Friday, December 21, 2007

hi! hello! what's up??

Hi guys.... you know naman siguro what happened to me again noh? so like yeah... I am currently "unstable". But I'm recovering... but it would be better sana if I can find time to make chikka with you... ANY OF YOU. It's so hard nowadays to keep myself "stable" because of christmas break. Not much to do, so many idle times.. so many chances to think and be haunted. haaayzz.. kaya, when you are planning to make laag here in CDO, don't forget to call me ha? (088) 8553323. I would highly appreciate if you will invite me to join your gimmiks. =)

Update me too if you have anything interested interesting to share. Share anything.... any sensible things... and by the way, I was able to finnish my very first lay-outed magazine (kkp mag) kanina with the help of our very own mr. Chairman. happeee... atleast I was able to do something I liked and at the same time, help. =) sayang lang... black and white lang, pero ok na rin.

Musta naman you guys??... update!

miss you all oh so much... *hug*


Sunday, November 18, 2007


in lieu of my 18th birthday, i have decided to give "drinking" a try. much to my misjudgment or anything of that sort, i chose to do it with my fellow ogilvians here in manila. with the guidance of FR. CRIS FAJARDO, SJ, who refused to be addressed as "FATHER" the entire night. but of course, we couldn't and would not help it but call him "FATHER or FADZ". hehe.

so, it was my first sip of beer and i didn't like it. haha. but i loved the company and the people. naks!
anyway, im trying my best to post the pix and videos in my multiply account but i takes ages and ages so ill try to put some here. after all, this post's predecessor is around two weeks old.

at venue #1

loveteam for the night (c/o fr. cris)
venue #2
*notice: wala na si Dane dito. haha.
for adults only kasi.

venue #3
naubos ang budget galing sa venue #2 kaya lumipat kami dito sa cheaper place.

nobody got drunk except JOMI. and he only drank water. hehe.

Fr. Cris had 6 or more bottles
Yeye and Michael next with 5 or more bottles
Cathie and moi drank around 2 or more bottles. pero mas marami kay cathie.


JOMI beat us all with 2 1/2 pitchers of water.

all in all we consumed 25 bottles. hehe.

hope to have this kind of bonding with you guys also! :)


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

i'm bak!! bwahahaha!!

halow world...hehehe..beki's back!!! hekhekhek..well, obvious na kaayo kung mg post koh dba..hehe..well, i am here to entertain you guyz..hihihi.. but before the inaabangan na bloopers..mag update sko sa akong self...ughm..ehem! ehem! mic test 1-2-3...ugh..hello? hello? ehehe..HELLO!!!! =D

so, as in in at this very hour...gapanakit akong li-og..(stiff neck!!!) kblo mo unsay rason???? intawun...tsada akong pgmata this morning..super excited na muadto sa skul..but ofcourse di ko mka gawas sa blay kung dili ko mg breakfast and since dili ko mapagkakatiwalaan na mg cook ug food..ddto nalng ko sa pinka simple i.cook..and nagluto nko ug hotdog ako ng g career kei mdjo expert naman ko subra-an pgka dihang! ni laguto ang akong sort apil akong neck..and suppppeeerrrr sakit jud siya...with my left hand..akong g hawiran akong neck wyl ang other hand akong g gamit para mg serve sa akong hotdog..uhuhuhu...grabe jud akong pg butang atong chinese chervah nga tambal sa akong mom...wa japun..kaila kag ga lisud ko ug turn sa akong head kei ga contract lng siya ug kalit...@_@ sakit jud siya ui...sakit jud..uhuhuhu..hahaiz...murag dugay2x pa gyud ni maayuhan..ampui nalng ninyo akong dili na siya mu stiff..uhuhuhu..@_@ epekto ni sa walay excercise...wala na na-anad akong body sa pg stretch2x...hahay..

and so, update na lugar daun 'to sa life noh?? ahehehe..wa may interesting sa akong far mao pato..ang pgka stiff sa akong neck..ehehe..=D so, didto nata sa bloopers!!!! whhheeeeeehhhee!! dagahn ko na collect na bloopers bah! yeeehhaaaa! so...this is it...

BlooPeR 1- madonna

beki, mel, and ed sa mcdo eat ug lunch..

beki: ui..balo moh? ma teacher na jud namo ang mom ni ken..excited nako..kailngn nako ug shades ani..
ed: shades? nganu man??
mel: MADONNA bya na iyang mama!!!!!!
beki and ed: unsa???
mel: aw..madonna..kanang DOña diay ug aura..ehehe

**sa dihang grabe ka layo noh??? pastilan mel2x..panabangi..hekhekhek!!

BLooPEr 2- anabelle ramsey

beki, mel, ed, cese and gellie ng eat ug lunch sa mcdo..

mel: ui! jukir kaau akong mama..
ed: aahahahahahahaaha! jukira ui!
beki: wala pa gani...
mel: jukir jud siya ui..kei..
beki: ahahahahahahahah! pagka jukir!!
cese and gellie: hahaahahahaha!
mel: ana man gud akong ate bah "mel, i edit na akong dagway ha..." ana daun si mama "ha? pwede diay na ma edit ang dagway...i edit sad ako beh...himua ug ANABELLE RAMSEY!!!!"
ed: unsa???
beki: (ng drink ug coke, na spill ang coke..) hahahaahhahaahahhahhahaa!!!!
gellie and cese: ahahahahaha!!!
gellie: anabelle rama man cguro mel..
mel: lagi! unsa diay akong ingun???
beki: ana ka ramsey!
ed: so, unsa man gyud ang gusto nga dagway sa imu mama?? kai anabelle rama or elizabeth ramsey??? ahahaha!

**hadah!!! imagina ang dagway ni anabelle rama ug elizabeth ramsey ug i.combine!! hahahahaha! wah gyud ni si mel...strike 2!!! hahaha!

BlOopeR 3- si dodong acero..

beki, mel and ed ng chika bwt sa mom ni ken..

beki: ga ka excite na gyud ko ui...
mel: dba mura man nag ktng host ang mom ni ken??
ed: aw oo!! lagi2x! mura man nah siya ug si OFRAH!!! si OFRAH WINFREY!!
mel and beki: waahahahhaahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaahhahaha! OPRAH sad na ui! P ed...P...hahaha!
ed: aw..oprah diay..sorry gud..hahaha!!

**ahekhekhekhek! strike 1 dong..hahaha!

BlOoPer4- si beki..

meeting sa kalag2x na party...

beki: naa ko suggestion..maypa nato ug mga pumpkin and candles ang place nila jomi para creepy ang ATMUSFEER!
ed: grabe bai! bisaya kei bei!
beki: bad kai ka ed...unsa man diay..
ed: bisaya kaayo bah!
ton, mel, gel, ces, maki: hahahahahahah!

**cge gyud ed...cge gyud..hahahahaha!

BlOopEr 5- si ed..

meeting pa ghapon..

ed: so ani nalng ni guyz..kanang dri nalng ang...(nag write sa board) mga CABWEBS! sakto man ni ang spelling bah??
beki: waaaaaaahhhh! COBWEBS ui!
mel: ahahahaahahahahhaahah!
ed: aw...O man diay ni siya bah??

**mao na nah kron! mabilis ang karma...haahah! *peace*

BlOoPeR 6- si ton2x nasad..hahaha!

general meeting sa party planners..naa si maki,ed, ton, kat, gellie, beki, cese and mel..

ed: (nag drawing sa blackboard) so, mao ni akong idea sa blay nila jomi..bale, mao ni ang mga chairs..
ton: hala! naa koy idea ed...mura btw kadto sa play nato??? maypa i-form nalng na ang mga chairs ug murag...TAMBSTONE!!!
beki: wahahahaahahahahaha! nakabalos ra gyud koh!!! wahahahaha!
ton: i mean..kanang tombstone diay..hahahaha..

**hahahaha! may rta ipag pakog ni ed...hehehehehe!

----> so, super daghan na jud kog na collect...hahaha..and tie si ed ug mel sa mga bloopers..hehe..actually, kung akong ipost tnan..labwan gyud ni mel si ed..hehehe...naa pa mga bloopers nga wala nko na record ug nalimtan nah but mao ra japun kay si mel2x rman tnan..hahahahaha! *peace* hehehe...hope ng enjoy, till here nalng..hehe...


Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's the party, baby!!!

This is jan, larah ang jhoden, the best scary shot I had. This was at the runway... cool ayo!! ^_^

The ever so white, white lady - Danielle. She had difficulty taking her make-up off... though she washed-up, the make-up was still there.. hahaha.

for those who weren't at the party, guess who this underworld bein is. hehe.

The most awaited guest, wenggita with his/her all red costume! with matching glowing sungay! hehehe. :p

The last Activity we had, back stabbing... patterened from what yeye experienced.

the two white ladies.. Gosh! talbugan ko ni isa.. naa pa xay mata nga gagawas! haha. be scared! XD

Setting up the place... sayang jud ni uy.. errr. if only it did not rain. :c

and the group picture.. the greatest attendance so far! almost all had really gruesome costume.. I was the make-up artist of lucagbo, maki, bantam, yeye, kating, ed and beki! haha. be scared!!! ^_^
*coming up pah ang videos guys ha... hopefully ma transfer. swear to God, malingaw/maluod/maibog/mabuang mo sa videos!! hahaha.

Love you all!!! mwwwwaaaaaaahhhh!!!!


Thursday, October 25, 2007


Haha Don't worry!
I won't
all your posts
(maybe some)
I'm just joking

ps. you know, there's a thing called YM -- if you wanna discuss changing the password. besides, who would want to hack your blogger?? :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


hi guys! i miss you all..

im stranded here sa dorm because its raining hard and therefore i can't proceed to baguio.
in my recent trip to nueva ecija, we had this little game where we ask a question with only 2 choices. we played this with the youth leaders there and their answers were really impressive. so now, ill ask you a question we used that night.

sino mas pipiliin mo, ang taong PINAPANGARAP mo o ang taong KINASANAYAN mo?

wala lang.. there.. pili.. tapos post your answers here. para fun. haha.


good luck sa kalag2x party.. hope it'll be successful and maraming pupunta..
take care guys!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

hallllloooo guys.. mah ged!karon pa o nka dare ug sulat sulat dinhi..gosh.. i soo miss everyone.. actually, mahay mahay lang o slyt sa mga pipol..they paln a lot of things pero murag sa lista kei nawala na c arceta..huhuhuhuhu..lain keow mo..pasangil daun kei lay active number..cge it is bantay lang malimtan pa jaon ko..


ok ok? hehe.. i miss you all.. see yah everyone sa 29!!!!:D

-lykie lykie;p


Hi Ogilvians! is that what you call yourselves? enjoy the break! :)


Hi Ogilvians! is that what you call yourselves? enjoy the break! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Night spent at Loreto's! Ü

the group picture!

guys just chillin' while waiting for their turn to sing. hehe.

singing the "nothing's gonna stop us now"
just look at their hand holding, isn't that sweet?? awwwwhhh... i missed this.

and well, hahahha. here's the dare of nikay. To kiss the belly button of any guy and she chose maki. Ü
To sum it all up, it was a wild, exuberant, wacked, naughty and exciting night! we all had fun, fun, and MORE FUN!! for more of the pix plus videos... visit my multiply site.
sayang for those who weren't there.. hehhe.
love you lots!

Monday, October 15, 2007

a response


ernesto baconga neri made me cry!

check out his blog and you will see why!

huhu. i super miss you guys na tuloy!
its really sad that im not there during our grand halloween party. pero ill make up for it sa december! cause by then ill be collecting my gifts din. haha. birthday ko na!
oh diba? inendorse ang bday..

ai oh nga pala.. our very own Mhelzy is now officially in love!
naks naman. love is in the air. and so is christmas! haha.
im sooooooooooooo happy for you mhelz! dalhin mo naman siya sa cdo para mameet ng mga pipol! hehe. pero really, you deserve to be happy and be in love! weeeee!
sana marami pa sa atin ang mainlove!

im bored to death. so guys! chat with me naman. desare09 ang YM id ko.. im online the whole day and night. haha
well, except kung magoff na yung internet provider kong hindi alam na nakikileech ako sa kanya. haha.

ai! ipagpray niyo naman ako. bukas na lalabas yung results ng accounting finals ko. sana matake ko yung results! haha. ayun.

take care everyone.
miss you all.

and seriously check out ernie's blog.


Tuesday, October 09, 2007

wooot! seam break na!!!

yehey!!!!!!!!! sem break na!!! weeeeee!! and after a week or so, some of the manila pipz will be coming back, woOoOoOoOot!! hahaha. I just can't help it guys, I am totally stressed and tired of school that I just need to have a break! gaaaaaahh. I hate the extreme stress and depression you get from inside and outside school stuffs. It's oh so draining. makes me feel dehydrated to the nth level! hahahhaha. (ok exage)

anyway, we have released the invitations already!!! weeeeeeee!!! many liked it. (*ahem!*ahem!) but sadly, it looked better pa naman if it was printed well. eeeerrrrr.. poverty is a hindrance! anyway, as resourceful and innovative as we are, we have found a solution to let it appear atleast, catchy and more interesting. (diba bek??) and mind you, your names were actually printed!! so that means, each one were made exclusively for the person! oh diba?!?! so you better feel special coz you are indeed special. (naks naman! :P) I won't insert the invitation lang para surprise. hehehe. :P

For those who haven't received the invitations and who happens to be in CDO, please do get it from Ms. Kathleen Emillie Araña.

I am extremely excited for the party!!!! I can wait for our planning and brain storming this saturday where in the full flow of the program and the events that will happen will finally be organized and some more add ons will be inserted. Oh my, Oh my... guys, be there jud ha?? we shall rock the P-A-R-T-Y, PARTY!!!!

and oh, here's one animation I saw. hahahhahaha. He looks like Ernesto Baconga Neri a.k.a. Ernie. diba??? hahhahahahah. peace erns! ^^ but really, you have more or less, the same dance move. haha. :P Peace!! *hugs* - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
Myspace Animated Comments
Love you so much!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

hapit na gyud!

glitter logo -

AwoOooOoO!!! AdVaNcE HaPpY HaLowEEn CaBo!!
>busy keo akong mga kauban na organizers sa ila mga exams..hehehe..btw timingan lng na wala koy gabuhatun krn so ako nalng ang sort of mga nasabutan namo for the upcoming CaBo costume party..=D in demand na kaau ni nga information...hehehe..

Theme: Set the spirit free: Ipagawas ang kalag!

>its basically a costume party na dapat mu gawas ang kalag! haha..just kiddin'..=D bhala namo sa unsa na costume inyo gusto..pwede mo mu sabay sa haloween season, mg horror costume mo or maski unsa na ma think ninyo..hehe..

> naay program and unfortunately dili pa nko siya ma hatag in detail kei wala pa na finalize pero para ma hatagan mo ug idea...naay Mr. and Ms. suggested by Ms. Kathleen Araña and of course siya ang mg host, together with Mr. Eduardo Acero, dili mo ka.ingon...after sa pg host ni ed ug debut ni jolly gusto pa gyud niya ipa dayun iyang hosting career. Naa sad concert mahtabo..launching sa CABO band..oh dibah..hehe..=D naa pud mga games...kamustahay sessions and of course...ang DISCO..hagui, mgpa kilid nsad ko ani..hahaha! suggestion nko pang cha-cha ang mga kanta..hekhek! (lola..gyud ui..hihi..)

> invitations will be distributed soon, mg design pa si mel ang gellie this monday...and lahee nta ug level 'ron...naa na gyud daw ta give-aways dapat..hehe..NOW, ang venue and date sa party...ani ni...ang party date kei Oct. 27 and ang venue kei sa haus ni jomi, nisugot naman daw iya parents...potluck ni na event but subject to change pa daw ni just incase gusto mo na i.cater, pero sxempre mdjo mas dako ang contribution..aniwei, usahay rman sad ta ga get together..

>mu.uli si YEYE! so grbe ni ka big deal kei 2yrs na namo(cdo peeps) wala na kita si sad ang uban manila peeps and i.allow pud yata si tara na mu join..mga pipol na dili kaau nato gka.uban ato na pud mka bonding ani nga party...hopefully mka.visit nsad diri CDO si mhelzy...(bah mhelz? hehe..) =D

** so, i hope you can all join the costume party, i.schedule na inyo activities for the break and make sure na ang OCT 27 kei walay nka schedule na lain..okay guyz?! miss you all..visit2x lng sa site or contact kating for any questions about sa party..maybe nxt week amu na ma finalize ang party..=D see yah all soon..


Thursday, September 27, 2007

click image for a better view..

disclaimer: the photos are from
i just made the collage but please still credit me when you copy or repost, etc.

the kirk long pics were included per request of mr. (oops) ms. adayo..

kirk eating a donut pic, expected reaction..

weng: donut na lang unta koooo!!!

and chris has the biggest picture because i want it that way..

included are arao, yuri & mike because their pic looks cute..

for the benefit of their admirers..

of course baclao is here because he is moi and chieney's new idol..

(take note idol not crush.)

he is a good defensive player only getting better!

fr. nebres comes in as another ateneo cutie!

that's what i call school spirit!

hope you enjoy! :P


Friday, September 21, 2007


ahahaha! whooo..maski intramz wala gyud rest ang mga bloopers sa mga tao..haha! and si kating na ang cge gaka bloopers..whooo! bibo..=D so, mg share lng ko sa amung intramz experience..haha! kaila kag na AGGIES ko ug kalit kei pirmi ko gaka dagit sa aggies na team..haha..ako ng gakalimtan akong team..but aniwei, tomorrow mg cheer na gyud kos team namo kei top2 mi para sa over-all..hadah lang daog gyud unta mi bei..=D paningkamutan namu ma champion sa intrams kei mdjo controversial rba ang cheering..hehe..kailangan bumawi..=D go artscies!!! yeah! (ma SBM na daw ko nxt yr..ambot lng sad kha f ma dayon gyud..hehe..@_@)

aniwei, for my bloopers..well, kani na bloopers murag sa duha ka adlaw ra ni sa intramz..unyah grabe na ka daghan! haha!

Blopper 1 (Food Tech...kuno!)

**kating and sylvia..g damay si GB and Beki sa aggies vs SBM na basketball women...

kating: cge na lagi bec bah! si GB gani oh..ana ko kei mam trell nga agri-biz siya..
beki: hadah..cge ui..
kating: cge, kanang..FOOD TECH imung cors!
beki: kat, sa dihang nganung food tech man gyud..
GB: agay bek..agay bek..
kating: aw, ahahaha..cge nalng gud bek..
sylvia: mas ka tuo.han man gud bek kung food tech..hahaha!

**ug sa uban sa game si beki..after pila ka minutes..around 3rd qtr. sa game..gipang kulba-an na ang aggies kei gaka apsan na sila sa SBM, si kating..grabe na ang GB grabe na ang pay2x kei si beki...

beki: atai nah! wa nah ni! (ni.tindog) GO AGGIES!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!! GOOOO!!! gapa numba mo ug baka kana lng dili ninyo ma tumba?? GOOOOO!! yeah!!!

**naka shoot ang player sa aggies..

beki: yeah!!! go number 6!!! go!!! yeah!! AGGIES! AGGIES! AGGIES!

**in short g seryoso ni beki ang iyang pagka dihang...grabe ka kusog ang tingog!!!

beki: ui kat! unsa ka bah?? nganung nag lingkod ka rman dha?! gna career ko na rba ni akong trabaho bsan DILI KO AGGIES!

**na shock ang katapad ni beki...g hapak2x ni GB ug kating si beki...

kating: hilum bah! hilum..pahawa.un ka kron..
beki: halaka! halaka! aw, kanang...nag shift man ko...bag.o tech tech...

**toinkz! ang pgka lng gyud..haahahahahaahahah! food tech btaw ha..hahaha!

Blooper 2 (YOlogy-eulogy..ang Mr. AUNT-Mr. ANT)

**kating,mel ang snacks sa reklamo si beki..

beki: unsa man mo ui..nganung ga dala man mo ug lamigas dani sa jollibee..(g smash ang lamigas!) mamatay ka amigasa ka! yeah!
mel: woi...beki..bad kaau kah...may buhay rin 'yan ui..unsa ka man..
beki: bah? aw di..ampuan gud ang, guyz..listen up...we are about to witness a YOlogy for MR.AUNT..
kating: mao! ahahaha!
mel: wahahahahahahah! atai!!! wahahah!
sylvia: (sarcastic kaau mu katawa) waahhahaha!
beki: (shrieks!) oh my gosh...oh my naman ko ui..oh my gosh...kat, bugok na gyud ko kat?? oh my gosh..bugok nko?? hala wala bya 'to nko g tuyo..oh my gosh..uhuhuhu! bugok na lgi gyud koh..uhuhhuhu...eulogy man 'to ui...and ant man akong pasabot..oh my gosh...stupid na kaayo koh..
sylvia,mel and kat: ahahahaha! okay rnah bek..mka get over rka anah..wahaha!

**actually're not naman kata.on lng nga unique lng gyud imung sakit/disorder..hahaha! the original blooper girl!

Blooper 3 (lamigas..nsad!)

**beki, kating and lar2x sa aggies na buy ug dragon fruit si eat dayun sila..

mel: mmm..lami man diay bah?
sylvia: ui..bntay mo..mka mantsa bya nah..
beki: bah? wa lgi ko ksbot sa iyng taste ai...
kating: NGYAK! HALANGA sad kaau ani ui!
beki: na.unsa..tam-is man ui..di man halang..
mel: ging...nka KAON ka ug LAMIGAS ui!!!
kating: aw....(walang ka emo-emosyon na pgka ingon..)

**hahahahaha! buing gyud ni si kating..pasakay kaayo..hahaha!

Blooper 4 (gwapo..kuno!)

**sylvia, GB, kating ang beki ng watch ug bsketbol men eng'g vs artscies..

beki: go arts!!!!!
kating: halaka bek..gwapo lagi 'to..
beki: aha ra gud dha? kanang ng dribol?? gwapo ba diay siya?
kating: GWAPO mu DULA bah..wa pa gani ko nhuman..
beki: bah..*toinkz*

**bsta gwapo lagi kat ui..hahahaha! lahi ra gyud ni ug mata si kating ui..stilan...tsk3x!

>enjoy!! or ng.enjoy ba mo? hahaha...=D ciao!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007


halow world..beki here..hehe..wala lang..gusto lang ko mg post..about sko mga kamalasan and ka swertehan(well..sort of!) ahahaha! kblo mo...a very funny and yucky thing happened to me in pa.sulod na sa amung dihang wala ko nka bantay na grabe diay ka slippery ang amung dalan...and DUS.MO in pa.front! nka hawid lng naman ko sa muddy na part sa amung dalan and namula lng naman ang akong tuhod..*toinkz* well, malas gyud siya pero atleast wala ko na samad..ahaha! wala lng ui..gka imagne nko na jukir gyud akong dagway adto na time..haha! akong mommy gud kay nka pa bukal ug water ug di oras! ang akong pa ko..ngak! mdjo malas ko adto na part noh..

..but well..ang swerte lng pud na part "hi" si gian sa ako..big deal kaau bah..hahaha! (okay rah i.mention ang name kay di man sad siya mg visit dri..hehehe!). Si Gian ang representative sa XU sa squareoff and ni.daog sila! next fight nila ang de la salle this october..he is amazing gyud..Honestly, after gyud sa squareoff my fan ko niya ug kalit..hahaha! bsta ai, mura sad mka relate mo bah? haha..aniwei, "hi" siya..and ani man gud ni..wala man ko namancn, evn if kblo ko nga pa.labay na siya sa kung aha ko ga man siyag kalit.."hi bek.." ofcors kaila mi sa ech other kei friends man mi..but dili gyud close..and wala "hi" siya..oh dibah..big deal lng gyud sa ako iyang hi..nga first time man gud..ahehehe..wala lng...hadah! ng 'hi" lng gyud siya ui..friendly siya..=D *winkz*

..pssssstttt..winner na sad si ernie sa mr.jpia na regionals! *clap clap clap* (kapayasun kaau ton2 bei! *peace* hahaha!) boracay daw ang next na competition but dili daw siya mu apil..aniwei, lahi na gyud ug level si ernie bei..gipa nosebleed na sad niya ang mga audience and ang iyang mga kalaban..haha! GO TON! CONGRATULATIONZ! whoooooo!

...yeaaaaaazzzz!!! hapit na gyud sembreak..atleast mka breath sad ta bsan kadjot YEYE, excited na kami sa pag.uwi mo ye! we really miss you! sa mga naa sa manila! uli mo ha if mka uli mo para ma bibo sad ta sa atong costume party! hehehehe..till here na lng..byerz!

this is what happens when Harry Potter's in Ateneo

hi world!

i know this is kinda long but its soooooooo hilarious i just gotta share it you guys..

there maybe parts na di nyo maxadong magets pero its okay.. its really hilarious..

hope you'd enjoy!


From the author:

This started as three separate entries in my blog I must be honest and say that this was nothing but a mere product of boredom. I wrote this after re-reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and after asking myself "What would Ateneo be like if it was attacked by Voldemort and his dark creatures?"

Friends who read my blog forwarded this to their friends who in turn forwarded it to their friends. At the request of my colleagues here in and people who have enjoyed this, I have edited and polished this story as well as added a few new elements to it.

Just a few pre-reading reminders:

This, in essence is a parody of Ateneo life. Yes, there are of course anti-school and UAAP-based jokes here and there but this mainly satirizes Ateneo life-- the people, the language, the culture etc.

This is also a parody of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Its ending resembles the ending of the Harry Potter book. So if you have not yet read the book and you do not wish to be spoiled, I must warn you to read at your own risk.

My thanks to those who have enjoyed what-used-to-be-just-a-time-filler and to those who contributed several suggestions.


We stand on a hill

Between the earth and sky

- "Song For Mary," Fr. James Rueter SJ

Chapter One: Before The Storm

Fr. Bienvenido Nebres SJ was just finishing the day's work when Harry Potter, a senior of the Ateneo de Manila, burst into his office.

"Fr Nebres!" Harry shouted

"Harry!" a surprised Nebres said. "I thought you were out of school destroying the horcruxes to kill Lord Voldemort."

"That's what I wanted to tell you. I discovered that there are two horcruxes here in Ateneo itself. Voldemort has enlisted the help of the De La Salle University and the University of Santo Tomas. They are coming."

"Don't worry, Harry." Nebres said "You know for a fact that Ateneo-- its teachers and students -- are more than capable of defending our Loyola campus. We will hold them off while you search for the horcruxes and destroy them. You will need this." He waved of his wand and out of the air appeared a sword. "The sword of St. Ignatius." Nebres said. "Powerful enough to destroy the two horcruxes."

"Thank you, Father" Harry said. And with that, he sped off to find the last two things which protect Lord Voldemort.

Nebres then waved his wand once more and this time, four people appeared in his office. "Marlu, Rudy, Toby and Joey. The school is in danger"

Nebres then explained the situation to the four Deans of the Ateneo de Manila University.

"I want you to assemble all remaining students in the college covered courts. We must evacuate the freshmen through Marikina. The sophomore, junior and senior students may stay and fight if they want to. Next, I need you to assemble all the teachers, both part time and full time."

Without a word, the four deans Disapparated and went on with their tasks. Nebres too Disapparated back to the Jesuit Residence and briefed the Society about the impending attack.

Fr. Adolfo Dacanay was the assigned to lead the Jesuits to battle "My team is ready to fight anytime anywhere. We will crush them!"

"Excellent." Nebres said

After a few minutes, Nebres, the four Deans and some members of the faculty and administration gathered in Xavier Hall to discuss the battle plan.

"The School of Humanities can summon mythical creatures to help defend us." Marlu Vilches said "The English Department professors are summoning creatures from Dante's Inferno and Greek Mythology as we speak. The Filipino Department is summoning all the manananggals and white ladies from the haunted trees on campus"

"The Philosophy Department" interjected Fr. Ferriols "is summoning creatures from Meron pond right now. Those rascals will soon feel the wrath of Meron! Magiging WALA silang lahat! Konsepto lamang sila!"

"Now is the time to test the newest chemicals and inventions from our SEC laboratories." Toby Dayrit said, "The Department of Environmental Science professors are enchanting the trees to life right now. We will purge them with the help of Mother Nature."

"I have just received a call from MVP" Rudy Ang said "Reinforcements from Makati are coming soon."

"My apples and sunshine are ready to fight as well" Tim Gabuna said. "Go CERSA!"

"I have just finished briefing my school. The Department of History is ready to fight. The Western history professors led by Dave Lozada and JoEd Tirol are summoning the three hundred Spartans and soldiers from the World War II to fight. Fr Bulatao and the Department of Psychology are locked inside the SocSci Conference room right now. They will use their psychic powers to toy with our enemy's mind."

"I have roused the athletes also." Norman Black beside Ricky Palou said. "They are ready to put up One Big Fight with their super strength."

A voice interrupted them. "I KNOW YOU ARE PREPARING TO FIGHT! You are no match for us! I have allied myself with the La Salle brothers and the Dominicans of UST. You cannot win against me, Jesuits. Push the limit! Animo Spirit! Give us Harry Potter and the sword of St. Ignatius and we will let you live! We will even let you win some of the games."

Chapter Two: More Help

The Ateneans ignored the warning and instead began to prepare for the impending battle. A few minutes later, the voice shouted for a second time:

"I can see you are not listening! It is such a pity. What happened to your Prayer for Generosity? Give me Harry Potter and the Sword of St Ignatius. Give without counting the cost, you always say! You have until midnight. I also call on all students of La Salle Greenhills and La Salle Zobel. It is not too late. Come and join us. Convert! Repent!"

Fr. Dacanay, interrupting his briefing with his exorcists turned and said "The idiot is taking the prayer out of context. Besides, St Ignatius also said to fight without fear of being wounded. And we will do just that."

Three figures -- two women and a man -- suddenly appeared. "We are from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology" said the man.

"Ricky Abad!" Fr. Nebres exclaimed.

"I brought with me our Department Chair Bopeep Saloma-Akpedonu. And this is Czarina Medina, one of our newest lecturers. We apologize for being late. We were preparing our I-bombs."

"I-bombs? What are I-bombs?" Nebres asked.

"Ideology bombs. Once they detonate, they will spread false consciousness in the area -- the La Salle brothers and the Tomasians will think they are winning. It is all false really. We will use their pride against them."

"Excellent. Excellent." Nebres said. "And here comes Andrew Ty and Mark Escaler for the Department of Communication."

"Yes!" Escaler said "we will infiltrate their communication processes by adding "noise" and ambiguity between the message relay of the sender and the receiver so orders can be reversed and thwarted!"

"The creatures from my horror films are coming!" Andrew Ty said. "We will use them to our advantage!"

"Father President! Some people are coming!" somebody shouted.

Some five hundred people then Apparated out of nowhere. Wearing either red or white shirts, they marched towards Nebres. A young man then stepped forward.

"We are from the University of the Philippines." said the young man. "For years, our academic communities have built a strong relationship with each other. We have shared professors. We went to rallies together. We have had our differences. Yes. But in the end, our similarities and accomplishments outweigh our differences... We are here to help! We are honored to fight with Ateneo once more!"

Cheers and applause errupted from all sides.

"Let's make baka! Don't be takot! Let's make baka! Don't be takot! Let's make baka! Don't be takot! Let's make baba from the hill" the Ateneans cheered

Five minutes to midnight.

The School of Humanities stood with their mythical creatures summoned from the Classics, and the haunted trees and the gigantic swamp creatues from the Meron pond.

The John Gokongwei School of Management with their reinforcements from Makati, along with Venus Ibarra, Ricky Pilar and other professors.

The School of Science and Engineering with their mysterious inventions and weapons. The gigantic trees in the campus now walking sluggishly by their side.

The School of Social Sciences with their unique yet powerful defensive weapons; the Psychology Department ready for the psy-war.

The Ateneo Professional Schools ready to defend their Loyola-based counterparts; the two fraternities in the Law School forging a temporary alliance.

The Alumni, the D.A. (Dalandan's Army), led by Benjie Laza and Mon Cualoping.

The statues of Tomas More, Horacio dela Costa, the Blue Eagle come to life.

The students from U.P.

Two horcruxes left.

Now all is still, where Loyola's colors fly.

Chapter Three: One Big Fight


There was a burst of light emanating from the sky, brighter than the moon and the stars. What seemed like a horde of fireflies turned out to be arrows. Thousands of arrows. Tips on fire.

The arrows struck the Blue Eagle Gym. The oldest building in the University. The symbol of their athletic pride. Now aflame.

Toby Dayrit tossed a beaker of water to the burning building. He pointed his wand at the beaker now mid-air and shouted his spell "Magis." The water transformed into a surf huge enough to douse the fire. The Blue Eagle Gym was safe.

The archers outside roared their disappointment. But they shot again, this time targeting the Erenchun soccer field where some of the Ateneans were camped. Nebres pointed his wand at the arrows raining from the sky and shouted his incantation "Cura personalis" and the thousand arrows turned into bubbles.

The Ateneans cheered. The first two attacks of the LaSallians and the Tomasians have been thwarted.

"You have had your fun, Ateneans." a voice boomed. "Now it is time to get serious."

Darkness suddenly enveloped the University. The enemy had sabotaged their electricity. Immediately all the Ateneans took out and flickered their wands, "Lux in Domino" they chanted. Light emanated from all the wands.

The illumination came just in time as suddenly a stampede crushed the fences between Gate 2 and Gate 2.5. The Ateneans have realized the magnitude of their danger: it was not just the LaSallians or even just the Tomasians they were confronting; the other schools were there as well. A thousand green archers were riding the backs of the giant tigers of UST. Charging with them were the giant tamaraws and a hundred warriors whose bodies were painted red war paint. Above, falcons were soaring in the sky.

"YOU FOUL THINGS, noh?" somebody from the Ateneo crowd shouted, charging at the stampede; it was Tessa Rosana "How dare you attack us, noh? You don't know who you are dealing with, noh? TAKE THIS, noh?" She hit her gong with all her might. A powerful sound wave spread throughout the area knocking a hundred archers and animals out.

"Haha anoh?" she triumphantly yelled.

And so the other Ateneans started counterattacking as well. David Lozada and his 300 Spartans. The ROTC cadets. The mythical creatures of the School of Humanities. Dalandan's Army.

Ricky Abad and the Department of Sociology soon deployed their Ideology Bombs prompting some of the LaSallians to cheer instead of fighting. They cheered, "strawberry shortcake nananananana." instead of "Recticano! Recticano". This allowed some of the Ateneans to easily knock the LaSallians out.

Somewhere near the Covered Courts, Norman Black was briefing his team, "Nonoy. I want you here. Chris, here. Jai, there. Alright? Any questions."

"Aaaaah! GOD DAMN IT!" a raspy voice screamed. It was Joe Lipa, former coach of the Blue Eagles, who arrived with the contingent from UP. "Just charge! Attack them! Now!" And so they did.

The LaSalle brothers and Francisco of UST were outside, watching the battle, waiting for their turn to strike.

A handful of LaSallians were found trotting back to their base.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" Francisco yelled.

"You told us to retreat!" the archer said.

"You idiot! That's just Escaler and Bulatao toying with your minds! Go back! That's it! I am joining the battle!"

She then stepped forward lifted her two arms and shouted "Tiger Power! Raar! Tiger Power! Raar!" The LaSalle brothers thought she had lost her mind. But then she suddenly transformed into a giant tigress, twice larger and fiercer than the ordinary tigers. Seeing their comrade ready and willing to fight, the LaSallians cheered.

"HOY!" Goldie the Tiger roared "NO CHEERING DURING BATTLE! NO CHEERING!" Then she advanced.

Her first target was Fr. Dacanay who was busy exorcising some of the archers and paralyzing them.

"FATHER! Behind you!"

Quickly, Dacanay whirled and performed his own counterattack "Expellus Inferius" blasting her into the middle of the Erenchun field, knocking her out.

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" The La Salle brothers shouted upon seeing their comrade down. "It is time we even the score."

The earth began to quake. And out of the night came a gigantic robot. It was DLRT; the LaSallians had transformed and brought the LRT-1 which passed Taft Avenue into a robot.

DLRT was making quick work of the Ateneans and their creatures-- crushing the mythical creatures here and there, tossing the trees brought to life by the Department of Environmental Science.

"Let us not lose hope!" Nebres said. "We are after all committed to hope."

"Now is not the time to talk about GK, Father!" somebody said.

"I am not talking about GK. I am talking about SECtor."

He pointed his wand the Science Education Complex. The building shook and assembled itself into a robot. SEC A was the head and the torso. SEC B became the left arm and leg and SEC-C became the right.

"Mang Freddie!" Nebres called.

"I am ready, Father!" shouted Freddie the man in charge of Escaler Hall which has now become the control room SECtor.

"Attack, Freddie! One Big Fight."

DLRT was no match and quickly collapsed under the strength of SECtor.

"Fr Nebres!" Harry Potter appeared. "Two horcruxes have been destroyed!"

"Animo La Salle!" "Animo La Salle!" "Animo La Salle!"

There were screams of terror. The LaSalle brothers had entered the battle. They were using their most dangerous spell: The Animo LaSalle – the Killing Curse!

Finale: The Animo Wand

Ateneans were dropping dead left and right. The Animo La Salle curse was unblockable. Some of the more veteran teachers provided extra defense and protection to the students but most of their efforts were futile.

Dacanay and his Jesuit team however managed to stun a few archers.

Victory however seemed far-fetched. Francisco had been revived from the Stunning Spell by Dacanay. Back in human form, she was battling Jai Reyes, Kirk Long and Chris Tiu at the same time. While the players were certainly skillful, Francisco was able to block all spells launched by the Blue Eagles.

Francisco pointed her wand at Chris Tiu and shouted "Animo La Salle!" But the curse missed him by an inch.

"Not Chris Tiu you BIATCH!" somebody shouted; it was Achoot Cuyegkeng. "Out of my way! Out of my way! FRANCISO'S MINE!"

Francisco laughed. " You are no match for me! I am the greatest servant of the Dominicans! What's gonna happen to your Loyola Schools after I kill you?! What's gonna happen to your Blue Eagles after I kill Chrissy?"

"You will never touch any of our students again!!" Cuyegkeng said.

Francisco laughed. And with her unerring skill as jack-of-all-trades professor Cuygekeng sent a Stunning Curse at her opponent. The curse hit her squarely on the chest, knocking her out once more.

"Enough!" Harry shouted. "Voldemort! Where are you? You have been using the LaSallians and the other schools to come after me. Where are you?"

"I am here, Potter." a voice hissed. The voice came from Bro. Armin.

"Brother Armin?"

"No! I am Voldemort! Armin is my past, present and future. See?" he wrote the word Armind then with a flicker of his wand the word became Voldemort.

"I don't get it." Harry said

"Ako rin!" an Atenean said.

"Ha? Can you make ulit?" another one shouted.

"How did Armin became Voldemort?"

"Bai, nalibog na ko!" A Cebuano Atenean shouted.

"Bah! Never mind! Anyone knows the LaSallians can't spell. So anyway, I stunned Armin a few days ago and using his name and face I used the school and all the other schools to come and find you!"

"But you are too late. I destroyed all the horcruxes"

"No, Potter. I win. You see, while I was Bro. Armind. I was able to find the long lost and most powerful wand in the entire world-- the Animo Wand! And you will be its first victim!"

"Are you kidding me, Tom?" Harry said "Don't you get it? The wand chooses the school. The Animo wand does not belong to La Salle! It belongs to the Ateneo."

"No! You are the fool! The LaSallians have been cheering Animo La Salle for such a long time. The LaSallians truly own the wand and since I am a LaSallian for now, I own it. Die Potter die!"

"But you see, Riddle, you did not review University histories. If you did, you would know that the Ateneans used Animo Ateneo first. And they still use it now. There is even a website right now named The Ateneans have reclaimed Animo Ateneo!"


"So. It comes down to this isn't it?" Harry whispered "Does your wand know that its original owner still values it? If it does, I AM THE TRUE MASTER OF THE ANIMO WAND!"

Voldemort points his wand at Harry who in turn has prepared for the final duel.

"ANIMO LA SALLE!" Voldemort shouted.

"OH! GET. THAT. WAND!" Harry shouted.

The curse rebounded and hit Voldemort instead of Harry who caught the Animo Wand with his other hand. Cheers from the Ateneans and even some La Sallians, who realized that they were duped were all around.

That morning both Ateneo and La Salle forged a cease fire, a temporary one because the next day was the Ateneo-La Salle basketball championship. Francisco who was revived after hours of being stunned by Dacanay and Cuyegkeng decided to lift the "No Cheering!" rule during time out. However, she still flinches whenever Dacanay (or any Jesuit for that matter) would approach her.

There were however, a group of La Sallians who disagreed with having a cease fire. They believed that the death and defeat of Voldemort was unfair so they decided to file a protest. This was later junked due to lack of merit.

Epilogue. Nineteen years later.

It was the day of the ACET.

Harry Potter was accompanying his son Ben.

"Dad! What if I fail the ACET and end up in DLSU?"

Harry looked at his son and said "Bienvenido Adolfo! You were named after two of the most powerful Jesuits in the country. One of them is a good friend of ours. In fact he was the one who officiated our marriage."

"But... but... so what if I DO fail the ACET and end up in DLSU?"

Eh di bobo ka talaga! Harry thought. But he didn't say that. "But we will still love you as our son!" Harry said. "Alright. Your test starts in a few minutes. Make us proud. One Big Fight."

*si Fr. Ben Niebres ang president ng Ateneo (Loyola Schools)

*si maam achoot cuyegkeng ang VP for Loyola Schools

*ung mga infrastructures mga buildings lang ditto sa Ateneo

*ung mga pipol, mga significant and really KNOWN people here sa admu either their great or terror

*speaking of terror, si Fr. Dacanay is one hella of a theo prof

*ung iba.. basta mga churva na lang..

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thumb story

hahahhaha. one of the many things we did... we're obviously bored noh? haha. just watch it guys.

starring: Victoria Pulido as "Thumbok" and Eduardo Acero as "Thumb Cruis"

great buys!

Invite tah ni mam mercie sa iyang boutique!!!
daghan daw siya great deals!!!

Blk3, Lot5 sa Phase 1A Xavier Heights (last gate)...

=) gelz

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we love you geetah..

xudi na maginemu.emu ug ayu ha??

we love you ging..

were ALWAYS here for you...

kk?? weng..

haleor wengy! its okay if wala ka na dayun sa doesn't really matter if aha ka mg school as long as okay ka and comfortable ka na dili ma dayun ddto, okay ra kaayo sa amu...=D take your time weng, and we are all here for you. Dagahan pa ta mga laag dis break so definitely uban napud ka sa amu..bsta weng...relax lng and ayaw lang kaayo pag worry..awkie!? tc weng!


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Yes, true...

I have to tell everyone that...
I did not pursue going to Czech Republic.
Overwhelmed lang ko sa akong
depression for years na.
Many were dismayed, but
I think dili lang jud nako kaya.
so nibalik nakog cdo
hoping to heal well.


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hi there!!! beki here..hehe..wala lang..post2x lang..

so, stryahan nalng ta mo sa na happen sa akong day..hehe..okie..actually, dapat naa ko krn sa carnival sa ketkai ga rides uban ang akong XA na frends, change man ilang plan, mg ralf's daw sila..atai, lola bya wala na lng ko ni uban..hehe..i ate dinner wid them then ni.uli nko ryt away..chika gamay wid kating sa mcdo then i'm here...atubang ang computer..hehehe..

tree planting namo tomorrow..excited ko..hehe..and mu fly napud si weng ugma...kaila kag online ko ug ng buzz ko nya! ng offline dayun ug kalit...sakit kaau si weng ui...sakit..=,( bulaw na rba iya buhok haha! anyway, wala man gyud koy post lng gyud kog BLOOPERS!!, introduction ra gyapun 'to tnan..hahaha!! so, humanda na kayo makamandag kong bloopers!!

BLOOPER 1: (ang "baki")
(kating, gelie and ed..lunch sa open nsad ang topic about usual..sikat nsad ag grbe ka unique ng tingog ni ed..)

ED: *singing*
BEKI: ed...please..
GELIE: eduardo ui..ambot nalng gyud...
ED: nganu??? tsada man kog tingog..
KAT: huwag niyo namang ganyanin si ed..(ng advice kunuhay kang ed..) ed, bkt hindi mo nalng gayahin ang parable of the frog..nga nka gawas siya sa well bsan daghan ng discourage nya..then na realize sa uban frogs nga bungol diay siya...awata nalng ang frog ed..pagpa bungol2x sa mga pan.lait ng mga tao sa imu...
ED:awwww...abi nko MU KANTA KO SA BUNGOL!
KAT,BEKI,GELIE: hahahahahahah! pwede bya gyapun ed! hahahaha!

*atleast wala nay mu comment sa imu voice ed..hehehe..di man nila ma dung.gan in the first place..hehe*

BLOOPER 2: (ang white lady nga bayot)

(kating and gelie ng chika about sa OGILVIE get together this october..)

GELIE: kat, dibah ila jomi ta mg party??
KAT: yah...y man?
GELIE: dibah ddto ka nka kita ug white lady??
KAT: yah..hehehe
GELIE: unya LALAKI and whiteLADY sa ila jomi kat???
KAT: aw...nganu man diay gel? bayot diay??!!(sarcastic)

*gelie, naa ba daw laki nga white lady???!!! bcn bayot gyud diay gel..hahaha! maski ang mga white lady ga lantad na! wahahah!*

BLOOPER 3: (i need my car!)

(kating,gelie,beki and ed ng lunch sa chika si ed about sa iya blokmate ng story..)

ED: ui...akong blokmate bah kai naa siya g story nga grabe ka jukir!!
BEKI: waaahahahahahahahahahah! jukira ui! hahahahahahaha!
KAT: over...
BEKI: aw...hehehe..*beki ui..corny bya...haha*
ED: ana siya bah nga naa daw kabit ila silingan nga ni atake sa blay sa asawa sa iyang kabit..kai ang iya diay kabit, g dala ang yawi sa iyang sakyanan..unya, grabe iyang shagit! g du.ulan daw siya sa mama sa akong blokmate, ana daw akong blokmate nga.."excuse me miss, gabi.i na rba then daghan na gka tulog..." g tubag daw siya..."i dnt care! all i want is the car of my KAYES(keys)"
GELIE: *na, ni gawas ang tubig sa ilong! harhar!*
BEKI:atai ka ed...ahahahahhahahahaah!
KAT: wahahahahahahaah!
*after awhile..*

BEKI: taympa ed! mangutana ra gud ko..KAYES jud iya ingon???
ED: unsay KAYES??
BEKI: ana ka KAYES, mao na akong g!
ED: hala! KEYS ui...KAYES akong ingon???!!
GELIE: wahahahahahah!
KAT: patilan eduardo!
BEKI: wahahahaha! daan ko pa lagi nah! nao ng gkatawa ko!

*wahahaha! double bloopers ed! weeeeee!*



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Halow my dear mehlzy...happy birthday to you! i miss you mehlz...=D

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maH sisTah!!!

hAppy 17th birThday mheLz!!!
one year na lang 18 ka na=) hehehe...
mizYa so much na bya,

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guys, watch this. ma amaze jud mo! the first time ako ni gi watch, super JAW DROPPED jud ko! :P

nice work for the koreans. really amazing coordinated dance. ;)

and tinunod jud tong si jai? as in jud? who's the girl? sayang iyang career.. tisk.

and weng! puyo woi... kiatan keo kah!

love you lots,


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hala oi

kailangan lng jud ko mag comment ani nga isyu ha..
OMG!! som1 confirm mi beh nga ma amahan na c PApa Jai Reyes!
true, or not?! cge na bah, gka intriga lang jud ko ai..
kung tinuod man jud.
why oh why papa jai,. nganu kailangan sa ibah pman..
nganu dili nman lang ako.. 2bag papa jai.
nganu dili nman lang ako nga single, unattached,
available, and perfectly negotiable..joke!!!
mao rah! ehehehe


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woiiiiii!!! Tao sa world..hehehehe..wala lng..hehe..woi, i think gyud si Jai Reyes ng famous person na ma father nah..hehehe..hadah! godbless nalng sa iyang life...hehe..and ei...ISHFIKING of pagiging famous and all..i know 2 ogilivianz na slowly ga make napud ug name sa theatre! oh dibah! (beki! clues! clues!) *waaahh! gastrya ko skng kaugalingun*

>ang g portray na role sa isa kei "manyak" ang isa kei "bayot nga papa"

>ang ng portray sa manyak nga role kei ang dakilang artist nto sa CABO, na pirmi present pg mg design na sa mga props and all..

> ang ng portray sa bayot na papa kai ang gna saway ni Lily na HUMBA..ehehehe...

** dah woi! as if naman lisud kaayo siya i guess bah..hahahaha! well...well..well.. si EDUARDO ACERO JR. lang naman and REY ANTHONY CUENCA!

yep...yep...yep..last wednesday and thursday ng act si ed and cuenqui wid ryan ofcors sa 2 shortplays para sa buwan ng wika...ang SAKLOLO-ed and DAKILANG BAKLA- cuenqui and ryan...amazing kaayo sila...=D kaila mog first time mg act ni ed sa live audience and i tell you...carry kaau ni ed ang cunqui ug ryan sad, instant hearthrob ang dating! bhalag bayot ang role ni cuenqui..hehehe..=D sayang wala na videohan and wala na picturan ang event..but kami ni kat and gellie ang witnesses sa kng unsa ka amazing ang atong mga ogilvie boys..heheh..kataw! =D

**again...introduction ratoh nko sa kng unsa gyud akong purpose why ng blog koh...ang dakilang bloopers!!!! wahahahaahahahahah! bibo!

BlOoPer 1 (model ta bei..)

(cese and beki sa kiosk dapit hagerty ng wait for ed and mel nga mu.abot..)

CESE: guilty bya ko ui kei daghan ng mahay na wala nko sila g.ingnan nga ng model2x ko sa pale blue sa ketkai...
BEKI: really?? hala oi...
(ni.abot si usual..late napud...9am ang abot 10am..)
ED: hello..
CESE: woi..ed...sorry kaayo..
ED: ha? nganu man?
CESE: wala tika g ingnan nga ng model ko sa pale blue in daghan bya gyud ng mahay..
ED: aw...imo diay unta ko gi.ingnan..
CESE: lagi nah...sorry gyud ha..wala namo nka si cese..)
ED:...para nka MODEL pud KO bah...
BEKI: wahahahahahahaha!

**buing man ni si ed ui...abi nko na sayangan kei wala nka kita kei cese ng model, na sayangan man diay kei wala nk model ug apil..hahaha!

BlOoPeR 2 (ang paghulat..)

(ryan,ed and jeep pa.uli...grabe ka serious si ryan ug ed sa pg sturya2x..nikalit lng dayun si beki..)

BEKI: WOI! hulati bya ko ninyo ugma ha! ayaw bya mo ug hawa kng wala ko bantay lng gyud mo oi...
(na shock si ryan ug ed...long pause...)
BEKI: sa KAON bah!
RYAN: atai...abi nkog unsa! abi nkog unsa ka dako na problema nga mgpahulat lng man diay ka..
ED: bsta kaon gyud lagi ui..hehehe..
BEKI: ma lugar ko beh..=D

**well..libre na gud na beh...unsa man mo ui! hahah!

BlOoPeR 3 (ang paglalantad..)

(sa blay nila weng sa buntong gutter...naay manicurista nga ni.adto..)

WENG: nang, dali sa nang..
NANG: nganu man dong?
(na.insulto daw kai nagnung dong ang tawag sa iyaha..)
WENG: mg pa limpyo ko ug kamut ng..pero, diri lng ta sa suok...hihihi..
(sa dihanag...g limpyuhan si weng ug kamut..after that, nanawag ang mama ni weng, g sugo siya ng mgkuha ug something...)
WENG: ma, nara oh...(intentionally, gpakita ang iyang newly manicured nails)
MAMA WENG: unsa man nah?! kis-kisa nah! (pointing to wengs newly manicured nails..)
WENG: (scary eyes..) mama ui...

**in time weng..matatangap ka rin niya..haha

BlOoPer 4: (ang paglalantad part II)

(si weng and iyang mom kei naa sa room, ng sulat ang mama ni weng nikalit lng dayon si weng..)

WENG: MA! I'm Gay!
MAMA WENG: paghilum dha..latusun tika 'ron..

**hahahah! murag bata!


Thursday, August 30, 2007

bloopers Chorva

ladies and gentlemen.. and gays too...
this is an attempt to make a blooper (sakto bah?)
kei sa.una rajod ko hoping to be a Big contender top be the
Queen of BlooPers, along with the reigning title-holder, Veki!!!

Mel2x and Wenggita @ mcdo gahulat sa pag order ni Kating sa ice cream cones...

WenggitA: (posing Bryanboy style, arms wide open, stomach in and humping back) mel, ani mu pose c bryanboy oh para niwang tan.awon iyang arms...
Mel2x: rily?! atong tiyan dana (pointing at my stomach)
wenggita: hawdja! gamay sad na noh!
mel2x: (still pointing at my tummy) Weng, CHIST IN, CHIST IN!!
Wenggita: mel, it's CHEST.. og tiyan na, dili dughan!!
ALL: bungkag sa katawa...

**oh dhava! Meily! pila pa ka dangaw kalayo ang tiyan sa dughan nako oi!
** og sa dili man sad ko perpekto noh, but i think kelangan najud ta tanan mag Correct Speech and PRonunciation Building.. hadah..

Bryanboy: Super biatch gay Filipinio blogger


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

wala jud mi lingaw bah???

Patikim pa lang yan guys! hahaha. check out my multiply site. to view more. sobrang wala jud mi lingaw ani nga panahona kei nanga palaw jud mi sa dapat namo buhaton!

basta, lingaw jud kaayo. four ra mi ani ha... but memeng, we were so saba! hahahaha.


cebu chorbah

nag via cebu ko, timing pud naa cla kating 'n dev com gang for their eductional tour.
duol era ang airport og hotel nila kating.
so wala ra keo ni ambak akong kalag sa price, kei supah tight budget najud ko..
sa dihang, nag pa feeling close jud ko nla kating. nagpabaga kog fez...
nisakay ko sa ilang tour bus, put my luggage sa bus compartment below,
og put mah oder istuff sa overhead compartment, hadah, wa nai lain nga
way but mag pavagag fez, lepz, matriz kei dili ko gusto mabilin sa hotel..
take note, naka adto nkog Taoist temple sa Cebu care of dev com tour, oh dhava!
plus na enjoy ko sa sites, dghan man sad fwendships, like ibyang momi doi, etc.
so lingaw more ang experience more dan the sights and wonders, sunggo!
unya sa bus usual ra ang moments, super chikka ana ana..
sa dihang natingala nalang ko, nanyagit na ang devcom pipZ, nag una una c Ronnie.
kaila kag abay man diay sa among bus kei
a carful of macho papa gwapitoz in sandos and fitting shirts! omg!!!
sa dihang nishagit kog apil, kaambakon nako paggawas sa moving bus.
hala oi, tukar napud ang uwag,,. okee wenggita istop! ehehehe

so the bus went to ayala cebu, we (char apil kunuhay ko) were just given an hour
para mag latagat sa ayala cebu..
or else kalimtan mi sa bus nga we exist.
plus in there naa ang tita sandy ni kating na four centuries na naghulat nia
plus us her friends, she would treat us daw..
nagkita dayun mi ni tara sa maLL, in fairness taray keo ang bag sa bruha, basta lahee rah!
kailag kag nilpas jud mi sa 5 pm nga sabotan nga mamalik mi..
kei ani ang story, buotan man gud keo ang tita sandy ni kating
nag joy tour mi sa cebu gamit iang car.. ibah rajud..
ni adto mig go-karting race trach (ambot sakto bah ang spelling..)
dili ka kaingon, librehan mi niag race kuno. omg!
ni apas dayun si tara kei kato pah sucker for thos kinds of activities...

kaila kag milyonz ang tao waiting for their turn sa race track, nagbaha ang koreanz jud ai
i was watching them ol da tym, mura najod kog ga watck og koreanovela sa tv
i had the same feeling kon mag watch ko sa idiot box..
anyhoo, nag decide nlang mi na to hear mass sa Lapu Lapu sumtin (sakto ring?)
kaila kag mura mig ga tug-of-war ni tara kei wla sia kbalo asa mu.uban.
did2 ba kang dom (MU daw sa babayi,. uyyyyyyyyyy!!!) or sa amo
tara finali decided nga uban sa amo kei evriday man daw sla magkita.
kami kei talagsa ra kaayo, so go si tara with us..

si tara kei shocked sa ako.
ambot sa bayi, bayot nman jud ko forever.. ambot nia oi, basta go tar, Oo
dakong bayot nako.. char ehehehehehe
so after mass, went chorbah directly nami sa go-kart chuva
nalingaw jud ming tulo did2, though manakit jud inyong lubot ug body organs.
lingaw sia kei race race factor jud mo!
kakita lang mo ni kating og tara, nag collision ang duh! as in, gitulod nalang gud sila
sa mga track boys para makawala sila sa tangle.. hadah go..
unya nabangga c kating sa mga ligid dapit..
hala ring oi, i cant blame u im a bad driver too.. well di jud ko kbalo mu drive..
c tara ang murag adrenalin rush galore jud nga sirit sirit lang ang agi..

so after that dat, char treat npud ug dinner ang tita sandi ni kating
who is bewi pretty, mahinhin, brayt, ma prinsipyo and single pah 30 sia
so sa kanang mga naai uncle nga single pa japon, hagoi, wat ya waiting for?!?!
(char! namugaw nmn jud ko, ooops)...
back to chrobah treat siag dinner sa mcdo.. oh dhava, asa ka kakita ana..
all those times, gina imbyerna nami sa txt and coLs sa devcom pipz
nga muadto na lagi sa pier kei bacin mabiyaan mi sa bus plus among mga kagamitan
nga nabilin sa bus..
well dili man sia imbyerna, dey were concerned of us.. ug ang tiket pajod ni momi doi
kei nasa amo, so kon mabiyaan mi, madalahig si momi doi nga hagoi, bcin
sipatan ko.. ug birahan kog bonggz kon mahitabo to..
anyhoo, thank God, nka abot mig pier on time..
na imbyerna jud akong vyoti, nahadluk, na isacred, na windang!
gi du.oLan ko sa travel agent nila kating unya ko niag todo galore
di man sia taas jud ang sermon brief ra pero dulto sa kasing2x! uwaaaaaaaa!
dili jud ni sia ang exact words he said pero. in front sia sa public! uwaaaaaa!
"unya ikaw, imong mga gamit, walai Porter dani sa mga estudyante nakO."
hapit nako mu ambak sa dagat ai.. hapit nko makahilak..
alang beh, nibalik mig ayala to get our things.. naa najod mi sa likod sa bus
sa dihang wala naman jud na nagpa.awat sa sirit ang bus...
remember, kung late ka sa agreed time,
the bus will forget that you exist..
plus c kating had a gud share of kasaba plus murag gka bughat pajod ang roup kei
nasa amo ang tiket ni momi doi, plus we had to let others bring our chorbah stuff..
sori, jud ug salamat sa tanan nagdayong sa among thangzz.

but after that hapsay naman hinuon ang trip back to cdo.
tambay tambay sa deck sa bus, gi singhot namo tanan aso sa barko
pero enjoi naman sad, tabi tabi sa devcom na mga bayot gurls, boys, bakla, tomboyz alike..
chada jud cla ai kei well-represented jud ang different walks of life, genders, sunggo!
well, i know wala wako nagkatungga sa laag ug ppagka kiat nila kating..
kaila kag nag clubbing na sila s Ratsky sa Cebu, nag Sm, ug a whole lot more
naa pajod ang atong maayo nga prezidente Kayzee nga wla na nisipot latong naa nako..
hmmmmmmffff! peero kay rah, basta nka tunob nkog shebu after quite some time..
as in i had a vlast jud,
salamat kating, momi doi, devcom piPz (u rock)!, faculty sa Xu devcom faculty, sa bus, sa trans-asia, sa dagat, ug sa tanan na..
(char, mura pud kog gapasalamat og sponsors nako dah)..
thank you og buhbye
kato ra akong ma post karon
take care mu tanan!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

panibagon umaga

this is a song composed by a dormmate of mine. he submitted this as an entry for a contest of the fil dep "timpalak kanta"...hope you enjoy his song!!!


Hello guys! just posting stuff bout whats been happening...hehe...hope you enjoy!

these pictures with the pipol and kids ay pix na galing sa lakad namin sa sinalihan kong org na AtSCA (Ateneo Student Catholic Action) in nadagdagan talaga yung fulfillment ko sa college when i joined an org in which i plan to be really be sure to be join and be active in at least one of any student REALLY is a vital part of our education...naks!!! hehehehe....

AtSCA pa rin tong mga pix na to pero different event naman...orientation seminar para sa amin...

up next naman ang first prayer session namin...may GD kaya kami nakablindfold.... prayer sessions take place every friday...just a way to relax and reflect over the week that just passed by...

susunod na mga pictures namin ay from what we call "babad" (immersion) which is when we go to our respective areas (urban poor communities) to simply talk with the manangs and migle with the the way, kasama ko rin si Jomi sa AtSCA...hehe...di pa rin talaga kami nagsasawaan...ang lakas ng ulan nung araw na to so basang-basa kami tapos naglaro na lang muna kami ng baraha bago umuwi...hehe

dorm activity naman yung GAWD!!! akala ko kasabay ng paggraduate ko sa highschool ang paggraduate ko sa CHEERING!!! pero NOOOOO!!!! NO! NO! pero kahit na sobrang nakakapagod xa tsaka nakakakain ng oras, masaya din naman...pix to from our practices haha...labo kasi nung pix sa presentation mismo....

ito naman yung mga pictures nung dumalaw si weng tapos tumambay kami sa Shakey's tsaka Mcdo...grabe!!! super quality time with highschool buddies!!! hehe....lalo ko tuloy na-miss yung CDO!!!hehe....MMMMWAHH! to all of you!

in the dorm, member ako ng tinatawag na AcadCom (Academics Committee). I was a co-head for the Distinction Dinner which recognizes the Dean's listers of the previous semester...haha kakaasar nga lang kasi ako head ng ganitong program pero ako mismo hindi DL...poor me...:(

Sa AcadCom meron kaming tinatawag na One Night Stand - o diba skandoloso????? hehehehe....its just an overnight bonding session with the members of the committee...sinipon ako dito dahil sa mga mattress...huhuhuhu....pero super kaka-aliw to! we had this activity called "backstabbing" kung saan nilagyan kami ng papel sa likod tapos magsusulat yung mga tao dun ng kung ano mang heart-warming message...o diba??? what a way to give the word a good meaning!:)

the other weekend naman pumunta ako sa debut ng blockmate ko...isa ako sa 18 shots!!!! tingin yata ng blockmate ko may future ako sa pag-inom...:)

balik naman tayo sa dorm...last friday we had the Athlete's Brain - a quiz bee (organized by the AcadCom) which is part of the dorm's Inter-Athletic Comptetion...saya ng mga trivias tsaka mechanics...volunteer din ako dito...haha....pagkatapos ng contest, nag-eat out ung AcadCom sa Mcdo tapos kung anu-anong kalokohan na ang pinaggagawa...hahaha....nasira pa yung tsinelas ko papunta sa labas so may inutusan pa ako para kunin yung sandals ko sa dorm...wahihihihihihi.....

yesterday naman, AtSCA had an activity called KADIPA (Katuwang sa Diwa at Panalangin) where we brought the kids from the areas into Ateneo for a short prayer session...after nun,tumambay pa kami sa loob ng room para magnet tsaka maglaro ng games sa laptop nung kasama namin, tapos pinagalitan kami ng maintenance tsaka i-chacharge pa kami for overstaying...weekekekekek...

whew! that's it for now....i hope to also hear from you guys soon....haha...lovelots!!!! miz ya so much!!!! mmmmmmmmwah!!!!