Sunday, February 01, 2009

heloow everyone!

Yeah im BACK with a vengeance! jokes. yes, ang bayot ni, c weng. haha. I'm really bothered by my conscience that I haven't been posting here in our high school blog. I'm not really that busy man pud, pero it just doesnt cross in my mind to drop an entry here.

Anyway, that's it. I think Melmel pretty much told you enough about the stories of us CDO people. Pakpak gyud to you meily for the effort to make chikka about us all here. yess, definitely, CABO political domination na gyud in XU now. I hope everyone wins! To all those who are running for office (Beki. Maki, Lyka, Kating) you can all do it. And oh, i think Kating is already hailed as the Aggies Student council President, because their college is some sort of parliamentary. so that means she's just appointed. But I'm not sure, let's wait for Kating to give us the real score. And yeah, best of luck to Ton2x for his Fulbright Scholarship appication.

OMG! I really didn't have the slightest idea that Kit has jetset to the big U.S. of A!! my god, i'm really shocked. Kit, do u hear us?? Why not give us an update of your life from there? Are you really staying there for good? Ga sturya pman ta sa xu benches and just chikka about our lives and now your away na without letting us know. hmf! jokes.

As for a dose of my life, ahaha. Wala pa gyud koi keke (lalaki that is) lols. Can somebody give me one? Anyone who knows of someone who's got a big, big, bigggggg,... heart (kamu jud ha, dirty minded!) and big cash too in his bank account. Drop me a ring/msg okay, im just right here! Haha. Yes, I'm getting by my course well man sab. Not like before nga gka libog pako. Although I have at times Fantastic and Fabulous grades (you know what that means) especially in my Statistics and Science classes, I'm getting the hang of everything. Yes, i'm taking up international studies here in xu. and again, i'm now a serious freshman. ahaha

To all nursing, gohw! i heard kalbaryo lagi gyud daw nang Medsurg. pero with ogilvie power, you can all do it! charus!

I think that's all the chikka i can give to you for now. My mind is empty nah. I hope evryone else will be telling their stories also in here. Sakto jud c melanya hugo, i can hear crickets nah. lols. So guys post post post (a reminder for me too hahah). Ciao!