Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hi guys

hello. i miss you guys. i miss cagayan. i miss everything.

ang emo. pero yun ang totoo. i wish i could go visit. pero wala pa talaga ako money. :(

hindi pa ako makakapunta dyan anytime soon. well. sana magka-pera ako bigla or something.

haha :P


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Looking back at those photos...

Hi ogilvians!! musta naman mo??? I know some of us are still having their finals and hell week, but, but, but... after all these, laag ta ha??? laag! laag! laag!


And... you might have missed some details of a few photos we had before... so here I am.. making a whole new story out of them. hahaha.

Peace sa mga naa dani. hehe. just for fun wokie??? love you guys!! ;)

nyaaaahahahahahhaha!! miss you all so much! ingats always, ayt?? and text me naman! paramdam pud mow. haha. 09273053991.
love lots,