Thursday, June 28, 2007


hay naku..
kamusta naman?
parang war zone na rin namin tong blog ni cathie.. hehe..
pero dont worry, its all clean fun.. we wont bombard this site with swearing and violence.. because we are two very peace-loving, cute and caring persons.. (somehow, i think you wont agree)

anyhoo, cathie's just jealous because i see her crush twice a week and he's really cute by the way. agawan ko kaya xa noh? haha! joke.. friends dont do that..
besides, i have my very own.. haha! kamusta?
he's a classmate of mine kc and every now and then, we'd have encounters.. haha! (sounds like UFO encounters)
and i just cant thank God enough for such blessings.. hehe.. (wicked smile)
i know cathie will kill me for this.. haha! *peace*

anyhoo, i dont really have assignments..
well, except in accounting.. we took in two weeks what took us a quarter or 6 months in our high school accounting.. with all the trial balance and the T-accounts and all.. grabeh.. and were just in the "easy" part daw.. kamusta? we had a homework which took us 2 to 3 hours to finish and our teacher said that everything is supposed to accomplished in only 30 minutes because it was soo freakin' easy daw!? haay naku..
moving, on.. i have aLOT of reading assignments.. as in there are mountains of readings to read but i chose to waste my time reading dan brown's angels and demons.. hehe..

to meily: post about your crushie! hehe.. and just so u know, i didn't make kalat your temp number.. hehe.. pero apparently, it leaked out.. anyhoo, tee cee! mwah2 tsup2!;)

to everybody else: hows life??? post mo oi!
POST POST POST-- pero try avoiding violence awkie??



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

okay.. naka balik nako..

FYI.. si chieney nag inuwag na pud.. and ang interviewer nya for her new org was none other than her crush.. :P pati nga crush ko pinagsamantalahan na nun.. at nag close contact pa..

anyhoo.. kamusta na kayo dyan?..
ako naman na fefeel ko ng ibang-iba na ang second year.. nakakaasar.. halos everyday may assignment.. :P tapos di lang sa isang subject sa lahat pa.. grrr :P

feeling ko ganun din for chieney.. come to think of it for all of us..

gusto ko lang mag share ng sked ko.. hahaha :P

8:30-9:30 Accounting
9:30-10:30 Science & Society
(W only) 10:30-12:00 Philippine Business and Economic Environment
3:00-4:00 PE: Table Tennis

9:00-10:30 Business Statistics
10:30-12:00 Mandarin and Chinese Culture
1:30-3:00 Economics
3:00-4:30 Psychology

and Saturdays may NSTP.. pero ang weird ng sked ko.. 2-8pm! baliw.. :P

so yun lang.. wala lang.. boring pa rin life ko.. as usual.. haaayyy..


wala lang.. hellooo :P

kakainis ka talaga chieney! pinagyabang mo pa na classmate at naka close encounter mo si ... grrr :P

anyway, haayyy.. ang aga ko today kasi every MWF ang accounting class namin dalawa ni chieney ay 8:30 am.. kamusta?.. pero we're in different classes pareho lang ang time..

moving on, and maya after accounting may presentation ako sa isang science class ko.. of which yung powerpoint kahapon lang namin ng groupmate ko natapos?.. again.. kamusta?..

i am trying to be very light and happy at this very moment kahit na babagot nako at kay aga-aga inaantok pa ako..

to be continued muna to.. may class pa ako.. nag ring na yung bell :P


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

hey hey hey

in every dark cloud, there's always a silver lining..

anyway, i think we all just saw and read and experienced the wrath of our two friends with each other, here.

so its about time we lighten things up a little.. ;)

anyhoo, since im a patronizing poster of this blog, i will not cease to do so..
so, il be posting!

well, this is not my blog but i will be talking about me and my boring life (just so i can post something).. haha!

for starters!!!

my ever wafu and 300-6-packed-abbed crush also happens to be very active in an org which caters to abused little girls and abandoned infants. which is why.....

tentenenen tenen tenen........ (drumroll please)

i JOINed his org!!!!!!! haha!

dont worry, guys.. if there's any development between moi n my crush, ill let you all know! haha! as if that would ever happen.. BUT! i have a good feeling about it! haha! its about time i be more POSITIVE about my outlook in my lovelife!

ohh! and cathie's cute blue babble lifter crush also happens to be my classmate.. a class which i also happen to be the beadle! (now i know the benefits of being beadle)..
anyhoo, because of some VERY FORTUNATE circumstances, we had not really a minor but its not also naman a major PHYSICAL contact! haha! how lucky can i be???
well its not always that you get to be near really cute people you know and have some piece of them touch you.. haha!

so that ends my post..

i know my post isn't so dramatic or significant of any sort but! at least im being happy about my boring life.. something we should all be!

so lets all be HAPPY! n chill!
awkie! ;)


chienese :D

Something Unsaid

Maki, Weng... I won't try to convince you to forgive one another, that's a choice you have to make for yourselves, however, let me share a part of my being here and now... I'm an Ogilvian stranded in Katipunan with no one really to talk to when I go back to the dormitory at night. While Mike, Marlon and Danielle live independently, they all belong to a community of dormers and are doing fine. Mike is enjoying his course and his dorm mates' company. Marlon and Danielle have other XUHS' alumni for company. Chieney and Cathie live together and they enjoy each other's company. Jerel has his family with him. Me, I'm just alone with a MS Physics student who does not talk to me, as a roommate, 2 Culinary Arts Students who go home to Pampanga every weekend and a Vietnamese landlady who leaves every week for China or Vietnam. Last May, the class had an outing that I really wanted to join but could not because of my summer classes. I guess when the crowd makes a decision, the individual no longer matters. College students need a break sometimes and they want to spend it with high school friends. I wanted so much to go home for even just that outing but I could not... you don't always get what you wish for. While Weng was here, he would visit Chieney and Cathie often and the three of them had fun together. He would sleep overnight at their dorm and they were happy, all three of them, with each other. Maki, you've been close with all the Ogilvians, you get along with us, you see most of the Ogilvians often and you get to enjoy life with these special people every single day of your life. Weng, now that you're back in CDO, you can live life with new memories with people that really matter in life. You guys just don't know how good you've got it. You have the best things in life and you get to enjoy them. How I wish I could trade places with you for even just a minute, an extra moment with the people that really matter. Life isn't about where you're going, how long you live and what you can and will become... it is about sharing in other people's lives and I don't get to do this with people I really, really love nowadays. You just don't know how much other people are willing to give to trade places with you.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


klaruhun lng nko, i was pissed off dle kei na misunderstood ni weng akong g.ingon peru kei he was SWEARING.... and i meant what i said, ingon btaw xa FEU daw sa mg.skwela peru sa LICEO rman d i xa.. you may be more talented than me weng, smarter than me, you may be a better person than me peru YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SWEAR AT ME!

and since i was really pissed off sa pag.swearing ni weng, i'll only be sorry for what i have done KUNG MA.REALIZE NI WENG IYANG SAYUP SA PAG.SWEAR! you just dont go swearing to people kung you feel offended or you think that person is insulting you... things dont work that way! there are a lot of sides and things to consider...

and mao rman pd na ang akng gus2 mahitabu, MA.REALIZE NI WENG NGA SAYUP IYANG PAG.SWEAR! GOD! KUNG KABALO LNG MO NSA AKNG NA FEEL WITH ALL THE F AND HARSH WORDS... kung ikaw daw tawagon ug YAWA ug FUCK YOU! nsa imo ma.feel?
huh! ANG IYA RMAN JD PAG.SWEAR ANG NKA PISS OFF SKO.. and i really despise Weng for what he has done!

to Mel and Beki: i appreciate sa nsa nyu g.himo peru I WAS REALLY OFFENDED... dle joke ang akng gpang ingon, kung nsa akng g.ingon.. mao akng na feel... SINCE WENG STARTED IT, GUS2 MN JD XA NGA MAKABALO ANG WHOLE WORLD, I GAVE HIM A DOSE OF HIS ACTIONS... kung nsa iya g.himo skoa, mao pd akng g.himo sa iya... Maybe nasayup ko sa akng g.himo, wla na nta ko ni patol peru kung PISSED OFF KAAYO KA.. the only thing nga imo ma.huna2an kei MA.EXPRESS NIMO ANG IMO NA FEEL... sayup pd cguro nko kei i was driven by emotions peru im not sorry for the things i have done to weng.. i mean every word i say, pati natong rman... mao mn jd akng na.THINK na beh... i was just telling the truth... waaaaaahh,, murag SAKIT KAHA KAAYO NOH ang g.himo ni WEng... atai! kung kabalo lng jd mo... ang ako na lng gneh g.himo kei NATULOG NA LNG KO UG SAYU kei I WAS REALLY PISSED OFF.. really.. i'll keep in mind the things that you said peru I will never ask for an apology... NEVER! unless si weng mismo mu.ingon nga HE WAS WRONG TO SWEAR AT ME... siguro ma change akng mind... WLA JD KAbAlo SI WENG SA IYANG G.HIMO SKOA, WLA JD XA KABALO! kaw na gneh mismo nag.ingon bek nga kung ikaw ako, masakitan japn ka... i palabay nko ni nga issue IF AND ONLY IF Weng would realize nga SAYUP IYAHANG PAG.SWEAR! oo, NAG.SWEAR PD KO.. AND IM SORRY NGA kAILANGAN PA NINYO MA.BASA... IM SORRY FOR BEING ILLOGICAL, but God! it really hurts...

i have to say something..

Guyz...this is too much...kani nga website, gbuhat ni para mg UPDATE sa atong mga life, para postan ug mga HAPPY thoughts, postan ug NEW IDEAS and dili way para mg send ug mga pang.igo ug mga pang.away na, i don't know if this "away" is really true or g himu2x ra ninyo pero kng unsa man gani far as i can remember...dili man gyud dapat ni siya BIG DEAL 'coz MABAW ra ang rason...cguro for weng its degrading...bcz of the "RAMAN" nga word but dili pud sakto na mg SWEAR ka sa imung FRIEND...buot huna-huna.un pareho mo sayop ani nga issue and kung dili ko mu singit wala na gyud ni pa.ingnan na allow me to share my own sentiments about this gulo..just listen everyone and that includes MAKI and WENG..

-->na big deal ang pag.uli ni weng..kita tanan na nga shock sa pag kalit ug bag.o sa iyang decision...Dagahan wala na inganan..dagahan ang na inform ug late. Nag mahay ang uban kay wala na ingnan and mdjo na overwhelmed ang uban kay dugay2x napud nto wala nakita si weng..until such time ng post ug "confirmation" si weng na he is really home..apil ddto ang news na mg school na siya sa liceo...and dili sa XU becoz of personal reasons. Now, the gulo started sa reaction ni maki nga "liceo rman diay..." g rman niya ang liceo...nasuko si weng kay degrading daw kaayo and he started insulting maki and nag use na siya ug mga bad words..and up to now wala pa na resolve ni nga fight..

-->TO WENG: don't ever think na bcz ako ni gbuhat dili nko nimo friend and ako sad lugar kang ga awayun...let me just clarify na lahi ang PAGBADLONG sa GA.AWAYUN. Ga badlongon tka..dili ga awayun coz i just think na ang imu gbuhat kay grabe na ka below the belt...and i dont want to see you doing it again especially to a CLOSE FRIEND...barkada weng..barkada..friendship is at stake...and mao na ang ga shatter sa akong heart..honestly...dili nko gusto mo react ani coz i thot it wil just die down..pero na.unsa nga grabe naman hnuon ang a matter of fact..sobra na..

sa akong pagsabot sa ni maki weng...i dnt think he was trying to degrade your shock lng sad siya parehas namung tnan sa imung sudden change of descisions..ana bya ka na manila ka mg, erase the schools huna2x.a nalng na mao ni ang pasabot ni maki..." ana ka weng..MANILA ka mg school...CDO rman diay..." sa akong pagkasabot mao ni iyang gusto and unfortunately ang school lang gyud ang na mention...kung baga, impulse 'to and dili gyud nga pa degrade sa imu...and since na open na nimu bcz of your reaction nga iya ka g degrade... of course iya ra pud g defend iyang self..nga dili man gyud unta kadto iyang pasabot..and ang super nka disappoint sko are the HARSH words na kung ako nasa shoes ni maki sobra pa sad gyud unta akong ma react...sakit sad kaayo weng na ingnan ka ug F**c*, Y*w*,Y**i...tao man intawun kana pa lng na idea grabe na gyud...if na disappoint ka sa g ingn ni maki...say it nicely..politely no matter how disgusted you are sa iya na ingn...

nakuha nimu akong point weng? and listen ha...listen gyd...dnt ever think na gna degrade ka namo...wala man tawun weng...cguro insensitive lang gyud mi usahay ug mao pud na amung ipagpasaylo nimo but the three years nga ng uban ta wala namo sukad-sukad g DOUBT imung kakayahan..kay kblo mi nga MAAYO ka nga BRIGHT ka nga tao...ang gakasakitan lng ko is ang idea nga AMIGO ta ug AMIGA...nganung sayon rman kaayo sa imu ang mg swear sa isa ka friend...mao na ang ga bother gyud sa ako..honestly, i feel weak while ga post ko ani kay si Mel2x ng ingn sko bwt sa grabe na nga away ug wa ko ng expect na in.ani na diay ka mabaw ra bya sad unta ang reason...i hope u understand weng ha..

-->Mak, masabtan nako nga grabe gyud ka sakit sa imung part na ingnan ka ana..but after sa akong ingnun i want you to keep in mind na wala ko nasuko weng, gna badlong lang tka...i guess na sayop lng gyud ka ug express sa imung feeling sa pag uli ni weng and mdjo na apil ang school ni weng...honestly mak, ma lain sad gyud ko kng ingnan ug rman ang akong school...sakit sad gyud kaayo nah...especially nga si weng..gna try na bya sad ug tarong iyang life. Wala siya sa XU ng school bcz of personal reasons na ihatag nalng nato kay weng and i think wala na kay "say" ana nga descision ni weng. I must admit sad mak na usahay mdjo insensitive nsad ka mg strya...cguro, careful lng ta nxt time sa the way ta mg give out ug comments kay bcn sa imu joke2x rah but kng madunggan na sa lain, lahi na nga info ang ma register sa ilang mga minds..cguro sa imu, joke lng mn 2ng liceo-FEU but syempre sensitve man na nga issue kay weng that's why na lain siya..

I think mak, kailngn nalng ta musabot...learn to understand nga nakalitan lng sad si weng...he was expecting a warm welcome from all of us but mdjo na lahi na ang course of events after your post, mdjo na degrade siya..and as long as maka skwela si weng and kampante ta na naa nay direction iyang happy nalng ta for him.. maybe g labayan ka niya ug bato bcz of the harsh words but it doesnt mean balusan sad nimu siya ug labay ug bato...i hope you understand mak ha..

**i'm just disappointed kay ni abot pa sa in.ani ni nga issue...nganung wala nalng ni gpa lampas ...the thing is..from where i stand...walay gna degrade nga tao..and dili gna tuyo ang mga na himung reactions altho grabe gyud kasakit but let me just remind you nga maong naa ni nga website is para ma ka connect pa tah sa each other and atong ma re-live ang highschool and dili para gamitun as channel para mg away ang mga CABO...maki and weng...try to scan our HS the happy moments you guyz shared with each other..we are all friends here...and sa 4-3-2 yrs nga ng uban ta na prove nto na inspite and despite of everything ato gyapun g learn ug ACCEPT and LOVE ang each other. We always support each other and nganung dili man pwede na mao nlng na atong buhatun krn..dili kay mg away2x is too short para i waste ani nga mga actions...and gamay lang na pabor akong gusto i.ask...that after this post...mka basa nko ug "sorry" post from you guyz...walay sakto na tao sa inyong duha...honestly, kng huna2.un naa gyud mo mga sayop and i think its best na kalimtan ug mgpasaylo nalng kaysa ipang lista ug ipang ihap pa ang mga sayop nga na buhat nto sa isat-isa..WENG, forget na gna degrade ka...or your school kay wala gyud na namo na ug buhat nimo...just go on with your life and be the best...=D MAKI, try to be sensitive next time..and just learn to i've sed dili pasabot na g labayan kag bato...balusan sad nimo ug labay ug bato..=D WENG,MAKI and sa atong tanan...let us LOVE and ACCEPT each other...okay? mubo ra kaayo ang knabuhi...grabe ra kaayo ka mubo..and ato dapat gna value ang every DAY and every PEOPLE na atong ma meet sa atong life..especially our family and FRIENDS...=D

MAKI and WENG===i love both of you so much and that is why ng decide ko na mustrya na...gkasakitan ko nga mkta nga ga away please guyz..learn to forgive each other...saying "sorry" and accepting your mistakes won't make you less of a person...

CABO===never forget the friendship guyz...i.value ninyo atong friendship bcz once you do, you will never think of hurting your friends...i know bcz once upon a time ako pud na hurt akong close friend and wala koy plano na i.hurt siya again bcz i end up hurting and bleeding more..that's bcz importante sa ako ang napagsamahan..and in the end that will keep us together bsan unsa pa tah ka layo from each bhala pag daghan na new friends atong mkta...

**Vicky Pulido**

Friday, June 22, 2007


Thursday, June 21, 2007

i lost my sister

WANTED:the momma yotch

I lost my sister.

Well, I never really technically had one but the one person who was very close to being one, well... she left me. She never even said goodbye.

We bonded together so much. That now, as I think about the past, I cant imagine ever having to go to marikina or baguio or baclaran without her. She held all my deepest darkest secrets. And I held hers. She knew the dark me and she was okay with it. But then, now, she’s gone.

She never even said goodbye.

But then again, have a lot to thank her for. She was always there when I needed company. She never solved my problems or fixed my life but she was always there—by my side. She’s the one bitch that made me believe in myself.

And she’s not even a girl.

So, wherever you are, my dearest sister.. My dearest bitch-friend, my yaya and my kargador ug uban pa.. YOTCH kang DAKU…

I don’t really hate you... but I’m just super sad that you left. You bitch!

Thank you for everything.

--me, just grieving..

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

waahh... BOOORING

everytime i open up the site kei mao ra nga mga posts ako gakakitan...
pila ka pa weekS ayha naay bago post... haay, naunsa namn ni oi...
wala'y bagu nga mabasa, mala kaayo nge!

Louin: waaaaaaaahh.... ambisyosa kaayo ning bayut woooohh... FEU daw, LICEO rman d i...

Tara: whoa! ka bisaya na ba kaayo nimo oi! grabeh nga pagkabisaya kai nawaa mn jd ang pg.ka poise sa stinuryahan....

what's up??

secret laag =p

uy! nalimtan nko nig post.. sorry its been like 3 weeks since this was taken. sorry for the late upload kat, mel, cath. haha wa bya jud kbaw akong parents nga nag.uban tang six. hehehe! last kita na cguro 2 namo ni cathy.. =(

weng: mao jud uy! maskin unsaon, magprocrastinate pa man japun ta uy.. kaw pa? cramming queen bya ka! haha!

mel: waaaaa! sah jud sa computer uy! dah nawa, naa nkoy internet.. cge rag atubang sa comp. atay, pagkaway au! haha bati japun amo maestra sa stat uy.. sad keo.. oh well. bahala na. hehe goodluck sa imo rle stuff!=)

mishu all!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

it's getting hot in here.

waaaaah! say connect sa title? HASTANG INITA ANG KALIBUTAN WOI! agguuuuyyyy... GLOBAL WARMING SHOULD BE GIVEN FULL ATENTION! haaayzzzz...

anyway, aguy! wenggita... you're making dramatize there ha. hmmm.. asus! hehe. metanoia. carry lageh na woi! kaya mo yan! we're here for you. char lang! hehe. bitaw woi, we support you all the way. any decisions that you desire. but please, kani lang jud ang akong hanyo nimo. tawon weng, ayaw biya pamiya lang ug kalit ha?? pananghid pud woi. i mean, tell us about your where abouts before mu larga kag somewhere ha?? that's all. para li sab mi ma worry. (char lang!haha)

tara. ging! welcome back. and that procastination thing? well, sala sa internet jud. apil bya pud ko. mapilit sa computer. ahak. waaah! dili mi gina require ug notes. haha. :D and hhmmmmm.. dili man maboring ang stat kung chada inyo teacher. sa akong case, pastilan! mapangamote jud tawon mi. mayna lang naka B pa diay ko! pasado! haha.

and oh! ganiha. nag return demonstration ko sa RLE! my gosh! kaulit kaayo.. memorized na keo nako pag ako lang isa, pero pag demo, there were lines na akong na forget! pero payts japun. Ga katawa lang ang CI sa ako. and he even asked me kung unsa nationality sa akong dad. like what?? haha. Basin siguro sa akong family name and tungod sa pag speak daw nako, slang. *eeeek! haha. :D* I got 51/60 that's B. memeng, hapit na ma A- (53)but ok lang japun. basta pasar.. mao na akong motto karon. dili nako magpressure much ako self kei lain and heavy ang feeling! ahaha. :D and balo mo unsa na pud akong na sudlan??? Ginoo! i don't know what happened to me and why I said yes but I accepted an offer for Stage manager for one of the plays in XU. like, xiet! @_@ wla ko ka-angal kei nahadlok ko.. and karon, ayha rah nako na realize na mas dakong kahadlok ang akong eventually i-face! waaaaaah! shet. help mee!!! ka work pa jud nako si sir Vitorillo. meee gosh! help! help! help! ako lang ka-worry kei basin mag conflict sa akong school. huhu. anyway, pray for mee soul. T_T

and oh! i would like to extend my greatest, deepest and sincerest gratitude to KATING, VICKY, CESE, GELLIE & ED for always being with me during lunch time. I know im sorta bugging you with me constantly asking for your company during lunch. Well, as you can see, I don't have "lunchmates." I know too, you are concern of my situation not having anyone to be with, but guys... I don't want you to get too annoyed of me or what. It's really fine to deny my request. I know and I feel murag "heavy" rah kaayo nga murag gaka pugos mo makig-dungan na lang ug lunch with me and you having to deny the request of your blockmates for you to dine with them... and for this, I want to say sorry. SORRY, SORRY, SORRY. But most of all, THANK YOU. I can manage myself though. I will find my way through the process.. :)

ingats mo always! post! post! post!



P.S. Chieney, naka reply ba ko sa imong friendster? if yes, reply ako pud! hehe. :P


on tara's procrastination:

halaka ui.. ana gyud ang lyp buh.. bad habits are hard to kill..
i see myself on u.. trying hard na metanoia na gyud ko..
like sayo na daw mu.wake up, sayo mghimo ug assigns., study
in advance sa test.. pero hagui.. no matter wat.
procrastination still reigns supreme..
what's wrong with us? char! drama na itoH..

-gita npud


um, nganu gud ka.big deal skng pag.uli.
cguro kai wla ko nananghid.
but haler, im a big gurl alreadi.
i dnt need any1s permission.
seriously, cguro prang i
'bertrayed' sum of close friends..
but, aq pud na shock ko sqng
abrupt decision..
a nyt b4 i flew.
i ddnt mean to hit others..
but pls. consider d circumstances
nga: wla koi lod.. hehehe
tas, busy ko sa pg.empake..
i dnt knw! is it just me or wat?
ayaw lng i.sensationalized
aqng pg.abot bi...
dli man q c paris hilton
na sum1 to constantlty talk about..
though, of equal level of hotness mi..
m just an ordinary person,
who makes decisions, hopefully
ana jud ko! dugo!
uneased na keyu ko doh..
nax.. sunGGo!
um, mao rah.. bow


Monday, June 18, 2007


i was hoping to start out new this school year.. you know, avoid procrastination and all.. but apparently, the excitement of having my internet reconnected kanina hapon made me temporarily forget my "fresh new start" kinda idea.. hehe i actually have to make two more pages of notes in health care (back to back.. gawd i swear this is what i hate about cebu doc) and study for two tests but screw that, i'll just cram later in the wee hours of the night. hehe

2nd week na sa klase.. i bet everybody's starting to get busy and all.. ako for sure... makalagot jud ng mga minors nga di jud magpa.alkansi uy! lisudan dayun atong kinabuhi dah. samok keo! hahai.. bati pa jud keo akong schedule kei from monday to saturday puro 7:30am musugod! mkabuang! hate jud keo nko mumatag sau.. tulo pa jud kabuok majors! ang healthcare kei 7:30am-5:30 pm with only one hour break from 11-12nn. mapasmo jud mi ani guro. patay. ang foundations of nursing kei half day nya kwaon pa daw kuno nila amo mga free time sa hapon para sa mga demo2 nga ambot nlng.. ang microbiology.. omg, terror keo among maestro, terror pa jud ang subject. aguy, i pray to God di ko mabagsak. haha ay o mel! naa mi statistics diay.. mkabuang sad kei boring keo xa. boring i think is even an understatement. haha!

ahm unsa pa.. nibalhin nkog dorm.. kei naa na mi sa new campus nga murag parehas rag set-up sa xuhs pero duol xas dagat, di sa bukid. and its very far from civilization.. like xuhs. and its near SM.. like xuhs. haha and akong dorm dri is the one and only dorm nga near sa campus.. maygani igo ra ko mulakaw.. kei kung gapuyo pa kos layu, my gulay.. di nko kbaw unsaon nkog mata para sa 7:30am nga klase. hehe

anyways, funny keo ang post ni cathy. kabrutal sad anang imurder nimos weng, cath uy. haha =p oh yea, chien! nalingaw keo ko sa katong mga pick up lines! chuy jud keo! haha! and yea, most of the posts here are from beki, chieney and melmel. kudos for the frequent posts! =) ngano gud na wa ang interest sa mga tao? hahay.. i guess that silent lover person spiced up our site for awhile. noh?haha ug akong kauban dris cebu, wa nko kbaw kung naunsa na 2 xa. altho, xa ang ni.ingon sko bout ni weng.. wa sad ko nituo til i read all the posts here. naku. by da way, naa moy chuva sa iya bday?

well, i think i need to make my notes na.. shet kakapoy. oh well, see you all around in cyberspace!


Sunday, June 17, 2007

..ang tigulang nga driber..*toinkz*

hehe...basin na shock mo sa title..hehe..well, ysterday man gud, sfter KKP ng txt si kat nga mang ambush sila kng weng..and so ni.apas nlng sad dihang wala ko ksbot unsaun pg abot sa house nila weng nga grabe ka lasang...nag decide ko nga mg motorela nalng...I think 5 motorelas na akong na para wala jud musugot then dili nalng unta ko mu apas ug dayun but ni abot man ang isa ka motorela nga tiulang ang drver..i think mga 70 na ang edad adto nga person ai..hahaha! ana ko "nong, buntong gutter (spell check)?" ng nod dayun siya...pagsakay nko ni ana man kaha xa "kitkai dai? kitkai??" *toinkz*stilan! kay tgulang na lagi grabe na ka baga ang earwax..*charing!* "dili nong, buntong gutter...kanang lasangun camaman-an??" wala siya ng answer but iya gpa andar ang motorela so ng tuo ko nga ngkasinabot na mi.. pag abot karon sah camaman-an nga gym ni hunong mn xag kalit..ana ko "nong, sa unhan pa man kaayo ko..layo pa kaayo ni..ako lng i double ang bayad nong" ni andar nsad siya...after pila ka hunong nsad intersection "mu liko ta dai?" "dili nong...dretso2x lang tah...katong guba btaw nga dalan.." and ni andar nsad ang motorela...actually, mao jud to akong nahinumduman...guba na dalan then bukid2x...mdjo layo2x pa amung na travel then wala pay guba nga dalan akong gkakta pero naa nay bukid so mdjo na kalma nko...ana ko sko self --yah...mao na gyud ning dalan ila weng--finally naa nami sa guba na bagutbot ang tigulang na drver...wa ko ksbot sa iyang gpang yaw2x kai grabe ka bumpy ang focus ko skong ilong nga masakitun..unyag mu burot ug samut akong polyps tungod sa abog..hehehe..mao na ni 'ron! mdjo ako na dayuun nkta ang taas na stairs nila weng so ana ko.."nong,diri nalng ta.." akong gbayad akong pamiliti ng bagutbot nsad siya! ana siya.."pasalamat ka dai naa 10 ra ko gpa pliti nimu...50 gyud dapat..bukid nman d.i ni inyong lugar!" kung kblo lng ka nong...ako rang gabisitahan akong amigo nga bayot nga 6 mos na nko wa nkta..hehehe!! ana ko sko self ha..hehehe **peace weng**

anyhow, pg abot nko sa balay nila weng grabe na gyud akong shagit..."weng bayot!!!" "ayoooooooo!!! weng!!!" "wneg...naa nko ui!!!!!" "yooooooooohhhhhhhoooooooooo wengggg!!" wala juy nka dungo! ang mga basketball nga mga pipol grabe na gud ang kanchaw nko..pero kevcer! hehehe..hangtud sa na dung.gan ra jud tawun ko..and nka sulod ra jud kos blay ni weng...hahaha! ang shurikat...pagkakita nko niya ng tambon2 pa jud..mura sad gyud lugar naa koy mkta!! hahaha...nka sleeveless naman gud siya..hahaha..klaro kaayo ang barako nga muscles nah! and we had FUN gyud..picture here and picture there with kating.mel and gellie!

sooooooooo...mao 'to..hehehe,,i hope nalingaw mo..and confirmed.."the BAYOT is BACK..for GOOD!!" hahahahahah! i love you weng! *hugz* apil na gyud ka sa amung mga kabuang diri..yeah!


Friday, June 15, 2007



i guess d nku i mg.stress out og things

'coz cathy spilled it out..

ni.uli nko,

but, it's not a big deal..

so what? i lurve d skul

iv picked..

reason? none of ur bee's wax...


at least m in2 skuling,

not standing idly by...

kapoi explain..

bsta ui, m n cdo..



halu! ^_^


hay, beki kung gusto nyo malaman kung bakit ako galit kay weng..

to explain, mang-kuraw sa ko..

kanang dakong UWAG that is WENGGITA kay..

naa na karon diha sa CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY!!!

unya, nang UWAGAN na yot wala nagsaba sa amo ni chieney nga mulakaw na siya!

abi namo diri na sya muskwela sa FEU or UE..


ga NURSING na karon sa..



i know..

UWAGAN jud kaayo ever to the nth level na si WENG..



wala na nako siya nakit-an since march..

and ambot kanus-a na jud mi magkita ever..

kana lang..




wow, murag personal blog naman ni namo ni vicky, and chieney ngets.. pag post mo beh.

anyway, ang lupeeeettt!! ever chaka kaayo ang pick-up line chieney!! as in! (hhhmmmmm... ika upat *ithink* na time na ni nga nag address ko sa imo. hehe) ma shock ever.. halos kasukaon nako pag-basa ato. as in!!! it's like, luod nga touchy, nga stupid na creative na ambot!! aaaahhahahaha! but me like it. post more things similar atoh! ;)
and about me... tawon, gi HUBAK NA PUD KO! rrrrrr... it's so hard to move when i am sick. Murag feeling nako nanghubag akong mata nga sakit akong likod nga bug-at akong ilong! and not to mention the ever annoying cough.. rrr... haaayzz.. i hope ma ayo nako. kapoy jud ayo ma sick. *sigh*
aysa, aha naman ang mga taga CEBU and DAVAO woi???? and ang uban nga taga MANILA??? people out there! let your voices be heard! hehehe. POST! POST! POST!!
`til here na lang.. _butterflyprincess_

...update lang..

Hagui....musta naman inyong first week sa school?? pag update mo..hehe..ako? okay lang..=D


Na txan ko na wala daw class ang arts ani nga tym akng g clarify sa mga pipol pero walay nang reply and so ni adto nalng kos skewlahan para sure..kaila kag PE ra akong clase nasudlan...wala pa gyd ng formal class (of course!) nag check lng ug attendance. But okay lang ghapon 'coz naa man pud emergency sa DA so kailangan ghapon ko mu.adto sa skul..and free kaayo si Ed so kami nalng ng.uban2x..=D


Sooo...full sched. unta ko ani pero since first week pa..wala pay mga klaro ang mga teachers..cge re mi ug chnge from one classroom to another then dili ga tungahan sa mga teachers...murag sa duha rman ka subjects nga naa mi teacher...out of 5 subjects!@-@ ryan,ed,gellie,mel,sozi (cuenquie's GF) and i ate lunch with rupert jason musni--the details sa lunch..well ask me nalng pag mgkita tah nd if intrested mo...=D then we had KKP general assembly of SV's..well, g introduce sa amu ang housrules and all tapus g introduce pud mi sa amung mga partners SO..remember my post about sa schedule nko nga ngka palpak2x?(scroll down and refer to my previous posts..char! hehe)well, my partner is one of the SV's adto na time and actually, siya 'to ng help sko and ng adto sa Dean's office para i klaro akong problem sa far as i can remember, dili ganahn sa rexa sa iya 'coz...i think na tarayan siya or sumthing..well, bayot gud..(baler?) and by the way, Don iya name..hehehe..

At first na shock ko pgkblo nko na siya akong ma partner and nahadlok pud ko tungod sa mga g ingon ni rexa nga taray daw kaayo...pero, katong ng talk nami..friendly man siya and super kalog..then from the senior SV's ana sila na lingaw gyud siya na tao...soo..mdjo na kalma nko=D


i only had 1 subj in the morning then my next class kay 4:15 pa so grabe ka dili ni heavy na day for me...english class was fine..classmate mi sko blockmates atong first sem and classmate nko si juliet and cese...=D sa afternoon ng meet nami ni Don para i discuss ang mga pamuhatun namo sa saturday sa pg handle na namo sa amung class...i meet dapat namo si kuya jett our FPO to discuss some things but 2pm pman mg open ang office so ng standby mi sa aggie lobby and ng chikka...=D ddto nko na prove na dili man siya taray...super friendly gyud kaayo siya or basin sad super FC (feeling close) ra kaayo ko..hahaha! btaw ui, nice bya siya nga tao...=D SV siya sa unitass then pgkblo niya na artscies ko gnvite dayon ko mg apply ko krn recruitment week..iya g share sko iya expereince sa enrllment then ddto ni gawas na mdjo dagahn daw siya na tarayan but makasabot man ko 'coz naa ko na expereince nko ang pgka inconsiderate sah uban arts na students, nag mamalikas na gyud kay dugay ang green form,init kaayo mga grabe ka wat btaw na mga reason..altho naa man gyud mga error pero di man gyud maiwasan...=D...tsk! tsk! (bcn na tarayan ni don si rexa that's why nka ingon siya...=D) Charing! know wat? murag kami ra ang pinka saba sa aggie lobby at that gyud siya ai..utro pud ko pirting saba.a..hahaha! I found out na MPSC siya ng highschool and 3rd yr IS student siya...2nd yr na niya sa KKP so that's an advantage for me kay ma guide ko niya sa pg CF2x...well...i think we'll get along really well...hehehe...mag update lang ko sa inyo...=D

**and so..that's d way, kauban pud nko si mel cabanlas karon saturday kay mg observe siya sa amung class..=D i'm pretty excited na for this saturday for NSTP and para sa DA na activity! hehe...cge, i think diri nko taman kay taas2x na akong na type..hehehe...au2x mo...=D


Thursday, June 14, 2007

mabentang mabentang pick-up lines..

la lang.. gusto lang ko magshare.. post post lang gud! haha!

1. Minamalat na naman ang puso ko..
*** paano kasi, laging sinisigaw ang pangalan mo..

2. Ikaw ba may-ari ng Crayola??
*** ikaw kasi nagbibigay ng kulay sa buhay ko..

3. Uy picture tayo!!
*** para ma-develop tayo!!

4. Kung ikaw ay bola at ako ang player, mashushoot ba kita??
*** hinde, kasi lagi kita mamimiss..

5. Can i take your picture??
*** coz i want to show Santa exactly what i want for christmas!!

6. Exam ka ba??
*** gustong gusto na kasi kitang i-take home eh!!

7. Lecture mo ba ako??
*** lab kasi kita..

8. Centrum ka ba??
*** kasi you make my life complete!!

9. Miss pwede ba kita maging driver??
*** para ikaw na magpapatakbo ng buhay ko..

10. Mahilig ka ba sa asukal??
*** ang tamis kasi ng mga ngiti mo..

11. Pinaglihi ka ba sa keyboard??
*** type kasi kita..

12. I hate to say this but... You are like my underwear..
*** i can't last a day without you!!

13. Ibibili kita ng salbabida..
*** kasi malulunod ka sa pagmamahal ko..

14. Pwede ba kitang maging sidecar??
*** single kasi ako eh..

15.Me lisensya ka ba??
*** coz you're driving me crazy..

16. May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng relo??
*** may sira ata relo ko.. pag ikaw kasi kasama ko, humihinto ang oras ko..

17. Grabe nakakatawa yung mga pick-up lines noh?? hahaha! May alam ka pa bang iba?? Wala na akong maisip eh..
*** kundi ikaw..

18. I'm a bee..
*** can you be my honey??

19. Nakakatakot diba ang multo??
*** pero mas nakakatakot kapag nawala ka sa buhay ko..

20. Am i a bad shooter??
*** coz i keep on missing you..

21. Tatay mo ba bumbero??
*** kase your hot!!!

22. Naniniwala ka ba sa love at first sight??
*** O gusto mong dumaan ulit ako??

23. Mabilis ka siguro sa mga puzzle noh??
*** kasi kakasimula pa lang ng araw ko, pero nabuo mo na agad..

24. Excuse me.. Are you a dictionary??
*** because you give meaning to my life..

25. Bangin ka ba??
*** nahuhulog kasi ako sa'yo..

26. Pustiso ka ba??
*** kasi, can't smile without you..

27. Pagod na pagod ka na noh??
*** maghapon at magdamag kana kasing tumatakbo sa isipan ko eh..

28. Me butas ba puso mo??
*** kasi natrap na ako sa loob, & i can't find my way out!!

29. Anung height mo??
*** ha?? pano ka nagkasya sa loob ng puso ko..

30. Hey, did you fart??
*** coz you blew me away!!

31. Sana "T" na lang ako..
*** para i'm always right next to "U"

32. Are you Jamaican??
*** kasi Ja-maican me crazy!!

33. Nde tayo tao..Nde tayo hayop...
*** bagay tayo...BAGAY tlga tayo...

34. Ako ay isang exam...
*** kaya sagutin mo na ako...

35. Alam mo bang scientist ako??
*** at ikaw ang lab ko...

36. Mula ng minahal kita. Daig ko pa ang natrafic sa EDSA...
*** kasi I can't move on...

37. Ako na ang magbabayad ng tuition mo...
*** basta pag-aralan mo lang akong mahalin...

38. Ilang Newtons ang Vector Force mo?...
*** ang lakas kasi ng hatak mo sa puso ko...

39. Mag-empake ka, pupunta tayong Home for the Aged...
*** kasi i want to grow old with you.

40. San bangko maganda mag-deposito?
***** Kasi I'm saving all my love for you!

41. Excuse me, pwede ba magtanong? ..kung ddretsuhin ko ba ang daan na ito, tutuloy ba sa puso mo? ..

42. Nasan ka kagabi?
***** Bat wala ka sa panaginip ko?

43. Kulangot ka ba?
***** Kasi ur hard to get!

44. are you Moroccan?
**** 'coz you're mo-rockin my world!

45. San bangko maganda mag-deposito?
***** Kasi I'm saving all my love for you

46. guy lalapit sa girl sabay tingin sa tag ng shirt*
...ay kala ko Made In Heaven

47. can you take your clothes off? kahit isang beses lang...
gusto ko kasi malaman pano tinatago ng mga angels ang pakpak nila.

48. aanhin pa ang damo...
kung sayo palang may TAMA na!


Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Our DiNnEr wd moji,ken and jan!

Hai Guyz! Lingaw ayo mi last night..hehehe..nag dinner mi ni kating,ed,gellie,mel2x,maki,ryan and cese wd jan,jomi and ken!! like...once in a blue moon ra ni nag event kei man larga na bya sila jomi and ken then si jan usahay ra pud namu gka uban..kami ra gyd 7 (naa pud ray and ton) ang ga uban2x pg skul days...=D I so had fun...the original plan is KKB pero ayka! nanlibre si imoj ug 2 ka pizza tapus crunch na chocolates...hahaha! (Buns n' Pizza) oh...and drinks amu ra diay..hehehe..pero, bottomless sad xa so sulit..hekhek!
As usual..mga kalay2x nsad na mga things amu gpang buhat ddto..and as usual kami nsad ang pnka saba sa lugar..hahaha! pero, bayad mi...charing! hahaha..daghan sad kaau bloopers adto na night a matter of jan, g talbugan si JK Rowling sa iya own edition of HARRY POTTER JR. series! of JA Ritardo...oh...chaka! hahahaha! well, since mg end na ang harry potter book series ng decide si jan na mg make ug new series..matod pang jan, si Hernione ug Harry gyud daw ang mg dayun and mgka.anak daw sila but diba si Ron man jud ang partner ni Hernione? so mg selos si Ron, and he will do everything just to have Hernione...ddto dayun siya mg ask ug help sa dark force and in the course of fighting for Hermione..iya ma patay si Harry and pati pud si Hermione (mura gud gyapun Lily and James Potter version) but dili si Harry Potter Jr. and mao na ang sinugdanan sa HARRY POTTER JR. series by JA Ritardo! and naay mga new things na g add si jan..dili na thunderbolt and naa sa forehead ni HARRY JR...letter C daw nga samad..wala pakog daw siya atong bata pa siya..hahaha! then dili na wand...broomstick na gyud mismo ilang gna gamit as wand..(just imagine!) and windang mo...dili na broomstick ila gamitun pg mgdula ug quditch..MOP! as in MOP na gyud daw...amazing gayud si jan...brilliant gyud iya mind! and naa na title sa mga books...
Book1- HARRY POTTER JR and the Wizard's Rock
Book2- HARRY POTTER JR and the Hidden Vault
Book3- HARRY POTTER JR and the Slave of Azkaban
Book4- HARRY POTTER JR and the Freezing Fields
Book5- HARRY POTTER JR and the Order of the Father
Book6- HARRY POTTER JR and the Full Fledge FISH
Book7- HARRY POTTER JR and the Ressurection
Kataw! 10 mins rnah g think ni jan na mga titles ha...ana gyud ka brilliant si jan..i think, pg si JK Rowling nkablo ani na mga things mg resign siya sa pgka writer mu saka siya sa Mt. Everest and mg suicide! ana gyud nga level...@_@ See...mkabuang gyud 'to nga night..hahaha!
And oh...kblo ba mo nga naa nami projest propsals for the whole yr para sa CABO?? amu pa gna polish..then maybe next week amo ra sa site..hehe..=D serious na gyud ni..gsto gyud namu i keep ang fire burning..char! hehehe...anyhow, mao ra ni akong ma update..pag update pud mo ui..stilan..pi-pila ra nga mga pipol ang ga post...murag kami ra ni mel..hahaha! So...'till here nalng..MANILA,DAVAO and CEBU people..take care mo...and see yah soon..=D CDO peeps..see yah around! Ciao!
PS: Hafe Vertdi Zyra! =D

Friday, June 08, 2007

-->Albert Einstein
How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

** i got so amazed with this quote..actually, shout out gyud ni nko sa akong friendster..hehehe..=D see?? even Albert Einstein, super bright na inlove gyapun..hahaha! that's all...ako lang g share ni nag quote..hehe...

**kapoi au mag make ug constitution bah...krn pa gyud ko ani..lisud man diay..naa mi sa net cafe ni ryan,kating,gellie and encode! hehe..=D

**aftr this is dinner with libre unta siya bah?? ahaha!

**ei..father's day sa sunday...better make your dads feel special ani nga day...awkie guyz? =D

**so what else?? wla naman..ei..update pud mo sa inyo life..silent na kaau mo..hehehe..and ei! ga plan na mi sa atong next get together..ahahaha! grabe na ni...hehehe...that's ol..


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Remember? karon, 2nd yr na tah!

aguy. murag sa unang panahona, mga bubwit pa man tah! tan.awa gani ang picture! 4th yr pah tah ani! karon, MAG SECOND YEAR na and daghan sa ato!! can you believe it?? Grabeh ka pas2x ang panahon noh?? sus! mga tigulang natah.. padulong natas katigulangan. Ay! I mean,pagka-professional. But before that, mag kayud sa jud kita sa atong pag.iskwela! Let's all aim high! and the least, to pass every subjects ha?? :D

anyway, kulbaan nako sa akong mga subjects! Laliman kaH! Im taking up Physics, RLE, HC, and Chem in one sem!! and like i feel @_@ everytime Maghuna2x ko ani. Ampu-i bya ko ninyo ha?? and yeah, pangit ayo akong schedule! naa koy sched sa saturday, 7:15 a.m.-1:15 p.m!! sus, if you think lisod na ang imong kahimtang, huna2x-a na lang ko! :D *lord, tabang*

anyway, school's back and sorta magpaka serious na ang daghan sa ato dinhi.. but ayaw bya mo kalimut ug post ha?? post any updates sa inyong mga life. Inyong mga new f riends, subjects, teachers, school, blockmates, and mga adventurous adventures! aaahaha. :D Over used na kaayo ang atong cbox! na sab mo woi! aaahihihi. post mo ha?? *hoping to hear from all of you*

_butterflyprincess_ ni andar nsad akong pgka palpak! hekhekhek...well, i was so happy and overwhelmed last tuesday,because after 48 yrs. enrolled na gyud ko. But, when i got home ako g reveiw akong schedule and i found out na sayop diay pg encode akong skd and because of that ng conflict akong mga subjects...lahi gyud ang akong g write sa greenform sa schedule nga akong na recieve and so my happiness ended right away..

By the folowing day, ni balik ko ug XU to settle my schedule. After expalining my problem to the Artscies SV's you know what they advised me to do? "i suggest...i drop nalng nmu ang uban subjects nga ga conflict.."...nang luya jud kog ayo...DROP MY SUBJECTS??! NO WAY!!!! look, if akong i drop akong subjects ma late ko and kailngan nko mg summer and dili ko gsto mg summer!!!! the BEHIND! and in the first place...sala man nila nganung ng conflict akong schedule..dili man pud ko stupid para mg pick ug subjects na mg conflict...i'm sure ang pg encide gyud ang na sayop..and you know what they told me after nko g ingn na dili ko pwede mg drop and that ang pg encode ang sayop..."sorry gyud kaayo ma'am pero usahay man gud dili ma saligan ang manila week na gyud ni nimu ma process ma'am"...that was the most stupid in...nganung i post paman ang manila paper kng dili diay kasaligan! kaila kag namula na gyud kog ayo and gsto nko mu buto! pero dapat professional ghapon and so ana ko "can i talk to anyone in your office that could help me with this problem because in the first place this is not my mistake.." ang tubag... "yes ma'am.." after 10 mins ni gawas ilang murag boss na SV ghapon and ana siya iya sah daw ni i.forward na concern sa DEAN's office and i have to wait...

By initiative ni adto nalng kog registrar para kuhaun balik ang green form..i know na dili gyud pwede kei na validate na gyud niya pero i felt na this is the best and easiest way to settle my schedule...with the grace of god and the help of my charm (naks!)ni sugot ang registrar...grabe wala jud ko gpasagdan ni lord... ni balik ko sa arts na bldg and the SV boss was kind enough to help me..ana siya, siya na daw bhala..after 5 mins ako na nakuha ang akong schedule...haaaayyy...honestly, kahilakun na bya ko adto...feeling nko hopeless case na gyud pero i've learned to think under pressure..hehehe..and ang ako sad adto kng mg drop pud kog subjects ma discourage jud kog skwela apil pa ang idea nga DILI man gyud nko sala, sala sa lain na tao(of which by the way..g admit nila kei sa pg encode gyud sa sections naay error sa uban manila paper na gpng post..)...i mean bsan knsa man cguro na concerned sa studies ug goal ang mka graduate dbah...i mean buhatun gyud nimu tanan..oh well, naa man sad ko mistake adto..dapat before ko ngpa validate ako sah unta g check akong schedule..well, lesson learned..
Anyhow, enrolled nko and na settle na akong schdule so..i'll just wait for next week..hehe..godbless!


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weeeeee!!! enrolled na jud koh! stilan...after 48yrs...after the super ka taas na linya...after sa super ka init nga panahon...estudyante na gayud ako...atenista napud ko...back to school nako...i mean na tah..hehe...=D

Kblo btaw mo guyz...dili gyud easy amu napagdaanan...kaila kag proirity number 1,312 koh and b4 ko nka kuha ana nga numb ng tindoga sah ko for 3hrs and for 1whole day isa ra ka transaction akng nahuman...hahay...krn ra tawun ko nag day nahuman..hehehe! sorry gyud ha...pero, murag hinay and sort of gubot gyud kaayo ang system krn...even ang mga senior students mka ingn gyud but anyway there's always room for improvemnt naman...=) Good thing mel,kating,ed and jomi were there to keep me company...and of course wengitta (via cellphone patch...*toinkz*) and cheni (tnx to GLOBE unlitxt service! haha!)

My schedule for this sem is so like...PANGAG gyud..hehe...and naa ko class na taman 7pm! (Economics 57/ Accounting 1) sheesh...but that's for tuesdays and thursdays only..=D and for MWF, my class ends at 4:50 pm..ako na g schedule for mass ang MWF...oh dibah..hehe..oh well..atleast dili nko early mu wake up..kei 8:55 man ga start ang class nko except for tuesday nga 7:30am bcz of PE...oh dibah...excercise keo..hehe.. ibog au ko sa skd ni ed..grabe ka relax..pero c mel..aguy...maluoy nalng tawun kog kating...well, okay lng iya skd but ang subjects..mka patay! ahahaha! *peace*...hmmmm..hahay..

Manila peeps! musta man??? Chieney, Catie, Danielle, Jomi, Mike, Weng, Dada and Yeye! Cebu peeps! Tara and Ken! Davao peep...(singular..hahaha!) Mhelzy! mishuuu...but see you soon...=D wabshu all guyz..