Tuesday, June 27, 2006

woi mga ogilvianz..
gitapulan na ko mag-himo ug part 2 sa admu adventures..
si chieney evil kaayo dili gusto mag-himo for me.. :P
anyways, mahirap talaga ikwento lahat..
next time na lang pag-inspired ako..
hehe.. :P
mish u all na..
pero naa japun koy gamay na chika..
lingaw kaayo akong management block..
GO P1!!!
di pa kami ganun ka-close gaya ng ogilvie..
pero okay na rin..
sana enjoy din mga blocks niyo..
text2x lang mo ha..
dapat alam niyo number ko!

Monday, June 26, 2006


how are the pipol there in cdo, dvo n cebu?
I hope ur ol doing fine..
we super miss you na jud..
az in to the nth maximum level..

we've been adjusting to our new environment here..
and i think were doing fine..

this past week, we had our diagnostic test in Filipino..
otherwise known as "pagsusulit pangkakayahan sa Filipino"
or at least i think it sounded like that..
and as probinsyanas and probinsyanos..
even our classmates who spoke tagalog all their life had a hard time..
HOW much MORE for us di ba??

and right now..
were still waiting for the results..
we dont want to be out of the mainstream regular classes in FIlipino!
lisud kaha ma basic kay kailangan pa mag-summer!
ahak jud!
SAUN na lang!!!

and.. well.. right now..
well.. this week..
were reviewing for the MAth diagnostic exam next week..
it going to be make or break.. again..
if u pass it, ur a regular..
if u dont, then ul be basic plus ul have to take up summer classes..

but for english.. at least..
were ol regulars..

anyway, for our pe..
jomi took judo..
cathy took volleyball (their required to wear shorts!) heheheh...
danielle took table tennis..
yeye.. i dont rili know..
as for me.. its taekwondo.. na.inspire ako kay beki!! heheh..

so that's about it for our first week..

i would like to thank the rizal library for leting me access the internet for my personal pleasure instead of researching..
i would also like to send my blockmates for bringing me to the library , coz if not 4 them, i wont be writing this..

and i would like to thank you ol.. coz without you guys.. i will not have written anything at all..

misshu ol!


Friday, June 23, 2006

Friday, June 23, 2006

Hi guyz. it's dane. just wanted to make sure you still remember me. how are you guyz? only heard from a few of you. hope college life is going well for all of you. miss you all so much. its been fun here in Ateneo but at the same time it gets a little lonely here. i spend most of my time in the library (i'm typing here right now at 6:40 in the evening). they got so many books here. anyway, to gellie and yani, miss you and i love you guyz. louin, you owe me. ces, thanks for texting. melmel, sorry still don't have budget for pasalubong. ed, i don't have a lunchmate anymore. (i eat inside my room all the time). mhelz, how's addu? kit, i don't have a seatmate planner anymore. have to do things on my own. joyce, don't forget my birthday gift. hehe. to all ogilvians, miss you all and just wanted to check in with you guyz. say hello and all. i'm really freezing right now cuz i've been in the library for more than 5 hours now(wearing sleeveless top and slippers minus jacket) and i'm facing the aircon right now. i've had a hard time typing this message cuz the print in the keyboard already faded. hehe. see you lot in december. again, miss you and wish you all were here.dane
Halu pipol...

life in this strange new place has been-- strange..
we've started our classes na..
meet new pipol..
saw new faces..
pero.. of corz lahi jud ang...
the truth of the matter is
miss q na kau lhat..
actually, NAMIN..
miss na
namin kau dito..

ang mga sked namin dito
ay super luag..
as in we have long hours of breaks..
and we have 16-18 units lang..
kaya naman..
BORING tlaga minsan..
ug busa mas gaka- miss na jud namo

life hir is not as wonderful as u may ol think..
MAHIRAP na masaya..
we have to adjust to the place and the dialect..
esp. the PIPOL..
but then agen.. enjoy jud..
we see ol this pipol we saw lang tlga sa tv..
mga lugar na sa pictures lang nakit-an..

and for jomi, at least karn he can start clean..
finally, he can have his crack at love na jud
mka.uyab na jud n cguro ni xa diri..
wer ol kiping quiet bout his reputation n life ther in cdoo
naa n jud cguro xay mabiktima hir..

daghan q gusto i.chika pero..
kapoi man.. hehehe...
nxt tym n a
lng ha..

oh n by the way,
NADAYUN ang sakal saqng kuya..
este kasal d.i..

luv u n miss yah ol!


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tomorrow is P-I-N-K Day...

Monday, June 12, 2006


PART 1: The Departure & The Arrival

kahapon kami sumakay ng eroplano at bumiyahe papuntang maynila..
hehe.. :P jowk! bisaya gihapon ko io!
anyway, i shall continue to fill you guys in of our manila adventure..
so as usual late ako naka dating sa airport..
si mama ang matagal hindi ako ah!
then tinetext na ako ni chieney and yeye na andun na sila..
chieney was going to ride on air philippines..
kami ni yeye sa cebu pacific same flight..
wala pa ako nakarating nagkita na silang dalawa sa pre-departure area..
kaso hindi man lang sila nag-usap..
weird talaga tong dalwa toh.. :P
then so na una umalis si chieney mga early 11am..
pag-dating ko we had to wait 45mins pa ni yeye bago mag-board..
tagal! :P
tapos kasabay pa namin ang crush ni chieney na si *****..
haha :P
upon arriving..
nag lokohan pa kami ni yeye dahil ang mga nanay namin ay sabay nag-banyo at iniwan kaming dalwa na kumuha ng bagahe..
tama ba yun?!?!?
we then parted ways..
ang tagal mag-reply ni chieney sa text kaya wala ako masyadong info sa arrival niya..

>>to be continued


Saturday, June 10, 2006

ei...ako pala yung nagpost sa baba nito...i forgot to put my name..hehe

guys..check out my magic 8-ball..ask it questions..cool mxado...=)


ngayong pasukan........hindi na ito ang kalsadang dadaanan natin...........hindi na rin tayo magkakasama...... nakakamiss ang samahang OGILVIE........ laging sinasabi sa akin ng ate ko na pagdating daw ng college, mag-iiba talaga ang mga kaibigan mo....sana......kahit na ganun ang mangyari, lagi nyong ilalagay sa inong isipan na ang ating mga pinagsamahan sa high school ay higit pa sa kung anong makikita nyo sa college...........sana..........walang iwanan...........


in behalf of jomi and chieney,
i would like to express

our sincere appreciation and gratitude

to the people who were at XU
for the time you spent with us...
drama bah?...
anyway, we will miss you all!!!
*hugs & kisses*
from your eagles


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ei guyz! It's my first time here... Taw woi, i miss y'all so much! Nyweiz, remember Magis? He's grown up na...

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ GlitterYourWay.com

Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ GlitterYourWay.com

created by kating

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

para sa'yo kaibigan... DEDICATE KO! :hugs:


(original composition)

Isa lang kailangan ko,
Isa lang ang nais ko…
Pag-ibig mo ay maranasan.

Dahil sa’yo, ako’y naririto,
Dala-dala and pag-ibig
Na alay mo para sa akin.

Kailan pa man,
Lubos akong aasa.
Puso ay aawit din,
Babalik ka rin…

Init ng Yakap mo,
Tanging pangarap ko
Hawak kamay tayo.
Aking kaibigan.

Salamat kaibigan,
Patulyo na maghihintay,
Sa pagbalik, kamay natin
Muling magka--isa…

This is also for you guys… a song I made. Especially dedicated to those who will continue their studies outside the perimeters of Cagayan de Oro... I hope one day, you’ll be able to hear the tune of this. I’m done working on it though… but perhaps I need a guitar /piano and a guitarist/pianist to complete this stuff, hehe. THANK YOU!


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

woi!! guys... congratulate me..
naksulod na jud q dring lugara..nyahahhaha
first taym pa q nagdygay dri huh..
woi!!gosh..gbati q ug kamingaw..
txt sad mo ui..bsn gud mawnin lang!!!nyahahahah...
kamo jud..sacrifice nlang gud 90 cents para makatxt aq..
chige na guys..09185673860..nyahahahaah
woi!!lal lang..mizyah ol!!!mwahugz..

Riding through Collegiate life

Monday, June 05, 2006

created by kating
yo Ogilvianz!!!!! ( i miss that) hhhhmmmmmm... got this VERY SHOCKING DISCOVERY... if you wana know, check out my blog... http://mellanybutterfly.blogspot.com

Sunday, June 04, 2006


it feels lyk its been years since i posted!
sa mga wala kabalo..
kaslun na unta ako bro dis saturday..
WALA na dayun!!!
wala lang!
stupid keo..
a wik to go..
n they cancelled it!

evil jud ko bah??
la lang!

so kamo..
kung kaslun man lang gani mo..
tarungon ninyo ug decide ha??
na magka-lisud2x

oh n by d way..
naq mufly to d place wer i am off to
so kung namiss naq ninyo..
eh di miss naq ninyo!
pagtext pud mo saq oi!
miss yah ol!


Saturday, June 03, 2006

please! please! please!
try to come on june 9!!!
meeting place: tree near the nursing bldg.
meeting time: 8am - 9am


Friday, June 02, 2006

WAaahHHH........... Cathy, dli ko kaapil sa "reunion"... huhuhuhu..... wla nko sa cdo cguro mga june 3 or 4........... huhuhuhu............ ge lang,, saunz tman.... datz layp gyud..... xure ko payts au ang reunion.... lipay2.... bdatz!!!!!!!!!! -maki

Thursday, June 01, 2006

i was so amazed with this so i decided to share this with y'all. its fun i swear! just make sure you move the blue dot to the red section. you dont need to register or download anything. just click on the url and play. oh and one more thing, turn up the volume. the game is more exciting if you increase the volume. enjoy! ;)


and after playing the game, you might want to watch this video.. its hilarious!

but please dont watch the video if you havent played the game. you'll spoil everything. so play the game muna. enjoy! ^_^