-sikot sa UP hah! take care pod..

joyce!! hello! greet lang ko sa imo! mustah?

mhelzy!! mustah pod? always say happy...

tara!! belated! happy birthday!

khen!! asens pod ka sa imong career dinha hah! drawing here , drawing there and everywhere!

becky!! haloooo...ayaw ka-sad ui...stay happy japon and kung naa ka problem pag-ingon uy para maka-help sab ko..or kung wala man galing pag-ingon gyapon kay mangita tah..joke. goodluck sa folk dancing career!! and na-miss nako tong mag-himo ug props..

melmel!! lageh mka-miss gyud ang sabayang! as in! ingats mel! and ayaw kabalak kay naa pay semi-finals and finals maka-bawi pa tah...stay happy and positive!

gellie!! sorry gel wala taka na apil sa katong ng mass sa xu atong august 7, 2006... sorry gyud..

weng!! pag-tarong na dinha oi! go go go weng kaya mo yan!

cese and ryan!! goodluck sa presentation krong wednesday!! mag-perform man gud sila ug play entitled "sure thing" sa little theatre..give it your best!

lyka!! belated happy birthday! higante pa gyapon siya!! hehehe peace lyks...

kating! advance happy birthday!

ernie! halo!! were all in this together!!

jerika and isa! bag-o lang ta nag uban sa yfc!! inagtz always!

jolly, ading, jhoden (classmate nako nstp!) , maki, jan and larah! goodluck and Godbless sa atong accounting careers!

jessa, isni, kit, ia, tintin, kashia, inay, zyra, katrina, nikki pacats, yaneee and racquel !!! go go nursing! ayo-ayo mo hah!! dili man ta mo ma greet one by one pero i'll always remember you!!

red, kent and carlo! go engineering!! usahay na kaayo ta ga-kita pero ok lang... goodluck and Godbless sa life!

mel cabs, juliet and nikay! go artscies! miss na kaayo ta mo! goodluck and Godbless sad sa studies! stay happy!

cuency!! hello mr. devcom!! mustah?hehehe

tracy! when mag-fly pa-adto u.s.a? pag-post sad dinhi tracy before ka mag-fly fly..ok?

nico and lilay! go education! uy dugay na tah wla nag-kita! ingatz mo hah always!!

jaytee! hoi...dugay na kaayo wala taka kita nag-post danhi...mustah?

haaayyyy... kapoi kaayo greet sa tanan..... bisan busy ang uban with other things..let us keep in touch!! oi guys ako ra isa ogilvian sa amo block and i'm doing fine..they are nice people! sige till next post! ed

Life is sometimes about laughter, sometimes about tears, sometimes about togetherness but now, its a whole lot of loneliness. - i got this advise from a few batchmates back in high school, they advised me to pour it all out here in a blog...guys, missing u is like missing everything because here, my blockmates and i do not compliment. this doesn'y mean to say that we don't get along - its just that they can't give me the company that you guys did. most of them drink and smoke and do all kinds of harmful things to their body which im not used to. im used to an environment wherein my classmates are neat, modest and kind. cathie keeps telling me that there are a lot of beatiful people in my course...maybe? but their beauty is only skin deep, their attitude is poison. i miss the girls back in high school (especially my classmates who were all beautiful inside and out) - the inside is what counts, outside is only a plus. Yesterday, chini, cathie,mike and i watched the game at Araneta. It was okay but I stil wish u guys wer here to watch it with us. its raining here now in manila - it kind of makes me feel sad and want to return home - the place where i belong. I guess what the fox said was true - the most essential things in life are hidden from view - classmates, friends, family, barkada - the things that truly matter in life are taken to see how strong we are - i guess im not that strong - maybe il never be but i do try and i hop i succeed...there are plenty of other things that i can say like...i cried but couldn't finish because my roommate was stidying and he told me to shut up, there are times when i can't sleep that well because i think of home and what i gave up and how selfish i am to follow my own dream and not to stay behind to help the friends i treasure and the family i love. i guess im sufferring the consequences of a bad decision made. i hope u guys r okay and i sincerely hope that we meet really soon because life isn't summed in what you achieve rather it is defined by the people you help and the prayers you say. - God bless Ogilvians, hope to see you soon...
:-(........................:-) p.s. dli gayod nako mo mapulian kay wa nay mas nindut pa kaninyo... - jomi

Sunday, August 20, 2006

mhelzy!!!!! thank you for the hugsssss!!!! people here don't appreciate hugz... they don't even know what difference it will make. hmp! miss you... hugs for you too... hmmmmmmm.... >:D<


Saturday, August 19, 2006

you know what beki, i could really relate to in....ako, i admit may mga close na rin ako dito pero iba talaga...naging quiet type na nga ako ngayon.....pero nevertheless, maingay p rin kahit papano...lam nyo, la man ako problema sa academics..i couldnt be happier...pero sa relationships, ewan na lang....

now cheni, i will post a pic na nakacomplete outfit ako and all..wait ka lang jan...

cathy, yes..sometimes I forget that i am loved...pero kasi may mga little devils sa loob ko that makes me feel so lonely....parang walang outlet of emotion...bago kasi ang mga nangyayari eh..and wala yung mga taong nakasama ko in the most crucial moments of my life--you guys...

weng, i duno what is happening with you pero i hope saan ka man papunta, maging masaya ka...

yeye and danielle, asan na kayo?

lucagbo, iriane, ia, fr. xrysz, melmel, vicky, ed, maraming salamt for letting me feel your presence nung nagtxt kau sa akin during my mild depression state....

melmel, A MILLION HUGS TIMES SEVEN TIMES SEVENTY TIMES for you dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

oist cathy and cheni, grabe ung bed nyo ha...dahan2 lang!

si joyce, nasa uplb..lonely din xa..text nyo naman!

where is ken cruz????!!!

ernie, miss na kita.......

ading, sory if hnd kita nagreet ha...sory tlga..AS IN!

i love the bloopers nyo ed, vicky and many more..hahaha

uuwi ako jan sa sembreak.......kitakits tau..konting tiis na lang po......=)

luv u guys! HAPPY KADAYAWAN!!!!! -mhelzy

Friday, August 18, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

why does everyone seem to be so sad this august?..

hmm.. kahit ako nga may mga flashback ng high school mingaw every now and then..

is it the weather?..

i know we all miss each other and high school..

but i know we can all make it too..

i want to post this song because it reminds me of happy endings..

and i'm sure we'll all have are own..

weeeeeee!!! finally.. super naiinis na talaga ako sa blogger.. its sssssoooooo crazy na kasi! i barely post on my blogger blog na tuloy.. nakakainis kasi.. so anyway, i do miss yah guys!!! i always will.. last weekend nag.UP excursion kami.. nandun ang admu gang(well.. except yeye n danielle), c cagbee!(ang aming tourguide) and c jayjay!!! enjoy nga eh..

  • apparently, may plano pala itong c jayjay na magpa.long hair!! mejo lang hair na nga xa eh.. pero slyt pa lang naman.. and enjoi rin daw ung skul.. may mga bisaya rin kasi dun sa skul nila kaya masaya!
  • c cagbee naman ay super intimately familiarized with UP na pala.. amazing!!! coz u know, UP is ssssoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo super biggggggg... its more than thrice the size of the entire Ateneo campus.. so, the fact na nalaman niya ang mga pasikotsikot doon( meaning pati ung mga eskinita, mga specialized cinema theaters(na porn lang ang pinapalabas), at iba pang mga churva ng UP ay isa ng malaking accomplishment!!! hehehe.. congrats cagbee!!!:)
  • so dun kami nagmass sa UP (c fr.jboy ang nagpreside) tapos it was raining.. raining galore!!! eh engot talga tong c cagbee at di niya sinabing mahaba-habang lakaran ang aming gagawin.. (we never really knew how big UP was until dat day) so, we were walking kinda soaking sa rain.. gud thing may mga dala kaming kanya-kanyang payong.. hehehe..
  • jomi treated us for lunch kasi he was sort of sad and lonely kaya nanlibre xa.. we gathered sa pizzahut, fr.jboy was there too.. as usual, kulitan at takawan ever.. hehehe.. as a matter of fact, cagbee had 12 or 10 refills sa drink niya.. amazing!
so basically, un ung mga nangyari nung wikend.. and yeah! well, cati n i r rumates diba? we hav a doubledeck bed.. siya ang nasa taas ako ang nasa ilalim.. wala lang! nagcollapse kasi ung bed wyl she was on top.. buti na lang at wala ako sa deck ko dat tym kundi na.churva na ang beauty ko! nothing happend n\to her naman.. we just kept on laughing the entyr tym.. heheh.. pero ngayon ayos na xa! hehe..

ai! guyz, post mo ug pic ninyo in uniforms dinha beh.. please??? curious man gud ko.. ehehehe.. sige nah..
n yeah.. nainggit ako sa inyo nung pumunta kayo ng xuhs for ms. A's bday.. haayyyyy.. punta tau jan sa sembreak ha?? hehhe..
tc everyone! paalam!!!


guys, don't you miss this??... ghad! i'm missing this soooo if not a lot! really.. remember how we got so bust up whenever mhelzy would screem on top of her voice for us to really turn out heads and catch our attention?? how then Lao would start to blaze and shout with such temper rising tone??... yeah! remeber that?? then, we all get so cranky with those who seem to take things for granted as we practice?? remember thos times?? well, don't you miss it??... if you ask me.. well, only a lot!!! errr!! ok.. im having a rough sail in college..sad to say, damn! i have become a loner... as in LONER (tabangi intawon ko ninyo) I've got no REAL friends to talk to in our block, no one to make manya with, no one to play fizzy games with, no one to make an 'asaran' joke.. huhu. I can only be me when it's saturday because that's the only time my CIRCLE OF FRIENDS gather and eat lunch together...(im so looking forward this saturday) sad.. i am sad... *sigh* i can't help but miss you guys.. i know i should move my ass out from this tantrum but how am I suppose to move on when where I am right now, you would certainly withdraw yourself from and seek for the comfort and luxury of high school days. I mean, college is a plain shit! I can't seem to find myself here... im so lost, so alone, so basicaly UNme. (did i use the right prefix?, well, only to give emphasis though.) ok.. i'm having one of those 'lost me' moments again.. hope i could find myself soon or i'll drown once and for all.. *sigh* help!!!!

sistah! ayaw na drama... sagdi na si wenggita! ikaw babae, siya?? ambot lang! haha!

no hope for you weng... and honestly ha, gaka annoy na ko sa imo. i can't seem to understand whether you're telling the truth or your playing on us. Whatever it is, i swear i'm gonna bring the man out of you.. and forcibly force you! get that??..hehe! labshu weng.. bitaw weng, pagtarong kay na! WALA KAY ANGAY MABAYOT!! FOR YOUR INFO LANG, I HATE BAYOTS!
hehe.... donwana end up hating you too.

to all... it's august already..BUWAN NG WIKA. by these days na, a year ago... nag praktis na ta. nagplan sa costume, actions and ga practice na ta.. haayyz... don't you miss the school? the coverd courts? the high school pressure?? (high school, coz i know it's totally different in college)
coz, i do.. a lot! :=c


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

halaka ui...lonely au dah...ambot why...hmmm...anyway,dili ko ganahan sko week actually, dili jud xa week kay wednesday pa ta...pero bsta dili ko ganahan...pero wala koy mbuhat.. alangan namn mgpaka sad db...haaayyy...buhay...
oiz guyz...isumbong gyud nko si weng sa inyo...kblo ba mo nga g away ko niya?! joke3x rman to iya pero bei...di pa beng2x bei...wa ko kblo unsaun pg tubag...ani man gud txt2x mi dayun tngala ko ky dugay au xa mu reply...anah dayun xa "bek, sori ha dugay au ko kol man gud si erni nd mdjo dugay2x nmi wala ng tok...i miss his voice" lagting akng dalunggan and so ng reply ko nga "aba!! nganung ikaw ga tawagan ni erni ako WALA" ni reply ba namn.. "wel,wel bek mas matimbang ako sa puso nya...sori bek, pero itsapwera ka na lng..peace!!" ouch!! sakit bei! ouch bei! itsapwera na daw ko...waaaahh...kahlakun lgi ko adto slight...hapit nko ma teary eyes..anyway, hapit lng...and so dugay ko kreply ky di jud ko ksbot kng unsaun nko pgreply...joke rman unta to for him pero ambt murg seryoso nga di masabtan! rply ko ug smtng nah "aba! isumbong gyud tika ky erni ui!" smthing lyk if pud labanan ko ni ernz bt anyhow mao to akng g rply..or smtng of that sort...i can't remember the exact words..anyway, ni rply daun xa...ang reply nga hangtud krun di nko kaya matubag! "bek tangapin mo na kc na mas mahal ako ni nie-nie baby..kailan man hindi mo na xa maaangkin..he is for me and for me only!" wOw....honestly, dugay jud ko nka rply...kapila nko g butang sa table ang phne kay balak nko dili mu rply pero kapila pud nko g attempt mg formulate ug msg pero wala ko ksbot unsaun pg formulate ug msg nga MKATUBAG adto nga KIND na msg...i think the first word ni gawas sko mouth aftr reading the msg kay "what?" well...anyhow ni rply ko..but after that rply, ng change topic na daun mi...
ga libog ko noh...crush gyud kha ni weng si erni? haaayyy...ambot ui pero mka shock gyud bei...hahahhaa...ambot ui...anyway, so much abwt that...i update ta mo sko life. Nxt week ky linggo ng wika namu tapus g require mi mg join ug contest..nka decide mi nga mu apil sa Folk dance nga contest and so ga prktis mi krn...nag meetng mi atng monday abwt sa mga props, music etc...and i can't help but MISS a lot of people jud as in super special people...naa tuy tym nga ng ask amu clasmate knsa mg volunteer para mg handle sa props...dugay jud mi nka kuha ug volunteer kay wala jud ganahan...nka ana gud ko sko self "sus...kng naa lng gyud si weng ug ed...ugma daun xur ko naa nay plan para sa props...igo na lng mi mu sul.ub pg sila man lihuk...". sad ko ug kalit dah....just this aftrnoon ng start mi ug prkts...awkward au ang feeling na yuo are with NEW people kay na anad man gud ko nga akng makita ug mkaubn kay the usual people nga ako jud gna ed,weng,cheni.catie,mhlz,dada,yeye,ryan,tara,meillie,kat,gellie ug DAGHAN pa. Nka realize ko nga mingaw man diay ghpon nga wala ang pang asar nga ulit2x effect ni RYAN pg dugay mgstart ang prkts....ang voice ni MHLZ pg mag call na xa ug prkts...haaayyy...drama agen...honestly...mka wala xa ug gana..kc naman you really have to adjust..pero it takes time..
Yesterday, nag teach si ernz ug steps sa "we're all in this together" well drama na sad ni...ambot lng pud walaan ghapun ko ug gana adto..dili man pud na boring or dili ko ganahn sa song or watever...i don't know...naa gyud KULANG...sometimes nra ko sa sayaw pud ko pero sayaw nga you knw you just dance because you have to dance...walay feelings...happy ghapun akng gpa gawas na emotion adto nga tym kay...matngala pa lng sila cese ug ernz why mgpa sad2x ko,ka OA ba pud nko...pero sad jud ko deep inside...ang presence ni ernz ug cese ang mka pa comfort atleast naa koy kaila nga super close ug super special sko but there's always this empty feeling...i miss the usual cese and erni pg CABO people ang kaubn...never man ng change sila duha pero cguro tungod sa atmosphere nga new people and all ma bag.o pud imung sa mga tao, ryt? ka relate mo bsan gamay sko gpang yaw2x?...i mean naa jud ka change nga mkta slight...positive changes but changes nga smetimes lisud i relate...haaayyy... much sa drama and all...sori kng taas sya ha...i feel like expressing my thoughts gyud WENG...oiz wala ko nasuko ha...ako lng ka gi-BUKO...ahahahah! padayun ta sah LOVETEAM nto ha...ahahaha! haaayyy weng... labshu! bilib ko nnimu! IBA!...oiz people salamat sa mga mgbasa...aheheheh...mdjo taas rba ako g sulat..hihii...mis you all na gyud...OCTOBER Na unta ui! di nko kahulat...haaayyy...cge nah...take care mo tanan ha...._beki_

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

carpy! wag ka na mag-emote!!! jowk lang kaya yung noon..
besides.. i don't see why you should wallow in depression in davao..
you have your family, you have new friends and heck your old friends from grade school are there too!
you are surrounded by love..
you've always had the tendency to forget that..
don't think that i don't wanna hear from you naman..
joke lang yun..
right now..
what you're feeling there..
imagine if you were here..
far from home, from any one who really knows you and from those who really care..

Sunday, August 13, 2006

sorry for flooding the last time ha... hnd na mauulit...i was just so overwhelmed...ol of u hav something to say kasi eh...ako naman, mag-isa lang dito sa davao....sorry tlga.....didnt mean to flood......

ingat na lang kayo jan.....

the birthday bash!!!!! hehehehhe!!!!!

my gosh! sistah!!! MAWO!!!! daghan pa man kay blooper ato... ahu-ahu...

nalata ko dah. naaah!!!!

hehe! hai guys! yow! check this out... pix sa b-day ni ms.A check this ha??... comment dayon mow.. li nako ma upload sa photos nato dri na..ambot. Admin! mali man tong user name woist! kurimaw! ;p


Saturday, August 12, 2006


Starring: Mellany Almen Hugo

Scene 1:"sedusa"
while nag watch sa mga ogilvie pics atng gods and godesses presentation...

MeL: gossshhh....fave au nko ni nga pics ui kay ato jud na transform ang classrum...
Beki: lagi...
Ed: tsada gyud bah...
Mel: hala! si juliet! waahaahahahahahahah! mura xag si SEDUSSA bei!
Beki: knsa daw?!
Ed: MEDUSA pud nah mel ui!..
all: wahaahahahahahhaahah!!!!

Scene 2:"Jollibee"
while ng eat sa dunkin donuts...

Kating: haaayyy...tsada au mg shopping bah??
Mel: lagi! mao jud! kami gani sa akng shopping gyud mi sa JOLIBEE!!
Kating: ha??!

aguuyyy...karon pmi kblo na pwede diay mg shopping sa JOLIBBE!!!

Scene 3:"lotus shoes"
while gapangta ug movie sa SM...

Mel: hadluk jud tong feng shui bei!...
Ed: lagi!
Mel: labaw na si lotus shoes...

wow...asens na kaayo si lotus feet SHOES nah!!! wahahahahah! di na ka tiniil!

Starring: Victoria Melissa Pulido

Scene 1:"bubbles"
while ng snaks sa canteen...

Ed: buing jud si weng bei...kita man ka sa iyang weight lifting bah??
Cese: aw! lagi...hahahahaha! buing jud xa ato..
Ed: ako man to xa gtudluan ug lift ug weights ni kalit lng dayun ug pabali2x efect iya kamut!
Beki: wahahahahhahahah! di man gud xa gust mgka BUBBLES!
Cese, Ed: ha?! unsay BuBBles? di xa gust mu bula!?
Beki: ayyyy...muscles diay...

ngek! labaw pa man diay! di lgi mu singit sa sturya...wahahahah!

Starring: Eduardo Acero

pgka gawas sa dunkin..

kating: ui! payungi ang balloon arun di mubutu!
Beki: may pang balloon payungan...
Ed: hala...gpayungan nila ang BAYOON...

aguy...tigulang namn unta di pa gyapun kblo mu litok! murag grade 1! hahahaha

Starring: Ernesto Neri

Scene 1:"HIPOpotamus?!"
while ng sturya2 before exam...

Cese: uso na ang mga calamities bei...
Beki: lai nah...
Ernz: sa news lgi gaina! naa daw HIPO-HIPO!
Beki: unsay hipo-hipo?! maulaw ka ui! ipo-ipo nah! ahahahahahah!

ernz...lahi ang ipo sa hipo! chairman....hehehhe

Starring: Ernesto Neri, Beki Pulido, Mel Hugo

Scene1:"LBC: hari ng bulol!"
pagawas sa pugon...

Ernz: mel, katuod ka aha ng L-B-se?
Beki: unsa?!
Mel: buing! L-B-se ka dja! L-be-C ui?!
Tanan tao nga present didto: ambot ninyo ui! ahahahaha

dapit sa street...
Beki: aha man ng L-be-se?
Mel: waaahaaaaa! bloopers!!!
Beki: ay piskot man ning il-B-C ui!

aguyyyy...mel2x,beki,ernz...paki review inyng a-e-i-o-u ha??? para di maulawan! ahahahah!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

MY GOSH! im so silent na jud... huhu. murag many months (exage!) na kow naka post dri... huhu. hell jud college bei... damn! im becoming a Nerd take note: NERD ... huhu... okay, i accept. i'm so having a hard time with studies jud (not really hard na dili carry...tapulan lang, kapoy tuon!!!!!!!)

**** maki! Iro! what happened diay ato uy??....hehe! xenxa na bei... taw uiz! kita kita na lang diri.. opchors! magtinabanga jud ta.. tabangi pud ko ha??..tabangi ko tuon, hehe!

****vicky! gosh! grabeh sab keow ka woiz! mga blooper nato dira... apila sab ang imo uy! hehe.. maluoy ka nako.. NALATA NA KO! :c

****chieney! haha! kadtong kei becky??...nyahaha!!!! bayot japun ko ba! BABAENG BAYOT! now, i accept it. hehe! taw ois! samuk lang keow ang college bei.. gaka jungot jud ko! memorize dri... memorize didto. ambot! huhu.. I'M STILL NAUGHTY BUT NICE, YOU KNOW..HEHE! I MISS YOU... :-*

***cathy! kailan?...oh kailan ba yan matatapos yang never ending paper works??... gosh! not so kapoy mo dra with quizzes and test, pero tad2x pud mo sa paper works noh? hehe! mishu!

***tar!!! hai!!! aguy.. mga lab lyp nato dra... aguy! dang, KUDOS! nagdamgo jud ko nimo. wahahahaha! karn pa ko mag pa load..after ani..hehe!

to all: I LOVE YOU AND I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!! mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!

pa ulani ko ug hugs beh... hmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnn....

_butterflyprincess_ - glitter text

i'm back!!! hehehehhe.. dont yah miss meh?? hehehe..
mishu ol over ther, here and everywhere!!! *mwah.. mwah..mwah..*

so.. anyway, im going to have my PROMOTION sa TAEKWONDO.. (thats from being a wyt belter to a yelow belter..)hopefuli, i can make it.. I need your prayers and support..

u pipol ovr ther r so kulba olredi ha?? u have LUVLYFS here and ther nah.. (ai! i.include nato ang mga taga cebu ug davao!!!) so ASSENS!!! waaaaaaahahhahahahahhaha!!! im so hapi for the pipol in LOVE.. stay in LOve! hehehe.. sa mga wala pay kinabuhing gugma, like me, let's wait in GOd's time.. heheheh.. (hopfuli makawait jud ta! heheheheh..)

nothing new with me really, ano lang.. in a few weeks.. mag-SMART naq.. so ol u globerz out ther.. buhbye.. :( but i'll use my globe sim from tym to tym ghapon..
ai! yeah.. gudluck sa maga CHEERDANCERS dinha! do your best! enjoy the grooves.. hehehe..

***to beki: ill try my best na ma.yelow belter naq.. adto na dayun q sa dojang wid u! hehehehe.. :) mahal man dai keo bayad para sa promotion noh?? mka.buslot ug pocket..

*** to wengita: BAYUT ka!!!!!!!!!!! bayut ka.. saun ta man jud! bayut naman jud ka.. BAYUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** to erni: IMISHU!!! naay koy blockmate na rehaz nimo kataas na mejo chubi! hehehhe.. he reminds of u! labshu!!!

*** to eduardo: drama au ka! wut happened?? pag.ayu2x dinha! :)

*** to Gellie: gelicious!! imishu nah.. dont wori, wel c ich oder sa sembreak, kay hopfuli kelangan jud ko maka.uli..

*** to Iriane: sori if la ko ka.repz.. sayang unta toh bah! napud ta SUKOB togeyder... juz lyk Feng shui.. hehehhe.. nxt tym na lang.. sa sembreak!!!:)

***: to Tara: Im sori kung la taka sa imo talumpati, na.busy man gud me.. nxt tym na lang.. ok??:))

***to Kating: MAdugay pa imu jackpot.. la juy WAFU nga rich saq blockmates.. mangita sa lang jud q ok?? kelangan pa naq salaun.. send me a pic of u para ma.advertise taka! hehhehe.. labshu!!

***to MEilie: buotan naman daw ka?? hehehhe.. keep it up! and pag.concentr8 sa studies! *mwah!*

LUV YAH guyz!!!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


text conversation part I (beki and wenggita)

Weng: hi beks! bek, sori au ystrday ha...wala ko kauban sa inyo ug mass kay nag date pman gud mi sa akong UYAB...
beki: ha?! aguy....aysa! lalaki o babae??
Weng: laks bek...
beki: ha?! aguy weng! serious nah uy?! tarong bah!!!!
Weng: lagi bek...dba mao ni ako g promise sa i will surprise you with everything i do...LEVEL-UP kumbaga...

text conversation part II (beki and wenggita)

Beki: weng...paminaw...minaw gyud...weng, LALAKI KA! naa kay BUNAL!!! dili ka BABAE!!!!
Weng: beks, i HATE JUNIOR! gusto ko si INDAY! ayoko kay JUNIOR...someday...i'll hve inday...mag-ipon sko....
Beki: weng CESE! gwapa xa! willing sya i ease imu confusion...weng you are just confused....or si kating, bcn pwede nimu ma uyab si kating...gwapa man xa...o si CATIE, dba g link ta mu ni catie?! you like her man pud dba...weng, try na ma tauhan ka if i try na to mkg relationship ka sa girl...(in short...DESPERADA na si BEKI para lng ma LALAKI si WENG!)

text conversation part III (beki and wenggita)

Weng: bek, si cese, catie and kating...pwede nah...pwede nah...ila kagwapa para ma level sa ed,erni,lao ug cuenqui...cute!!!
Beki: ahuhuuhuhuhuuhu...weng...nganu man???!!!

*end of conversation...daghan pman pero dili na nko kaya i type*

typical afternoon mass...beki and ed singing(naa pud si nadine amu adopted...)

Beki: purihin ang panginoon..umawit ng tugtugin ang kampana...(ng stop kay na
Ed: at ang ka-ayaayang LERA.........
Nadine: ha nikki? LERA nikki?? lera???
Beki: (wala naka tubag kay nalumos sa pgkinatawa!)

well....told you...daghan mga kabuang nga gkahtabo diri cdo...daghan pa usual kalimut npd ko! dnt wori tomorrow naa npd new...heheheeh _beki_
aguyyy...g tamad nako ug himu atng report thingy...aheheheh...i summarize na lng nko...bsta uy! ok rami...dnt wori...naa pa ghapun mi communication sa mga tao diri cdo...and we are all excited na mka uban mu tanan again coz we really miss all of you na gyud... Mao pa gyud pgkahuman sa amu midterms...amazing kaau...actually, mao pa ako pg abot gkan haus ni cese kay ng practice mi para PE...sayawun namu ang we're all in this together ug si ERNZ nag teach!!! kay CHIENEY...cheni! VERY GOOD kaau nah! keep it up chien! don't worry...basics paman ang ipng ask sa inyo anah and dili jud ko familiar sa manila style na taekwondo promotion...advice nko is to RELAX...CHILL...hehehehe...jst be confident and i familiarize lng gyud tanan g teach sa inyo...wala man pud gakabagsak ana...hehehehe...and pgka yellow belt nimu it doesn't mean didto ra ka taman...practice hard pa gyud ug ayaw gyud kalimti ang BASICS...kalimti na tanan advance kicks but never the BASICS...oki?! hehehehe...bsta! kaya na nimu...don't wori...i'll pray for you! TARA....oiz...hapit na imung bday! padal.i mi wawarts bi kay bigbys na sad mi kaon bhala wala ka...ahahahah! JOKE! hahayyyy...huhuhuhu...sweet 16 sa akng amiga dats! wala pa gyud ko para i witness iyng pgkadalaga...heheheeh...(drama!) TAR<>EDUARDO....drama lgi au imu frndstr blog tapus drama pud imu website blog...WHY man na SAD ka??? curious au ko...heheheh...nyway, CHEER UP! ayaw pag sad2x dha...humph! hehehehe...SMILE!!!!!!! CATIE....hi tie! oiz...mingaw nko sa brownies sa imu mum! pwd pag uli nimu overnite npd mi inyo haus???!!! hehehehe...pero....mas miss gyud tika kaysa sa brownies....uli na lgi dai!!! Soooo....hangang dito na lng mga fwends...take care yah! _BEKI_

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

hoy! LOUIN - baga ka ug fez.. ngano cge man kag ug butbut diha nga naay kay bf?.. na ba diay ga patol sa endangered species sa mga unggoy?!?.. YUCK!
haler! ED - goodluck sa inyong midterms! (^_^) kanina lng naka chat nko si jan.. ana siya lisod daw gamay..
kina BEKI, KATING, ERNIE & MEILIE - goodluck din sa midterms niyo! aja!

Monday, August 07, 2006

--Graduation Pics--
sorry kung karon lang nako napa-gawas daghan pa kaayo pics danhi
hopefully ma-upload nako tanan..hehe ed

1.. 2.. 3.. -- POSE!!

picture sa seaside na outing!!
haaayyyy.... Hello guys!!! mustah namo?
musta MANILA?
----cHiEnEy, CaThy, YeyE, JoMi, DanIEllE, JoyCe, JayJAy, MiChaEl
musta CEBU?
----TaRa and KHeN
musta DAVAO?
musta CANADA? (sosyal!)
------ JaYtEe
musta CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY "city of golden friendship"? (mas sosyal!hehe)
----kaila namo kinsa mo!
karon i'm so happy and relieved because nahuman na among first 4 exams and i've got two more to go!!yahooo! Happy kaayo karon ambot lang ngano wala ko kasabot. For the past days man gud kay i felt sad and lonely dili lang nako ga-ipakita kay wala gyapon ko kasabot nganong gi-bug-at akong feeling ato nga mga time. haaay... pero karon happy ko! sorry diay katong akong gi-promise na story about katong pit-os kaayo nako na moment kay murag madugayan pa ang release ato kay wala pa nako nahuman and wala koy plano humanon..hehe
well, Ganina bitaw nalingaw ko kay danghaaaaaaaaag.. kaayo sa English exam namo kung kabalo lang mo lahi akong gi summarize na selection and wala ko naka-sulat ug thesis statement sa outlining. haaay...dats life (nawalaan ko ug 21 points)
after sa exams kay nag mass ang some people of ogilvie sa 5:30pm mass sa x.u. and naa dadto si becky, ryan, kating, maki, juliet, yani, jerika, cese, rey(ang friend ni cese), ernie, ading, jolly, larah, inay and me...asens na kaayo mi karon kay ga-mass nami karon almost daily kay mao ra man gud among time na mag-kauban..hopefully someday maka-mass ta together as in complete gyud-- the whole OGILVIE family..charmus ginamos!! pero serious ko..
tsada kaayo ang mass kay tsada kaayo ang message sa priest kay ingon siya na sometimes when we are asked to help others we tend to give reasons like busy ta, dili ta pwede, kapoyan ta and all other reasons para dili ta maka-help.. and then gi-connect dayon ni father ang iyang example sa friendship and he said that we should help and love like a friend because a friend will help and love until that he would feel pain..ingana man siguro gyud na noh? i guess that's the magic of friendship-- sacrifice. haaay.. lahi ra gyud ang ogilvie.. miss you guys... i hope your happy with your lives karon, do well in your studies, don't forget to pray and thank God for your blessings, keep in touch!
sorry dili kaayo ko ga-text, uy second time nako ni mag blog....

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hai guyz.. Dugay na jud au ko lay visit2x.. Busy au sa skul.. I failed my physio prelims so i have to work hard to make bawi.. Oh yeah, nagjoin ko cheerdance.. Go nursing.. hehe.. Meju lisud xa.. My dancing ability is being tested to the limits.. Grbeh jud.. Crawl, jump, hop.. Grbeh au amung routine.. Double time pa jud.. Cuz we started late.. & sa XUHS mi gaprak wid d nursing bball and vball team.. Mashock ka na lang ky daghan mn dy guapo sa nursing.. Az in mga fud 4 d eyes.. Mga chinito & mestizo.. Makainspire sa prak.. hehe.. Sori keo sa mga pipz dri f li keo ko mkaspend ug tym sa inyo.. Senxa japun f li na keo ko gatxt.. La mn sad japun keo ko mashare.. So til here.. Magstudy pko for midterms.. TCGB!


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Truth or consequence sa right stop...kating and ed
Kating: wahahahahahahahahah! (sa cgeg katawa na igo ang NAWONG ni in super slight lng nga igo...and...) AGAY! UNSA 'to?!
Ed: huhuhu...imu na igo ako nawong!
Kating: ha?! halaka! man gud...
Ed: huhuhuhuhu...mas pa pud ang siko ni weng ui...
NGEK! mandamay pa jud!
Beki, weng and nikay...while ng laba sa katcha na g gamit sa drama2x na lng sila
Nikay: whooh...ka kapoi ba ui...
Beki: mao jud!
Nikay: hahayyy...ako man gud bana drive pa sa sikad...aguy akng lima ka anak karon g gutom na! kaw vic aha man imung bana??
Beki: aguy! tua...nag inom uban sa iyang pusta pa tog swertres...
Nikay: kaw weng? aha imung asawa...este bana...
Weng: na! tua! nang burikat pa!!!! nag duty sa rainbow club..
Nikay and Beki: HA?!?!
Chiki, cese and chika abwt a very pretty girl na itawag na lamang natin sa pangalang...GWAPA
Cese: shucks wa jud koy malibak bai!
Beki: lagi bah? lisud jud ning wala kay malibak kay dili nimu ma comfort imu self...
Kating: gwapa man jud xa ui...
Cese: buotan, bright, rich..
Beki: tanan naa na sa iya! tanan!
Chiki! suuuuuussss...dah ui! kagirun lugar to xa beh!!!! wa ta taguan lng niya!
Cese, Beki, kating: waaahahahahahah!!......lagi bah...
hahayyyyy.....lisud jud pag naa si chiki!

Friday, August 04, 2006

ayaw ko talaga ng TALABA batch name namin!!!


okay.. so basically, I'm back!!! hehehe.. i missed posting here na.. so anyway, im quite sure you guys miss me na.. so im going to make paramdam!(hehehe.. conyo keo!)

so basically, were doing fine.. (i think!) hahahah!!! i still dont like my blockmates BUT im loving my orgmates!! hehehe.. enjoy! binuang man gud keo.. ai! im goin to make chika.. our batchname in our org is.. tatananantanan... TALABA!!! hahahahaha.. CAthy, my dearest friend absolutely HATES it.. parang xa nga lang talaga ang ayaw ng name na nun! hehehe.. but she couldn't do anything.. mas marami kami eh.. heheheh.. if your asking why un ang batchname namin, its becoz its the 30th anniv. of our org.. so were kinda the 30th batch.. and 30th anniversaries connote to being the PEARL year.. so were the PEARL batch.. eh san ba galing ang pearl? di ba sa oyster (giant clams in some cases)? eh the tagalog of oyster is.. TALABA!!! eh our org is really quite Filipino.. super tagalog to da max na pati ang consti tagalog! we chose the tagalog word from "oyster" so thus was born TALABA!!! hahahah..
wala lang! (*i think ma super lagot jud si cathy upon reading this.. heheh!!)

ai! yeah.. you'd be amazed at how super all over the place ang email adds diri.. pipol chek ther mails almost EVERYDAY! as in.. parang everything as in EVRYthing, from blocks to classes to subjects to committees to orgs to sectors to LAHAT! has a yahoogroup.. i think i'm a member of mga 7-10 yahoogroups.. grabeh na jud!!! gud thing, internet here is FREE.. we always go online nge eh.. almost EVERYDAY.. mga from 3:30-7pm.. you'll catch catoy and i during those times.. usually..

oh yeah.. DILI na JUD ko maka.unli.. poverty's a hindrance man gud.. so load is kinda sort of.. scarce.. no money for it.. chances are.. basin naq.. BASin lang.. pero BASIN jud keo.. so dili naq mkatext sa inyo guys.. :(

ai! oo nga pala.. ill tell you ahead of time.. im super chubby pa japun.. dili pa jud cguro ko magniwang.. dugay2x pa.. hahahah!!! so ayaw namo pag.imagine nga nagniwang naq.. hehehehe..

I mishu ol!!! mishu ED,ERNIE,MIELIE,beki!!!!!!!:), KATING, WENGITA!!! and ol u oder pipz out ther..

*chieney :)*

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hello manila,davao and cebu people..heheheh...well, just incase gusto mo makablo kng what na gaka happen sa amung life diri sa CDO, himuan na lng ta mu ug some kinda "report" abwt the happenings diri cdo...isa isahun nko para bibo...hehehehe
Beki: well...ok lng ko...tambok gyapn...putot g hapun and of course cute ghapun..ahahaha..dili man au ko taekwondo ko sa school ug mao ra nah ang gapa busy sko usahay. Ga laag2x gyapun ko with the ogilvianz. Blockmates mi ni cese, erni ug rexa..ok na man ako relationship with my blockmates they are really fun to be with. Sa far math, biology, english, filipino, PE ug FFP ra amu mga subjects..wala pa major subjects...ok lng...kaya pa sko powers..hehehe..wla pay problema...bsta ui, ok rko...mao r ghapun
Ed: si ed kay nag accounting and lately ako na dungan na news kay ni apil xa ug quiz bee..and perfect xa sa iya psychology na prelims! di pa bang bang! Busy au sila duha ni ryan abwt something related sa arts and everything...dili pman ko nila gaingnan what about pero cge jud sila ug meeting. Ga dungan mi ug uli every tuesday,thursday and friday...sometimes pud gakita mi pag saturday. Naa na xa crush!! hahahah! curly hair...cute nga girl..ehehe...btaw ui..ambot lng if crush ba to niya...hehehe...di ko sure pero mao ingn usual...FUNNY japun si ed...hehehe
Erni: hmmmm...ysterday ni apil siya ug debate and ana xa first time jud daw to niya mg debate nga grabe jud ka with feelings and everything...amu xa ga sawayun pirmi kay NIKOLAI nga accdg. ky candy iya daw KARIBAL sa pgka chairman...or something like that...hehehe...but pirmi man pud namu xa gna assure nga mas maayo jud xa...which is true naman talaga...kalog ghapon si erni, atung bday niya nan libre xa sa butchers, ga dungan japun mi ug uli and ga go to church japun mi together...and naay something sa ila ni weng....(aguy! taksil! jookkee..). By the way nka 50 nga sit-ups si erni sa PE! power na kaayo ni si erni bah! ga try na jud xa! whooh...
Kating: hahayyyy...aguy! daghan gyapun ni crush! hahah! sweet japun si kating...ana xa nka A xa sa ila chemistry na exam. I know na ga excel jud xa...Math 1 siya! and ga prktis na xa ug split para sa ila trabaho xa sa iya papa...tig tubag sa usual malimtanun japun..hehehe...and daw diay niya..hapit na bya iya bday!
Wengita: AGUY! ambot na lng ni weng! di na nko xa carry....whhhooooohhh...atng saturday ng watch mi movie ana ba namn xa nga mu abay daw siya kay cese ky iya bntayan si ray (ang cute na special frnd ni cese). GIRLS...dili na gapa hawid si weng kay accdg. to him/her...whatever! bsain makita xa sa iya mga dili na xa duolan! aguy! and i found out na ngka crush daw xa ug girl adto pinagsisihan niya! once na lng gani xa ngka crush pinagsisihan pa niya!!! in short...dili na xa weng...wengitta na gyud xa...ana pud si weng nga dili na xa sa admu mg skul, diri na lng jud daw xa sa xavier...every saturday ra nko mka bonding si weng ug ambot lng kng unsa iya gabuhatun pag skul days...hmmmm...
Cese: aguy! akng gwapa na mama...grabe ka daghan admirers sa skul ug di pud ni xa gapa bang bang sa academics ky ga excel pud jud xa. Dili au xa busy...and naa xa special friend karon...hahahahaha! uuuyyyy...pero buotan,bright and funny man pud ni iyang special frnd that's why boto jud ko! hahahaha!!!
Meillie: very busy with her in super...sometimes gabi.i na jud xa maka uli because of her schedule but bilib ko niya ky even if busy uban pa ghapun mi..hehehehe...Math 1 ni akng ig.soon bah! and dili na xa ga some kinda tantrums..hehehe...buotan na xa..btaw ui...mas ni buotan na xa...
kung gi-mingaw ka namo ni chimey..
pagtxt ra japun maski dili mi maka reply..
haha :P
pero mas ok nga kung dito sa blog kayo magtanong about us or chika..
kasi may free internet sa school..
and parang halos everyday kami nag-iinternet dito ni chimey..
if you miss us.. just blog! :P

La lng... Juz wanna sey Thankz Guyz for oweiz bein there... ^_^

hahaha....... it's nice to know nga naa pa d i japn ga care bsan xlyt lng... ;p

kng anonymous... hmmnnn... I'll think abowt it... hahaha..... btaw, xak2 ka...
peru dli mn na mka compensate ang indulging yourself sa studies devah???

kng Kating... Datz!! maybe youre rayt kat... peru ders sumthn abowt her nga
mekz mah world upside down... ge lng... sumday,, i'll get ovr her... hehehe...
remember ang motto "i will not luk 4 love.. kapoi mn..."

kng tAra... haha.... Yah rayt tarz... dli nko mng ambisyon...

kng mel2... Ring!! tnx keow..... gbutang nko sa taas peru ibalik lng nko...
tsada keow ang filing nga knowing naa pa d ai ga support nd ga care... ^^

mao ra 2.... mg sey thenkyu lng ko sa nyu mga comments and advice... hehehe

sa nyu tanan.... beiz, it doesnt matter f life is like hell... waht matters kei make the
most out of it..... hehehe.. bxta inana gud..

peru f dli na ninyu kaya nd kelangan na jd mu ug katagai..
btaw, jowk lng... f kelangan ninyu ug sum1 to cry on
(ug pde pd sum1 to think of, sum1 u cant do widout, sum1 u cud hold tayt.. ehehe)
I'm just a TEXT away.... hehehe.... ^_^

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ed and Cuenca....after mag watch ug movie...

Anton: waahhh...ed...walay kwarta!
Ed: cge lng cuenca! pag ma CPA ko...imung lima ka anak akoy magpaskwela pati ilang mga yaya! (cge gyud! ma datu lng nah si ed!!)

Text conversation ni mel2x ug beki...

Beki: samuk ni among teacher sa english! mka ulit! sumo!
Meillie: nganu diay...g unsa ka sa imu teacher??
Beki: bsta! mka ulit xa! mura xag 1st yr......HIGH SCHOOL mutudlo...grrr....sumo au xa...
Meillie: relax lng becky...FIGHTING STAND! HAH!
Beki: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! Hawdja! FIGHTING STANCE uy!!! ahahahahaha!!

mao lagi na ron...

Kating, Beki, Cese, Weng and Mel2x...(naa pud diay si RAY..ka date ni "weng" btaw cese..ehehe) nag lunch sa Greenwhich..

Cese: taas man si heart..
Mel2x: ana sila dili daw..pero sakto2x lng iya height and gwapa jud xa
Kating: ka height ra man tngali mi..
Beki: ayaw mo anang height bi...gaka hurt koh!! (as usual!)
Kating: k ra nah bek...
Beki: cge lng...ka height man pud nako si jolina...
Mel2x: nge!
Kating: hala! PUTOT baya daw na si jolina!
Mel2x, Cese, Weng and Ray: ahahahahahaahahah!!!!
Beki: piskot....
Kating: ay! aheheheh...joke lang bek...

(beki: kat, i thought you're my friend....if putot si jolina...putot pud lugar ko??!!!)

Erni and conversation..dili ni ang exact words pero more or less...

Erni: oi weng! ako baya g story sa ako mga ka blockmates na g pikpikan ko nimu sa retreat
Weng: dawbi? unsa man ila ingon??
Erni: unsa daw nahitabo pagkatulog na ko...
Weng: imu unta gi ingnan nga g kamangan tika!!

(beki:huwaaaaatttt?!? blockmates:ha?! halaka ui! rexa: aguy! bottom line is? uwag)
reaction sa mga tao pag share ni erni sa ila ang story...

Hi guyz...this is beki...well...mao na ang mga bloopers nga ako na collect...daghan pa baya kalimut lng ko...ako sa i refresh ako mind...hehehhe..promise naa pa ni part 2! atleast karon gamay2x na lng akong bloopers...heheheh

my gosh! carpy!!! nag-invade ka na ng blog natin at ginawa mong all about you..
hahaayy.. :P anyway, heto na ko nag-popost para maiba naman ang unang
nakikita ko sa blog natin at hindi mukha mong _______ (open to interpretation)..
for the past few days, i think all of us have gotten a little if not just a tiny bit used to the 'ateneo way'.. well, it doesn't mean that it is as easy as that but it is because primarily we all have to.. hmm..
jomi - has a lot of reaction papers on plays.. naka punta na yan ng UP para lang manood ng play na required ng fil teacher niya..
chieney - still as spiteful to her blockmates.. pero nasabi na niya sa akin na medyo chummy-chummy na rin sila.. bago lang niya tinapos paper niya for english at excited na kasi dadating na mom niya dito sa friday!
danielle & yeye - sorry.. wala pa kong chika tungkol sa buhay-buhay nila kasi bihira lang kami nagkikita.. medyo dumarami na kasi ang mge requirements namin as time passes..
me - well, i should say that i'm doing fine.. pero yun nga.. bago lang ako natapos sa dalawang fil papers now i have to finish a paper for english and reporting on lit..
nung sunday sama-sama sina jomi, chieney, dane at yeye dahil mayroong mass sa high school cov courts for St. Ignatius' Feast Day.. at wala ako dahil kinuha ako ng relatives ko for lunch and dinner on that day..
this afternoon, may freshman representatives nominations kami sa org namin nina jomi and chieney.. gabay has really helped us in a way that we now have other friends who can relate to us in terms of being scholars or in other words - "pit-os".. alam niyo naman, "poverty is a hindrance".. lalo na siguro dito pag-surrounded ka ng mga mayaman..
so guys, if you have any questions about how we are doing.. pwede namang dito niyo kami itanong kasi ako at si chieney ay nagsasave ng load.. ;P
ok.. so ito muna ang chika for now.. late na ako for our frepnoms.. :P
tc ogilvianz..