Tuesday, May 30, 2006

weeee... ;) daghan na ga post...

anyway... chieney has given me a suggestion...

since june 9 ang freshmen orientation sa xu main...

then sa june 9 na lang ang ating reunion/farewell party...

walang KJ ha... punta tayo lahat!


*except kina mhelz (davao) and jj (manila)... kawawa naman sila...

Hey Guyz, maybe last post ko na 'to... i leave for manila soon. im rily gonna mis u all. nag uban mi ni bantam karon... pa himo daw cya ug testi sa friendster... hope u hav a gud tym sa coleg... jus remember wla na c jomi... wla nang malikot... wala nay buang... wala nay wala... pro i knw d man sad ko ninyo ma mis alang knsa basay mo mis sa isa ka gago... okay last post na cguro ni... i hav 2 start packing my things na kay duol na ra ba ko mu larga...........................


Monday, May 29, 2006

yo cathy, slow down there... we're not blind! (incase you don't know the font size was sooooOOOO big.. supper big! 0_O) hehe.. *wink* *wink*

anyway... hahaha! for the past days (knowing i've got no access whatsoever sa internet coz ala koy card!) I kinda went through my files and somehow found some funny faces.. (nyahaha!) i thought of merging all those and i came up with this..

(it kinda looks funny)

hahahahha!!! sorry for those faces na na-apil!!
dont cha worry! naa pud ko woi! and yeah.. naa pay 4th and 3rd batch... hehhehehe!!!

miss yah all!! mwah! mwah! mwah! =)


Sunday, May 28, 2006


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

HOY! mga ogilivianz!!!
kung mag tatag man lang kayo..
eh, di mag post na rin kayo sa blog natin!!!
haayy.. naku.. kayo talaga..
anyway.. i wanna suggest a farewell party..
it's for the people who are going to study college elsewhere..
hindi ako pwedeng mag host kasi pinagbawalan ako ng mom ko since that grounding incident..
so i wanna know who can be the host/s of the said party..
malapit na kasi kaming umalis for manila..
and it would be nice to see you all again before we leave..
anyone who wants to be part of the planning team please contact me through text..
and can we set the date in late may?.. kasi di ba may pasok na ang mga mag XU sa june 13?..
and if you have anymore ideas you can comment on this post.. see that line at the bottom that has the word "comment" on it?.. click it and type in your suggestion in the pop-up box that appears..
hope you guys had a fun summer..

Friday, May 19, 2006

cathie here.. :P i like this song.. wanted to share it..

because if my life were a song it would be this one..

**this video is also in my blog.. :P

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

i just feel like posting.. =)
hope this would make you reminisce on your younger years.. tsk.tsk.tsk.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

HEllo to everyone in the world!!!!! Milagro nagpost si gwapo.... :) ummm....let me see.... sa totoo di ko talaga feel yung mga ganito na post2x blog2x chuve ekek.....pero for the sake of doing so first of all hello to everyone though di ko pa naman kayo miss, mamimiss ko rin naman kayo pag tumagal na...dba? hehehehe....... :) yun na muna! BWAHAHAHA!!!!! wala laman utak ko ngayon kundi naruto eh......ajijijijijiji.....:) - yeye

tipok tanan para sa pbb..

picture2x mi. hehe

mel's party started at 6pm. niabot ko mga 6:20 and ako ang pinakauna nga ogilvian. niabot na sila (tracy, jolly, nikki, ed, cese, ernie, kating, melmel, ryan, weng [wa gyud ni absent], yeye, maki) mga hapit na 7pm. grabe.. di jud mabang2x ang mga ogilvianz.. hehe anyways, kaon dayun mi.. pagkahuman ug kaon, nagchika2x.. naghulat dayun mi para sa pbb. si ernie cgeg tukar ug "chopsticks" sa piano.. si weng kay cgeg kaon ug candies.. wa gyud xa naulaw a2 pero naulaw xa kay givideohan xa ni marfori (cute-an xa ni weng).. pbb na dayun.. while nagwatch mi, murag nagconcert sila kating and fr xrysz.. melmel was really amazed of brenda's powers.. later on nahibaw-an nga dili diay tinuod. naglalis dayun si melmel against everybody.. nag-away dayun sila ni maki.. pagkahuman, chika2x hangtud mga quarter to 11 na.. (infairness, buhi pa ko ato nga panahona.. ;p) naghitch ang tanan sa car ni tracy dayun ang nangabilin (maki and weng) kay naghitch sa amoa. niuli na dayun ang mga people. the end. ;p

highlight of the evening: maki's version of "Out of My League." bwahahaha! sayang.. mas tsada tong "So Sick" video nya pero according to him, so sick jud keo xa. nyaha! click here to watch it

- staCeY

Thursday, May 11, 2006

grabe ang boring ng life ko... pero soon-to-be interesting...
kainis talaga kayo... every time may laag walang nagsasabi..
tuloy grounded na ako and really can't go out of the house...

happy thoughts: i am officially and finally going to davao...
sana makita ko si mhelzy dun...
i wanna experience summer....
alam nyo...
yung may nag cacare na mag imbita na mag laag sa yo?...

okay... di na lagi ako mag tampo...
pero f.y.i lang dun sa nanood ng play...
sa inyo ako nag tatampo kasi naka laag sana ako nun...
di pa ako grounded nun eh...


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

College Up Next


Test tubes
graphing paper
nite cafe
Just a thought for ladies currently in a relationship...

20 wishes GUYS keep SECRET in a RELATIONSHIP

Guys wish girls would...

1. Trust guys. [ More often than not, guys don't like the idea of being texted every 5 secs. with "Where are you?", "Who are you with?", etc... ]

2. Smile back while holding hands in a walk. [ Smiles speak sincerity. ]

3. Return hugs. [ It makes a guy feel worthy and wanted. ]

4. Show puppy dog eyes sometimes. [ It's a powerful symbol which says "I'll always be here for you." ]

5. Cover guys' eyes while approaching from behind. [ It makes a guy feel ardent. ]

6. Text little but meaningful messages. [ In example, "I'll pray for you tonight that God be always at your side. Amen." ]

7. Tactfully say criticisms. [ Guys know they're far from perfect. Tell them honestly how they can improve in a manner of grace and respect not by rudeness nor embarassment. ]

8. Put her hand over the guy's shoulder. [ Okay, sometimes guys just need a friend. This is important because guys feel they are liked for who they are not for what they are. ]

9. Give a piece of chocolate sometimes. [ The way to a guy's heart is through his stomach. Girls seldom remember that guys are choc addicts. ]

10. Talk longer on a call. [ Don't end a conversation quickly. Guys like to know how girls feel not just what they feel." ]

11. Talk with guys when they're sad. [ Tell the guy it's okay to be sad and to cry because... (details up to you) ]

12. Give a pat on the shoulder when guys look downwards. [ It gives encouragement to they guy to face fear because somebody cares. ]

13. Open her heart. [ Guys want to know who the girl really is...not her vital statistics. ]

14. Tell guys when they need a haircut, a shave, etc... [ Guys are a little immature so treat them about 3 years younger than they really are... Guys love to be kids at heart ]

15. Act as a lady. [ Say "THANK YOU" and not "thanks" when offered a seat or having been opened the door for by a gentleman. ]

16. Don't backstab the guy. [ Guys have connections who tell them how girls talk about them when they're not there. Girls may not always think about this, but guys have hearts and feelings as well. These can be hurt as well. Guys' hearts can be battered, bruised and...BROKEN. ]

17. Sit down and talk a while. [ Conversations while sitting down are more honest and intimate than those done while standing up or walking. ]

18. When rain is pouring hard and the guy offers a jacket or a coat, thank him for it. [ A warm thank you is more effective than a fur coat in a downpour or a blizzard. ]

19. When a girl feels sleepy, just lean your head on a guy's shoulder. [ The guy will feel that you, the girl, is secure while you're with him. ]

20. When a guy asks a girl out, always say "maybe." [ This tells a guy honestly that you're not sure. Events may happen that can prevent you from being present at the date. Disappointment discourages. If ever you can't make it, try to inform the guy at least two hours before the date. At least you cared enough to inform him about it. ]

It's just a thought...but i maybe wrong about it.
- Jomi :-)
sori kung ogilvie blog nlang akong outlet...coz boring kayu ang balay.
sumo na tv, sumo na kaon,sumo na tulog,sumo basa.
wla man say kwarta pra laag pirmi, samot nakung vacation somewhere else.
uhm...all i want to do is have some fun, i like the feeling...
right in the comfort of my house, ergo, blogging is the key.
COZ girls just wanna have fun!!!!!!! hahahahaha.. weng wlay lingaw.

But one sure thing i want in life is to do this... i got this from...
ambot,asa nko nakit-an... hope u'll have fun looking at it.

Weng- Kaching

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

hehe, just like kathleen, hobby nko sleeping... dis summer mao na akong first and foremost recreational activity, pasttime.. usahay. mamata alas onse na sa buntag (11 am bah pra sa dli kasabot)... ang lunch ug breakfast.. rolled into one na... BRUNCH (oy yeah). unya kaon lng gamai.. den tulog napud... mata alas 6 sa gabii (just befor PBB, hehehe) den watch PBB Primetime... den tulog na dayon.. pro tag alas dose(12), ala una, dos pa matulog... mumu for short.. sa buntag palong, gabii lng aktib. hehehehe... pro sayang classes are fast approaching.. mata napud dayon also 5am den tulog late.. kulang napud dayon sa tulog... ambot kung demanding bah xu education system.. pro definitely xuhs was... that was never mind... hay summer, summer,summer time... u make me fine... dine. ambot binuang lang ni ha nga kanta... sus, kung wla pa ning blog, ambot nlang wat wud hapen to me. aside sa tv, im clinging on to this pra lingaw pud.. pips, advicelng... tulog lng mo ha.. coz the nightmares of ur life... is comin.. college(binuang lng to ha) hehehehe. wla na gyud koy mabuhat. (i cnt belive gipaki-ulawn nko ako kaugalingon, i just attached my pic na natulog.. mayu galing wla galawa*.. hehehe) sge tulog lng... all day long, sa uban all night long... tulog na mahal ko <----- kanta mani. hehe. sori kung walay direction ako post ha.. sabog ayu ako ulo.. labad.. sobraan tulog..

Hal0o pip0l!!!!!
Mishu guyzzzz....
Pasenxa nah, wala na gyud k0 lain lingaw

aside fr0m sleeping hehehe

0w yea...naa na friendster account ang glee club
please add us:


hehe..yaw na pag ask..
anyh0o, under construction pa xa so
please bear with us na lang...

tnk y0ou!!!


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yo!!! this is supper fun!!! finally..people are now updating!!!!

ey! for those who would want to post something here.. pls don't forget to write your name or an obvious ogilvian code name ha?

so that we would know naman who you are... and yeah.. continue updating!!! =)

miss you all.. so much... mwah! mwah! mwah! and weeee... majority sa atong mga classmates na mag go kei sa june pa! wee!!!! =)


Monday, May 08, 2006

HAI, wla napud lingaw ang life...
it seems im trapped in this dolddrum (ambot sa spelling)
trapped in the space between college and HS.
dnt know where to go, dnt know where to start.
life 4 me has been splintered into pieces...
its hard to let go, to move on, to leave HS to the
realms of the past (i got that in a quote!)
all the experiences, its hard, its hard...
to make them memories nalang.
sayang, sayang... but- life's like this
may galing... may galing.. naa pay hope in life
naa pa

PBB Teen Edition!!!!!!!!!
mau ra ako lingaw...
every SUNDAY 5-9 PM, ga-chat ex housemates
go to http://smartbro.mypad.net
no chat on weekdays...
dnt forget, PBB primetime after SA PILING MO
and PBB Uplate (basta gabii na kayu)

ug 6:30 sa Studio 23 by Asia (dats Mon-Thurs)
no friday...
sa Saturday (6:30 ghapon, but live)

but the best is, avail the 24/7 coverage...

Then, life isn't boring anymore.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

hello guys..i'm missing you all so badly already! Gosh...a month from now, we're gonna start a new chapter in our lives..and again a month from now, COLLEGE na tayo...

speaking of college, im pursuing my BS Electronics and Communications Engineering course.. gosh. kinakabahan na ako.. kasi nga db, halos guys lahat dun? at least konti lang kompitensya, db?! hehe joke..but seriously, kinakabahan talaga ako...=S (nail-biting)

gosh guys, hnd ko alam if the people im gonna meet will love me as much as you love/loved me...

keep in touch lagi ha? tc po kayo..... luvlotz!

p.s. sa lahat ng mga hnd pa globe by now, hay naku! hnd kau in the loop sa chika! globe na kau...now na! "much love and repect!"
FINALY------> we've got this..

yo!!!!! hahahahhahahahah!!! finally... we have this as the sort of "main page!!!" weeeee!!!! i'm so happy... nyahahaha! this is totally wacked! azz inn! woohooo!!! oh well... sheit! MAY NA! and its like a month na lang... mag end na ang akong mga summer life and the next would be after 3 years! yup... you heard me right.. i HAVE to take summer classes because of my course.... nursing.. yeh i know.. very hard.. but i shickz! oh well....

woi! mga ogilvians!!! pang post sab mo dri woi.. =)

and yeah... visit my blog too..=)

missing you all so much,

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

classmates come, classmates go.
it hurts, bt i've got no choice...
to ol that becames parts of my life,
i loves you ol..
do great in all ur future endaevors..
sa courses ninyo sa college, u will
do fine i know, ogilvian pa imo!!
we've got it!! show them wat we
have men... sa mag-nursing, accounting,
engineering, dev stud, bio, LM,
managment, nd more courses
(sori sa la nko na-mention), find ur nitches,
nd love your craft nd decisions..
i look forward to us being SOMEONEs
tomorrow!! nt just no one!!
ogilvianz05-06, lets take on the
challenge, the game, the battle...
not for supremacy, not for self-glory,
not for self, but for others... makin this
one heck of a country.. better
KILOS KABATAAN... PBB teens hehehehe
(love you *********** of ********) binuang lang!
anyway, head on ogilvianz!
HEAD ON! we'll do this.. weng