Thursday, May 31, 2007


Nasal polyps are fleshy swellings that grow on the lining of your nose or sinuses (the small, air-filled cavities above and behind your nose). They may be yellowish, grey, or pink in colour and can vary greatly in size. A nasal polyp will be shaped like a teardrop when it is growing, and look like a peeled grape attached by a narrow stalk when it is fully grown. Polyps can either grow singly or in clusters and they usually affect both nostrils.
Nasal polyps are the result of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose or sinuses (the moist tissue that lines organs and body cavities such as the nose, mouth and lungs), but exactly what triggers this inflammation isn't always clear.
Nasal polyps can interfere with your breathing if they grow large enough or if they grow in a cluster. They can also reduce your sense of smell by blocking the flow of air to the sensitive areas in the roof of your nose that control smell. They can also block the holes through which mucus drains out and air flows through your sinuses to ventilate them. This blockage can lead to sinusitis.

Nasal polyps are common and are not cancerous. About 1 in 100 people will develop nasal polyps at some point in their life. They are more common in men than women, and in people over 40. Nasal polyps are rare in children, although some children with cystic fibrosis may develop them.


Nasal polyps are not a disease, but the result of inflammation in your nose or sinuses. The inflammation can then allow fluid to build up in the cells of your nose and sinuses. Over time, as gravity pulls on these fluid-filled cells, they can develop into polyps.
The cause of the inflammation in your nose can be a bacterial or viral infection, an allergy, an immune system response to a fungus, or it may be unknown.
Certain conditions cause nose or sinus inflammation and so make it more likely for polyps to form. These conditions include:
rhinitis - including hay fever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) and non-allergic rhinitis,
cystic fibrosis - about 1 in 4 people with cystic fibrosis develop nasal polyps,
allergy to aspirin, and
Churg-Strauss syndrome - a rare disease that inflames your blood vessels.


To diagnose nasal polyps your GP will ask about your medical history and examine your nostrils. Nasal polyps inside your nostrils will be visible to the eye, but those inside your sinuses will not.
Your doctor may ask you to have a CT scan (computerised tomography scan) to find out the size and exact location of any polyps, including any you may have in your sinuses.


If you have one or more small polyps your doctor may prescribe you a nasal spray or nose drops that contain steroid medicine. These can reduce the inflammation in your nose and may help shrink the polyps. They should have an effect after a few days, but it can take up to a week to notice any visible improvement. The side effects of steroid nasal sprays or drops can include nosebleeds, headache and sore throat.
If the inflammation in your nose is more severe or the polyps larger, your doctor may prescribe steroid tablets, either alone or in combination with a nasal spray. Steroid tablets are usually very effective at shrinking polyps. However, because steroids taken orally can cause serious side effects, steroid tablets are usually taken for no longer than a few weeks.
If the polyps are large, and if a steroid nasal spray or tablets have not worked, you may need to have surgery to remove them. The type of procedure depends on the size, number and location of the polyps:
Polypectomy - this procedure can be used to remove most polyps. It is performed through the nostrils, without the rest of your face being involved. Under a local or general anaesthetic, small surgical instruments are inserted into your nostrils to cut out the polyps. In some cases small pieces of bone are removed from your nose to make it less likely that the polyps will reform in the future.
Endoscopic sinus surgery -this procedure may be needed if your polyps are large, in clusters, or are seriously blocking your sinuses. The surgeon will use an endoscope - a thin, rigid tube that contains a video camera - to view inside your nose and sinuses. They will then make small incisions (cuts) to your face and insert surgical instruments to open the sinus cavities and remove any polyps.
Polyps can reappear after both surgical procedures so further surgery may be needed to remove them. Nasal polyps eventually re-grow in about half of all people who have had surgery.
If you are susceptible to recurring nasal polyps, or if you have a condition such as asthma, hay fever or chronic sinus infection that makes it likely that you will develop polyps, you may need to use a steroid nasal spray daily to help prevent your nose from becoming inflamed.


-----> see that picture? well, just imagine na ako ang girl..hehe..and naa namo idea kung what akong na experience just this afternoon..=) the good news is that...negative ang result sa scan and walay polyps akong sinuses therfore dili na gyud ko kailngn ma operahan!! hehehe...*alleluia* knw wat? super cold gyud au ang aircon sa CT scan room..and huge gyud ang machine...haayy...dili nko ma explain ang if mgkta tah...i.ask nalng ko..hehehe..=D bsta...the thing is...i'm fine now...continuos lng ang nose spray until mu gamay akong polyps and that's operation! whew! lahi ra gyud ni na experience..hehehe...


Tuesday, May 29, 2007


because i realized, we haven't really moved on from our high school nostalgic experiences...
i find this song appropriate to describe whatever this rather vague or broad and undefinable emotion we have all come to acknowledge...
but well.. the lyrics of the song doesn't apply to us but if you focus on its title and its chorus,
id really like to think
high school NEVER ends!

anyway, here's the song..


BeKi is sick...=( i'm sick...well, i have polyps...small cysts in my's not that serious and i'm under medication. You see, i have allergic rhinitis, i sneeze as in sneeze evrytime i smell wild perfume scents and evrytime i am exposed in dusty areas. According to the doctor, and reason gyud daw is because in the first 3mos of my life wala daw ko na expose sa abog and so wala na anad akong system sa abog...sobra ra daw ko ka limpyo and sobra ra daw ka alaga sa parents! grabe keo na reason bah? at first feeling nko stupid keo na reason, kung kanus.a ka na alagaan ug au sa imung parents ayha na nuon ka mgkasakit pero its true gyud daw...its a new study, dapat gyud daw unta ma expose ang mga bata sa abog para pud ma immune sila, as a matter of fact young kids nga naay history sa tapeworms,ring worm etc (bitok) they grow up healthier...*toinkz* wierd gyud paminawun pero proven gyud daw..oh well, so i have to endure the feeling of hapdos everytime akng gna spray akong nose wd medecine and ako pa gyud ma taste ang med and dili gyud siya lami! and the worst? okay...kailangn ko i.CT scan...

CT scan...its a 4D sort of X-ray...i sulod ko sa huge na machine para i check akong whole system..actually, dapat ang nose lng pero anah akong tita..tanan nalng gyud daw para ma sure... and if they find out that i have polyps in my sinuses, then i really have to be operated...the polyps must be CT scan is scheduled this thursday and i really need your prayers...uhuhu...i just don't want to be operated...plain and simple..=( well, the polyps runs in the cousin was operated 5 yrs ago...tungod sa plyps sa iyang nose...too bad akong nakuha iyang sakit...huhu...pero, i'm not gonna die ha...kung tutuusin dili man siya contagious or severe...pero it doesnt mean na pwede ra pud pasagdan...and so, that's it..i hope you guyz will pray for me..prayers are the best medecines, it cured my mom when she had mild stroke and kidney problem...i'm sure it will also work for me...=D tnx a bunch guyz...


Monday, May 28, 2007

mambuking lang ko

i was rummaging over the photos we had during the past months and came up with some hilarious, serious, wacky and amazing footages. I know you guys have seen most of this or all of these.. but ala lang.. mambuking lang jud ko. :P

don't you think they seem to look the same? kulang na lang ug make-up si ernie.
hahahha. look at the smile. nyahaha! :D
*ahem!* don't you think this kiss was just intimately done? :P

since this is my post. dapat naa ko. hehe
this is ms.A. our moderator. Miss her a lot.
Mura japun single bah?? just look at the way she dresses up. ;)

this was suppose to be a nice pic.
model effect, but we turned out to be scary instead. :D

the never ending.. scandalosa people of our batch.
I just love it when they do this. haha. :P

Philippine's next top models?? haha.
we look stunning here. diba?? :p
gellie woi! your pose.. it's so.. :D

blooper pic!! haha. i love your pose chieney! :D
and eeeww! my gums! haha. :P

"They are not just the Honors Class.. They are the Over All champion!"
The trophy of our once victorios battle. :)
DOn't you just miss those days? i do. :

ay mali!! kani diay ang akong fave pose ni chieney.
aaahahahah!! *peace*

*peace ya'll.* i just miss messing around with you guys...
getting a bit lonely here..
so just to lay away from nostalgic feeling, y not face it diba??
see?? it worked. i feel much better now.
haaha!! ok. actually, ala lang koy lingaw. :P
and speaking about alay lingaw..
please.. CALL ME!!!
call me. call me. call me sa house.
wokie?? i'll be expecting one of you guys
when the phone starts to ring. ;)

PS. kating, buhi pah ko bei.. don't worry. aysa, tawagi ko ninyo please!! update me!! :D

despite life's greatest selfishness and brutality...
i come hurt but rejuvenated.
fearful but valiant
shy but not shameful.
...and for all of these, i awe to some.
there are just some things life & death cannot cheat..
having you guys around. :)

Friday, May 25, 2007


hello guyz, girlz, and gay(weng) bwahahahaha!!!!peace

salamat sa diyos matatapos na rin ang summer classes....grabe! pigang-piga na utak ko...nakakamiss magkaroon ng two-month summer vacation. so sad nga lang na di na ko makakatikim ng ganon...well, maya-maya lang class play na namin sa lit...super saya ng lit class namin! grabe, for six weeks, everyday laughtrip ang 3:00 to 4:30 timeslot ko....kasi naman our classmates and TEACHER are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAY!!! ajijijijijiji....
going back to the play, malas nga lang namin kasi kanina lang, naiwan nung isang bakla ung costumes!!! OH NOES!!! what are we gonna do????bahalan na uiz
ALADDIN nga pala play namin...shock kayo noh???hehehe pero ang sarap kasi for the first time pwedeng extra lang ako...hahaha...ang saya2x wala maxado responsibilities..hehehe

anyway, after one year nagkita na kami ni mama!!! meaning pwede na ako hindi umuwi for another year...ajijiji...jowkz....i'll try to go home na talaga sa sembreak..."TRY"

cge bye2x!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

first time ko! ignorance is bliss.. :P

si chieney din sinali ko.. hehe :P

nakakaaliw! bow.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

pictures.. pictures and more pictures..

here are the links to view the pictures from mel cabanlas' runway party..

bongga ayu noh???


and an extra


by the way, if you have a multiply site, add me up.. then leave comments..



Saturday, May 19, 2007

May 12 '07 Ogilvie Outing (pics for wenggita)

enjoy weng!!! hehe :P

Friday, May 18, 2007

BusY..zzzzz Bee

wOw... it's gonna be a tough week for me.. starting off--> today. (by the way, I have summer class so don't wonder why I have some schoolwork) Later this afternon, I have this monologue act for our history classes and I just went over the script this morning (talk about cramming!). I have to play SIMOUN as in that male character in Rizal's works... Then I to have to juggle having my clearance and evaluation forms signed... Then there's our Finals coming up next week plus the debut of mel c. and the invitatin of Ces for an overnight, both of which I'd really love to go to... What's making this really hard is that our yaya is going away for a week so i like have to learn how to cook, iron clothes, and all those stuff.... And ironically, I'm actually enjoying being busy...hahaha...

P.S.: Hope madayon ta sa M2 and hope na well have more laag...
*smoOches&huGs to every1*


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

yo yo yo!

how did our parti or outing go?
does anyone hav a blow-by-blow
account in their blog.
im also in dire need of ur pix guys!
hehehe, demanding noh!
btaw oi, i jaz wana c our outing
coz im missin u na! drama! bleh.
but it wud be beter some1 wud
you know, put the details plus
the pix in this very site...
geh na buh!

lots of love,

the kitten. weng!
aynag palag! (",)

Friday, May 11, 2007

2mrow nah!

Gosh!!! ugam na gyud...ehehehe! haaayyy...karon pa lng ga prepare na ko...can't wait to see the

OGILVIANZ tomorrow, i hope we'll have a good time...well, of course we will...just like the good ol'

days..hehehehE! woi...don't forget to bring your ogilvie shirt ha? and if walah...ogilvie jersey nalng!

see yah guyz...*hugz*


Thursday, May 10, 2007


"They are not just the Honor's class.

They are also the Intramurals 2005 Overall Champion.

That's wholistic development!"

-Mr. Vincent Padilla, Intramurals 2005 chairperson

guys, remember this? one of the best achievements we've had a class. makamingay uy!

Monday, May 07, 2007


haLooo... wow we're all set for our reunion/outing... Too bad dli tanan kaadto... oh well... basta, kung kinsa'y pwede, pls ayaw pag-alangan nga muadto coz it's like a once-a-year thing nga mag-uban ta for summer...
I really hope nga daghan maka-adto para bibo... I bet we'll have lots f fun coz we're Ogivianz after all... hah? ui, if you have any questions/suggestions para mas ma-bibo atong outing, pls don't hesitate to txt beKi/meLmel... or dri sa site... haiZzzz... i'm so excited na and i hope you are too... see ya'll there...

Final descision!

Okay's the final plan for the outing...

WHAT: Ogilvie outing part II
theme: Lets keep the FIRE burning!
WHEN: May 12, 2007
assmebly time: 8:00am
departure time: 8:30am
** Xavier University Science Building
WHERE: Seaside Beach Resort

***amortization of 150 (fair, entrance fee, cottage, food, decors and prizes)
***potluck ghapon (pls refer to melanny's post below)
***bring ogilvie shirt or ogilvie jersey
***attendance is a must! see yah!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

7 more days to go!!

7 more days to go and outing nah!! weeeee!!! I really am praying and hoping na daghan mu-uban.. kung pede lang mamugus.. pugsun jud nako! hehe. :P ganina, nakita namo si Ms.A. Chika galore keow mi.. dugay jud mi nahuman ug tabi! haha. :P ayha rah mi ni undang na naka feel nami ug gutom.. :D haaaayyyzzz... kakamis keow si Ms.A. Karon, gaka letche2x nako sa stat kei dili ko kasabot sa among teacher. huhu. Maypa si Ms.A na lang among teacher... naahhh....

and ako nag gi change ang username sa atong site. Same lang japun... minus lang the "" coz samuk. :D

naa mi dwi ni kating, gellie, and ako sa internet cafe sa akong cozin. haha. nakadala ko ug costumer... weee! :P

labay lang ko..... chienese!! naa naka CDO?? weeeee!! :D


Friday, May 04, 2007

whooo...i'm so excited! i just can't hide it!

Haaaayyyy...i just can't wait for May 12..i'm so excited to bond with the ogilvianz once again..and pssshhhttt...chismax guyz..kablo btaw mo, sa atong batch murag kita ra ang cge ug outing2x and kita ra ang naa pay connection sa each other (atleast sa close friends), as in ai...ako man gud g ask c rexa-sanvitores , gilbert-regis and sylvia-daniel abwt sa mga outing nila then mdjo sad ila mg answers...tsk3x...that's why gani sakto gyud ang theme nato for our second outing "lets keep the FIRE burning!" go Ogilvianz! Inspite and despite of everything we should keep the ogilvie spirit alive! yeah! (ober na kaau koh..).
Ei, sa mga naa sa layo...special mention---tara, imoj, yeye, dada, mehlz, and weng...sorry au if dili mo maka join ha bcoz mdjo far mo...but dnt prepare mi ug load ana na day and we will call you para mka chika gyapun mo namo and para dili mo ma OP sa atong outing...haaayy...hi-tech na yata tau ngayon...hehehe...hpefully mka join namo sa atong mga future outings and our grand reunion...char! ayha na na pag mang graduate ntah and succesful nah..para sa restaurant na jud ta mg reunion...tpus ma shock nalng tah kei naa na mga asawa atong mga classmates, naa na mga anak, naa na ng dayun na mga ogilvianz, naa nay ng madre (ahem), ng pari (ahem),ng sakristan (charing!), naa nay na Girlash!!(weng ha..ako na jud ka g supportahan ay na pg mahay2x dha..hehehe)...*bow*
Anyway, chieney will be arriving this satrday!! wheeeeeeeee!! i soooo miss adtng ni.uli xa adtng xmas wala ko nka bond wd her and mamawi nko krn chien and catie!!! -----and paging **mellany almen hugo, eduardo acero, kathleen emillie araƱa and ma. ann gellie superable**...ang mga activities woi!!! wa pa na polish!!! dghan ng comment na dapat mas bibo and exciting! so...i suggest we should meet each other and finalize the activities plus back drop cguro just like sa kamustahay then other decors and prizes..=)
Awkie!!! so au2x nlng mo guyz ha...see yah on may12! and ---TARA! tnx for our new design..its nice ha...heheheh! okie dokie! ciao! ****BeKi*****